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CONTRIBUTION · 21st March 2012
Merv Ritchie
Dear Prime Minister and Premiers.

I do not like being ignored!

If you who are reading this and have determined my writing is not important enough to forward, please reconsider.

On March 8, 2012, I composed a rather lengthy letter regarding the shipping of the tarsands product, the First Nations communities, and the rivers of the Northwest region of BC.

I followed this up with links to further information regarding my specific concerns.

I, probably much like you, have little time to repeat myself.

I provide then herewith the links to my first letter, which contains links to the articles with further information.

Click on your mouse (left side) here to read my original letter and the links.

I will not accept no reply.

Like many in Canada, I consider myself a Canadian citizen deserving of a response from what I and my compatriots consider you, my servant.

There is no acceptable position to not address each and every one of my concerns in a comprehensive manner.

Thank you

Merv Ritchie
Comment by James Ippel on 23rd March 2012
I fully agree that they should have acknowledged your letter, but have had the same experience as you have in receiving no reply.
I guess we sometimes feel we are the only ones who write to our polititians. I am sure they receive many, many pieces of correspondence, and answering them does create a bit of a problem, but that is why the have staff.
What I find most disheartening is sending a message to my representative and then receiving a reply which says: "Message not read, Automatically Deleted."
I was under the impression that our representatives worked for all of us, not just those whose ideolygy is the same as the elected members. Again, I am wrong.

Only if you have nothing intelligent to explain
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 23rd March 2012
When composing anything, you must first get the readers attention. That is what the "first 25 words" are for.

I agree with the concept of providing an industry/business executive, with a one or two paragraph letter or memo to address a concept, something they will read. I too was that executive when I had my offices on Pender and Granville.

But we are not talking about a business person, we are talking about the Prime Minister and two Premiers with a staff of hundreds each.

And we are not talking about some basic simple proposal. I am not asking them if they would like to take the time to address these ideas with me, I am delivering the entire concept.

These people deal with thousand page reports on subjects. I am providing a short and concise but complete summary of the issues that concern their highest economic priority issues.

They should at least have time to respond politely, even simply an aknowledgement, "Thanks for writing, we will get back to you in due course."

Even Minister McKay replied regarding the C7 rifles issue to Afghanistan.

Flat out ignoring Canadians, and media questions, is simply wrong.

At least I took the time to write them, did anyone else?
short & sweet
Comment by mbw on 22nd March 2012
I agree with Ken - make it clear, concise and to the point. Say it in 25 words or less.
Letter to the politicians
Comment by Ken Ryan on 22nd March 2012
Wow!! Thats a lot of words to make a protest! I have a friend with more business direction and power than the PM and he won't even read a memo that can't be condensed to 1/2 page and I'm sure this one could have been. I don't disagree with the bulk of it but constructive suggestions and additions to a situation that is bound to happen might be a better approach. Don't forget the Leftist media can be embarassed by mouthy, aimless, loud and ambiguous protestors. Critics are always listened to and recognized if they are accurate and don't run off at the mouth in numerous directions.
No reply! Why?
Comment by blocky bear on 22nd March 2012
Perhaps the people you are addressing have no reasonable answers that would make sense to intelligent discerning citizens. Can we ask our MP to read your letter in the house of commons? d.b.