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NEWS RELEASE · 20th March 2012
RE: Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Jumbo Glacier Resort approved

For the Ktunaxa, Qat’muk is the home of the Grizzly Bear Spirit and it is a vital part of Ktunaxa culture and of the environment of the region.

The BC Government is about to approve (Has now approved) an environmental disaster in southeastern British Columbia. The Jumbo Glacier resort proposal, located in the heart of Qat’muk, threatens critical grizzly bear habitat, ignores the sacred value of the area to the Ktunaxa and is bad for British Columbia.

With your help, we can prevent this mistake.

Qat'muk Declaration Anniversary Press Conference on November 15, 2011. Watch Here

Where the Grizzly Bears go to Dance

The Ktunaxa Nation has released a documentary entitled ‘Qat’muk: where the grizzly bears go to dance’. It is an opportunity for Ktunaxa to share the importance of Qat’muk with the public. Watch the 7 minute video on the location here

Scott Niedermayer Provides a Jumbo Assist for Ktunaxa Goal

One of the most accomplished hockey players of all time has thrown his support behind the Ktunaxa Nation in their opposition of a resort in the Jumbo Valley, or Qat’muk (GOT-MOOK) as it is known to Ktunaxa.

Watch a video with Scott Niedermayer Here.

Located in south eastern British Columbia, Qat’muk is the home of the Grizzly Bear Spirit and the core of a Ktunaxa sacred site. It also provides key habitat for grizzlies and numerous other wildlife species.

Scott Niedermayer joined the leadership of the Ktunaxa Nation Council in the Provincial Legislature today, on the first anniversary of the Qat’muk Declaration. The Declaration outlines the cultural significance of the region to Ktunaxa, and provides principles for appropriate activities and usage within the sacred area, and is expressly opposed to the Jumbo Glacier Resort.

Ktunaxa Nation renews call for Province to stop a Jumbo Mistake

Kootenays / Ktunaxa Traditional Territory – The Ktunaxa Nation is renewing its call for the Province to stop a cultural and environmental disaster, by saying no to a resort in the Jumbo Valley

Located in south eastern British Columbia, this area, known as Qat’muk (GOT-MOOK) to Ktunaxa, is the home to the Grizzly Bear Spirit and the core of a culturally pivotal sacred site. It also provides key habitat for grizzlies and numerous other wildlife species.
The controversial large scale ski and real estate development proposed by Glacier Resorts Ltd. has been widely opposed by environmental groups, local residents, as well as the Ktunaxa.

Last November the Ktunaxa Nation delivered the Qat’muk Declaration that outlined the cultural significance of the region, and provided principles for appropriate activities and usage in the sacred area.The Qat’muk Declaration was delivered by a delegation of Ktunaxa Nation Citizens, and was read aloud in the BC Legislature Building, with local Victoria-area First Nations there in support. The Ktunaxa also launched a media campaign to bring awareness of the impending disaster.

“We had strongly hoped the Qat’muk Declaration and media campaign would convey to the Province how culturally significant this area is for us,” said Kathryn Teneese, Ktunaxa Nation Chair.

“The Qat’muk Declaration is a very even-handed document that specifies a core area that is protected, and a buffer area in which appropriate activities that respect the land may take place. It speaks to our stewardship of the area, as well as our willingness to work with others to make sure this area is accessible in its current state for future generations.”
Currently, Glacier Resorts Ltd. has a license of occupation for the Farnham Glacier area, which is part of Qat’muk. The licence allows Glacier Resorts Ltd. to conduct various low impact alpine activities, and also carries with it legal remediation responsibilities.

“Throughout the summer reports started to surface that Glacier Resorts’ remediation responsibilities were not being fulfilled as required by their license,” continued Teneese.
“When questioned, the Province acknowledged that there were issues with Glacier Resorts being in compliance.”

“Perhaps the more troubling aspect for us was the Province’s indifference to the non-compliance. There has been, and continues to be a lot of secrecy and misinformation about this resort and the special treatment the Province has given the proponent.”

