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CONTRIBUTION · 28th March 2012
Terrace Daily
Who would think that the pollution in China and the Native Chiefs of British Columbia would have something in common?

Please witness the photo's and listen to the songs at the same time.

Listen to the drumming Here Click Play!

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Viewer discretion Advised

See photos regarding China's lack of enviromental protections Here

This is who we are trading our resources too?

Is this what we want?

This is just an example of their standards towards water, agriculture and chemical waste.

Does a level trading playing field mean Canada will have to allow the same distructive practices?

I agree
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 30th March 2012
I agree, Janice; but what concerns me even more is that Canadians - not necessarily British Columbians and particularly not from our area - want to send Alberta Tar Sand product there unrefined to be processed! But there don't seem to be ANY environmental regulations. What a disaster that will be!
It is all sinful.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 30th March 2012
I clicked on "See photos regarding China's......" and began to skroll through them. I do not think I seen half of them before I lost the stomach to continue. That is all so sad. I try not to get caught up in consumerism, and wanting what I cannot afford. Yes, I still use my first know? The Motorola with the pull-up antenna. Soon, Telus is going to make it impossible for me to use it. Oh well. I doubt many i-Pad 4, flat-screen TV, "smart phone" buyers, etc. could sleep with themselves if they viewed these pictures.

Consume, get, buy, sell, sell your soul, upgrade, gorge, profit, charge it up! Humans suffer and die for our consumerism. It's a sin.