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NEWS RELEASE · 24th March 2012
Terrace Daily
In a stunning victory for Nathan Cullen he achieved almost 25% of the support of the NDP in his bid to lead them.

In the next to final count, Mulcair has taken the third straight victory lead leaving Brian Topp more than 10 percentage points behind.

Mulcair - 43.8% - 22,488
Topp - 31.6% - 19,822
Cullen - 24.6% - 15,426

Cullen has not taken any position on who should lead and who his supporters should vote for.

It is apparent however, Thomas Mulcair will be leading the NDP as the leader of the official opposition.
Not to worry....
Comment by Janice Robinson on 26th March 2012
All NDP politicians are "dear friends" with eachother.
Yeah right.
Come home Proud!
Comment by Pat#1 on 25th March 2012
We love you Nathan! Job well done.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 25th March 2012
Why is a vote for Mulcair a vote for the conservatives? I am curious as to why you say that.
proud of Cullen
Comment by bill braam on 25th March 2012
Nathan has a lot of the Layton type of charisma that brought him quite far in this race. I think he has quite a future ahead of him. Even a conservatively minded voter like me sees a good person when one comes forth even one in the 'other' party.
Holy Cow...
Comment by Adam K on 24th March 2012
That is one scary lookin' dude... Mulcair looks more like Raveen than the leader of the official opposition...

maybe that's why all the voter were clucking like chickens...
Comment by Nancy on 24th March 2012
With the problems of online voting and the recent Robocoll, I do not trust voting anymore...reserve, provincial and federal..I do not trust Canada anymore..
There is no place to hide anymore, even moving to the country, if you are against their agenda, you will be found. The only choice now is whether you jump on the gravy chain or end up in one of their new or renovated jail cells.

As far as I am concerned a vote for Mulcair is a vote for the conservatives, just wait and see........