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REPORTING · 24th March 2012
Terrace Daily
Editors Note: Voting time has been extended to 9:45am due to technical difficulties with online voting. Still time to Vote!


It was not completely unexpected but it was a huge victory for Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen as the first ballot results were read out at 7 am pst at the NDP leadership convention.

The perceived front runner, Thomas Mulcair received just over 30% (19,728) of the votes cast, Brian Topp received 21.4% (13,915) and Cullen received 16.4% (10,671).

The full list is;

Mulcair -30.3% - 19, 728
Topp - 21.4% - 13,915
Cullen - 16.4% - 10,671

Peggy Nash - 12.8% - 8,353
Paul Dewar - 7.5% - 4,883
Martin Singh - 5.9% - 3,821
Niki Ashton - 5.7% - 3,737

Less than 50% of the 131,000 registered NDP members took the opportunity to vote on this first ballot.

As per the rules, Ashton was dropped from the second ballot. Singh and Dewar both willing dropped their names right after the count was announced.

The voting will continue until one candidate reaches over 50% of the votes cast.

Second round voting will start at 8am PST.

Connect to the Live Stream Here

Vote Here
Long campaign
Comment by Ksisiiaks on 24th March 2012
Does anyone know why this leadership campaign has gone on for so long?
Nathan's French
Comment by Nippy Wi on 24th March 2012
Maybe if Nathan were fluent in French he'd have a better chance. As it is, nobody in Quebec is going to support someone with worse french than Stephen Harper. We are a bilingual country!