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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd March 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace:
- Two intoxicated males found in the 4400 block of Lazelle Ave

-Arrest warrant executed for Prince Rupert

- Subpoena served for Kamloops Crown Council

-4 males were reported to be harassing joggers on by the bank of Nova Scotia

- Intoxicated person arrested at Emerson St and Lakelse Ave

- A developmentally delayed man was given a ride home

- Two people was arrested at the Skeena Liquor store for being intoxicated in public

- A minor was found to be in possession of liquor

- A sexual assault was reported to the RCMP detachment it is currently under investigation

Elsewhere in Terrace:
-An intoxicated person was located in the 4500 block of Straume Ave

-A civil matter involving the towing of a vehicle was reported

-A person did not come home from the store in a timely manner and a spouse became concerned. The person latter returned on their own

- A report of teenagers wandering around late at night, which drew concern from a resident

-A false business alarm

- A disturbance at the emergency shelter

- An intoxicated male was reported, but not located

- Theft of shoes from a store patron at a business on Lakelse Ave

- Reports of a false residential alarm

- A report of a domestic dispute, charges have been forwarded to Crown Council. An abandoned 911 was also associated with this file

- An intoxicated male was located sitting on the front steps of a residence

- An unidentifiable explosive device was turned over to police. It was later determined that it was some fireworks

- Youths were found to be causing a disturbance outside the Library

-An MVI occurred where both vehicles were severely damaged

- A check well being was requested on a youth who may have been intoxicated

- An intoxicated male was causing a disturbance at a business on Kalum St

- A man was arrested to prevent the commission of an offence as he was highly intoxicated and known to become violent

- A school zone traffic complaint was reported

- The report of a person breaching their own court ordered conditions

- Intoxicated youths were partying behind an elementary school. Several of the youths were found to be highly intoxicated and unable to care for themselves and were subsequently arrested. The youths guardians were called

- A false business alarm was reported

- Two reports of a cause a disturbance at residences, in both cases the subject of complaint was not located

-A person became concerned when they had not seen their neighbor in a few days. The neighbor was found to be out of town

- Several false business alarms

- Reports of a possible break and enter

- A possible domestic dispute was investigated

- Police provided a ride to the hospital for a person who was detained under te mental health act

- A traffic complaint was reported as a car was speeding

-A teenager refused to come home for curfew as they were breaching court conditions , still under investigation

-Police attended a noisy party complaint

- A man took a vehicle without consent and returned shortly there after. The same man began to cause a disturbance in the residence where the vehicle came from

- A verbal altercation occurred at Georges Pub between a staff member and a patron

- Members were requested to check the well being of a man

- A man was reported to be causing a disturbance outside a residence in Thornhill, the suspect was not located

-Police were called to a single vehicle MVI, the passenger left in a taxi and the vehicle was towed.

-A person was arrested for being intoxicated in public walking on Hwy 16 at Hwy 37 S

-Police were called as someone reported seeing a man with a firearm. Police located the man, arrested him and located a knife on his person. No gun was located the man was held for court on other matters.

-A Blue Early 1990's Peterbuilt Semi Truck was stolen for the card lock in Thornhill. This incident is still under investigation

-Integrated road safety members conducted a traffic stop with a person driving contrary to restrictions, by having consumed alcohol. Violation tickets were issued as well as a driving prohibition.

-A report of a false 911 call, due to a faulty cell phone

- An intoxicated person was causing a disturbance at Georges Pub. They were arrested for public intoxication and released once sober

-A vehicle was registered using fraudulent means. Still under investigation

- Two separate vehicles were caught speeding down Hwy 37S and impounded as they were traveling well over the posted speed limit. Both were impounded for 7 days

- A report of a possible impaired driver

-An abandoned 911 was reported

Nothing to Report