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CONTRIBUTION · 25th March 2012
Hi All, we have just celebrated our first year in Canada here in beautiful Terrace.
I have but one concern so consider ourselves very lucky, but that concern is our BC Hydro bills!

I have even gone to the length of starting a Facebook page on that very subject. On that page is just 1 question - Has your BC Hydro gone up and if so by how much?

To date (March 16th) out of 37 replies, in 2 days, 30 have gone up by more than $200, 4 have risen but do not want to say by how much and 3 have not had a bill increase.

Our level 2 usage has doubled since the introduction of the new meters. Our home uses Geothermal heating and we have had no lifestyle changes or new appliances in our time here.

Is this normal or is there something afoot???

BC Hydro's website bchydro concerning this subject states that the introduction will: '... provide better two-way communication..that pays off for you, from improved safety, reliability & customer service to choice & control that helps you save money.'

Comment by Samantha on 27th March 2012
The MLA Robin Austin has requested anyone who notices a significant increase in their bills to go to his office with your bills.
Comment by richard on 26th March 2012
less 3 1500 watt electic heaters and it is as much this year as last. go figure.mind you my gas was on all winter,now thats up.crazy ain`t it. equal billing is 290gas/290 for hydro. that`s more than the darn mortgage. bc goverment has squander away your natural resorces. why is there no canadain national energy board looking out for us as every other country does. what`s up with that..... there charging the hell out of the little guy`s. i can understand charging world prices for our resorces going over sea`s bout to be charging the people the same. not to mention it they bought by bulk, there getting a better rate then us. canadains are been victimized with it own resorces . foreign national coperation own majority of bc`s wealth now thank`s to the bc liberals over this last decade. shame ,the people are held accountable for a partie`s stupidity.
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 26th March 2012

The problem here isn't with a meter being smart.
The problem here is accuracy of how well the new meter measures consumption.

If you're paying for electricity that you didn't use dispute your bill.
There are tools out there that can solve this mystery.
Purchase a power-bar that measures draw.
Call an electrician and ask if it's reasonable.
It is possible to do an estimate calculation on your usage and predict your bill before it arrives.

We could just call them magic meters.
my usage is up
Comment by Dan on 26th March 2012
I emailed BC Hydro twice and they never responded, my usage is up but nothing has changed
BC Smart Meters....
Comment by larry on 26th March 2012
I took the only action possible at the time, and
Comment by Pat#1 on 26th March 2012

Comment by Bryon Heighington on 26th March 2012
Call BC Hydro evey day to complain and ask to have you Smart Meter replaced with your old meter. Don't take no for an answer. Call your MLA and have him phone BC Hydro. Here is a good website

BC Hydro (Smart Meter)
Comment by marie on 26th March 2012
I was so shocked. it's awful. with 2 statements from BC Hydro is over $900.00 - I'm a single parent. How am I going to pay this off?? I phoned BC Hydro to set up a payment plan, it wasn't too good to the woman I spoke with. She said by the time I make all the payments the next Statement will be out by then!!! what am I suppose to do. If we had a choice for these smart meters I would have declined except no one asked me first. I'm so worried every day, how am I going to pay this off. Less food for the kids I guess.
My Take on the meter installation
Comment by Gary Edwards on 26th March 2012
BC Hydro has hired corix to install a billion dollars worth of "new" meters and gives copious amounts of excuses as to why it should be done.

I allege that Hydro is going to be forced into complete privatization before the liberals are voted out. Then, as another private company that this government gives away to its' cronies, the private company will not be held back in increasing rates at their own will. Notice the changes that are happening to the BCUC?

The only ways I can see to stop this ripoff is to first refuse to have them installed, which I have, then to vote these business based crooks out of office.
Equal billing
Comment by Eric on 26th March 2012
Go on equal billing. Info here:

It's less of a blow to the household budget each month, but still keep an eye on your smart meter for amount of power usage compared to how much you think you actually use. Keep track of it to appeal a potentially unfair adjustment at year's end on equal billing.
Gonna happen
Comment by KJ Piper on 25th March 2012
It's bound to happen. The main reason for the smart meters is still unclear, but YEARS ago BC Hydro stated that they were interested with charging more at peak hours. Smart meters could make that a reality, with NO added effort on thier part, possibly with NO pubic/gov scutiny.