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COMMENTARY · 7th April 2012
Merv Ritchie
As the full moon rose over the 'Old Town' Village of Old Hazelton our video camera was recording the activities of the 'Sacred Fire' camp next to the boarded up Gitxsan Treaty Society (GTS) offices. The image above is a direct screen capture from the video.

The image could not be seen in any other light than the crown of thorns Jesus was said to be wearing as he was nailed to the cross on Good Friday.

It was a spine chilling moment as we recovered this image from the camera, which was taken as the moon rose on Good Friday.

A short video (3 minutes) of the site at Old Hazelton is attached below.

This is a link to a previous story on Easter and the astrological symbolism.

Happy Easter!
Where is Jesus?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 10th April 2012
I watched two "documentaries" over the Easter holidays. They were both narrated by adult, Jewish males. One film claimed to have found bones of Jesus and Mary Magdelene in the same grave, insinuating they were man and wife at their deaths. This was supposedly verified at a DNA research facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario (no less). Both documentaries argued that Jesus did not ascend to the heavens, body and soul, three days after his torturous, Earthly death at the hands of civilized humans (Romans, et al).

For two thousand years, detractors of Jesus have been unsuccessfully trying to prove that Jesus left his "dead body" in that tomb when he left Mother Earth. For two thousand years they have been trying to prove that the women (bearing spices meant to spread on his body) are liars.

I lift my face and my arms to the sky to pray, "Thankyou Jesus, for enduring that torture, and those thorns for me."
Video demonstrates clear vision
Comment by Terrace Daily on 7th April 2012
No frost there. Just the opening image, as we zoomed out from the moon, showed this crown of thorns.
Maybe not
Comment by Chris on 7th April 2012
Or frost on the lens... just sayin'...