“This should be causing the public a lot of concern. Why should we trust that the proponent will do any better with the much more stringent and comprehensive requirements it would be under if the resort is approved? Will the government even be bothered to ensure they comply?”

“We are now coming up to the one year anniversary of the Qat’muk Declaration on November 15th. We would like to once again point out the risks associated with this resort.”

“Approval would not only cause serious and irreversible harm to the Ktunaxa way of life, but also be an environmental disaster in south eastern British Columbia. The Provincial decision makers now have an opportunity to say no to this resort and stop this jumbo mistake.”
The Ktunaxa Nation has never extinguished their Aboriginal Title within their Traditional Territory, and government has a legal obligation to consult about and accommodate impacts upon Ktunaxa interests.

The Ktunaxa Nation has continuously opposed the development of the proposed resort due to its impacts on Ktunaxa rights and interests. The Ktunaxa Nation wants to ensure that any development happens in a manner that is consistent with the Qat’muk Declaration that can be found at

News Release From the BC Government

March 20, 2012
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Jumbo Glacier Resort approved

VICTORIA - After one of the most extensive review and consultation processes in British Columbia's history, the Province has approved the Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Development Agreement, which allows the resort to proceed.

Glacier Resorts Ltd. received an Environmental Assessment Certificate for Jumbo Glacier Resort in 2004, which included 195 commitments to mitigate environmental impacts. The resort master plan was approved in 2007. The Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations will pursue the establishment of a large wildlife management area to protect Grizzly bear habitat.

The resort could be North America's only year round, glacier-based ski resort. The resort will be in the Purcell Mountains, 57 km west of Invermere, on the site of an old sawmill. The completed ski resort will feature up to 23 lifts, a 3,000 metre-high gondola and spectacular world- class views.


Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations -

"After more than 20 years of comprehensive and exhaustive reviews, it was time to make a decision. I approved Jumbo Glacier Resort's Master Development Agreement after reviewing all of the relevant documentation, and meeting with both First Nations and the proponent."

Bill Bennett, MLA for Kootenay East -

"This project has, for over 20 years, divided Kootenay communities. I am grateful for a final decision. I thank the Minister for making it and Premier Christy Clark for creating an environment where tough decisions can be made. No matter which side of the debate you're on, the majority of folks in the East Kootenay will be relieved by the certainty."

Rose-Marie Regitnig, president, Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce -

"The Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased that a decision around Jumbo Glacier Resort has finally been made. We believe that over 20 years of indecision by three different governments was negatively impacting our communities. While we recognize that not all individuals will be pleased with the decision we do look forward to working with our members on the opportunities that this decision will present. It is our objective to help our members grow and develop their businesses in both an economically and environmentally sustainable manner."

Quick Facts:

* The minister approved the Master Development Agreement under the Land Act and Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing Act.

* The Master Development Agreement is an agreement between the project proponent and the Province for development of provincial Crown land under the All Seasons Resort Policy.

* The Master Development Agreement contains all of the terms and conditions under which the resort can be developed, as well as outlining events of default, insurance requirements, fees to be paid and terms of renewal.

* The proponent has requested that Jumbo Glacier Resort be designated a resort municipality. The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development will review this application now that the Master Development Agreement has been approved.

* The up-to-$900 million in private capital investment could create an estimated 750 permanent, direct jobs upon completion and provide 3,750 person years of construction employment.

* The Shuswap Indian Band has a benefits agreement with Glacier Resorts Ltd.

Learn More:

View the Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan:

Jumbo Glacier Resort:

March 20, 2012

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Jumbo Glacier Resort approved

Jumbo Glacier Resort has been the subject of one of the most extensive and thorough provincial reviews in the history of British Columbia:

* March 1991 - Formal Proposal submitted to the Province.

* March 1993 - Interim Agreement, granting sole proponent status, is signed by the Province and the proponent, following advertising to determine if there was any competing interest.

* 1992 - Nov. 1994 - Review under Commission on Resource and Environment (CORE) land use process. This resulted in a designation for the Jumbo area which supported commercial tourism and resort development use, subject to such development being capable of mitigating potential environmental impacts.

