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NEWS RELEASE · 29th March 2012
MP Nathan Cullen - Ottawa
Cullen attacks Conservatives for silencing tactics and stripping environmental protections

MP Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) demanded answers during question period yesterday in the House from the Conservatives about anticipated cuts to environmental protections and weakening of review processes.

“There’s a risk of the Conservatives changing the rules of the review process mid-stream to push this project through,” said Cullen.

Cullen attacked the Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, for having “brazenly undermined” the already weakened review process for the proposed Enbridge pipeline project.

“He is attacking Canadians who had the audacity to stand up for our home and our land, calling us radicals,” Cullen said.

A rigged review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, which had limited testimony from key stakeholders, and no systematic approach, was tabled this month. It included recommendations that will give more power to ministers to make decisions and weaken proposed project reviews.

“What the minister is calling streamlining amounts to nothing more than a gutting of environmental protections,” said Cullen. “The Conservatives are doing this at a time when one of the worst economic and environmental deals for Canada is in front of us.”

In past weeks there have been several statements by the Conservative ministers that the pipeline will go through despite constant opposition from those living along the route, environmental groups, economists and the First Nations communities.

“When will he finally respect the fact that when Canadians raise their voices in defence of their homes and their land, it does not make them radicals; it makes them Canadians,” insisted Cullen.

I AM..
Comment by Pat#1 on 1st April 2012
Canadian...This is my home, this province my birthplace and I'll be damned if Harper/China think they can legislate this crap into a reality no matter what.

We must stop this...they can't jail all of us!
Thats right Robert..
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 30th March 2012
I dread to think what the gas pipeline is for.
Comment by Robert Sallows on 30th March 2012
I guess this poison pipeline is coming no matter what we" The People" say.Harper and his Nazi Party are building jails and now we know why!