* July 1995 - October 2004 - Environmental Assessment Act review - Environmental Assessment Certificate granted, with 195 conditions.

* October 2005 - Judicial review of the Environmental Assessment Office process. The court upholds the Environmental Assessment Certificate.

* 2006 - Provincial review of the draft Resort Master Plan under the All Seasons Resort Policy.

* 2006 - Consultation continued under the All Seasons Resort Policy, with commitment to Ktunaxa Nation that a Master Development Agreement would not be concluded with the proponent until consultation was completed.

* July 2007 - Resort Master Plan approved by the Province.

* 2008 - The proponent and the Shuswap Indian Band developed an Impact Management and Benefits Agreement, subject to project approval.

* 2009 - Environmental Assessment Certificate received a one-time, five- year extension.

* June 2009 -The Province advised the Ktunaxa that the consultation process, as per the agreement between Ktunaxa and the Province, was complete. Ktunaxa advised the ministry of its spiritual interest in the Jumbo area. The Province agreed to consider the new information. Consultation continued.

* October 2010 - The Ktunaxa signed a Strategic Engagement Agreement with the Province, and received a Treaty Land and Cash Offer.

* November 15, 2010 - Ktunaxa presented their Qat'muk Declaration to the Province at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

* Summer 2011 - Thomson visited the proposed site and met with the Shuswap, the Ktunaxa and the proponent.

* March 2012 -Thomson approves the Master Development Agreement for Jumbo Glacier Resort under the Land Act and the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing Act.
and here...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 21st March 2012!publish/web/rtf_recommendations_report.pdf

You will have to scroll down to find the MoT policy on Roads and Transportation.
The rest is here Jim.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 21st March 2012

All available with the click of a mouse.
It's from here.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 21st March 2012
Check out . Nobody has disputed the claim and as he says it comes from the environmental assessment. I doubt it has much to do with just three bears.
Na Helmut
Comment by James Ippel on 20th March 2012
They would'nt do that. They would leave 750 full time jobs, and in the process screw up the habitat of three bears.

A quetion: where did you come up with the figure of $200 million for the road in? A no strings attached question. I have heard it said that opponents have come up with this number, but have not seen any concrete numbers from those who might possibly have the expertise to judge the actual costs.
Interesting fact.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 20th March 2012
According to the MLA of the area, the project requires that the government build a $200 million dollar road. Do you think they would approve the project just to leave another "land mine" for the next government? Nah, they wouldn't would they?
Jumbo mistake
Comment by cmmadmomma on 20th March 2012
Why can't the K'tunaxa use the Species At Risk Act to stop this?
Comment by Enough! on 20th March 2012
To North Coast People,

Along time ago. North Coast People had a society called Men of Medeek. High ranking guardian status of leaders across North Coast BC.

They were special.

Tsimshian Sacred Territory. With our Land Connection is Split Mountain towards Prince Rupert British Columbia.

Legend says that Grizzly Bear tried to take a Princess away from the people. He ran towards the mountain kicked it. The mountain split into two.

Another Legend.

Seely Lake outside of Hazelton BC. The Park. This is another Medeek Story.

Were a Grizzly Bear came out of the Water, destroyed the villages in its near by territory.

The Grizzly Bear is amongst the highest ranking status of Respect in the Indigenous habitat.

Another Legend.

The Black Bear was eating ants at ant hill. A female mother. A male Grizzly Bear Boar came down the valley. Challenged the female to take her Ant hill colony. The Grizzly Bear attacked the female black bear. She was swift, ducked hit the Grizzly Bear back.

The Grizzly Bear was shamed ordered from female Black Bear never to come down from the Valley again.

So the Grizzly Bear moved away climbed the mountain, kept climbing until he reached the stars. The snow on his back fallen. Creating the milky way.

That is why you see "Big Dipper - Little Dipper". Is actually "Big Bear - Little Bear" Star Constellations

According to this legend. That is were the bears have to pass enter heaven, cross the milky way, to reach Big Bear - Little Bear.

They are very special Native Specie.

There will be consequences just the immense nature of this will impact our lives for ever.