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NEWS RELEASE · 12th April 2012
Old Massett Village Council
A year after the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Old Massett has designed, built, and deployed its own radiological health monitoring station.

This sophisticated device, now live, continuously monitors the air for radioactive particles 24/7. On demand it may be employed periodically to test samples of debris that wash ashore on Haida Gwaii and also local water samples, fish, seaweed etc.

The monitor is highly sensitive and continuously takes a reading every 10 seconds. This data is stored on a computer with the Old Massett Village Economic Development Officer, John Disney, and on an off island unit. It has been alarmed to go off if readings rise too high, at which time Disney can receive expert advice as to the severity of the situation.

After a frustrating year of trying to access funding to purchase traditional equipment and train community members to operate and interpret the data, Old Massett Village decided to build their own monitoring station with some high-tech outside help. In the end this has proved to be better as now Old Massett Village has complete control of the process and the data.

Old Massett’s system is sensitive enough to detect the tiny extra radiation from natural sources as benign as a slice of banana. Now in service, it is providing peace of mind to community members. If there is any increase in radiation from the Japanese tsunami and reactor disaster and the debris drifting toward Haida Gwaii and Canada, Old Massett is now in a position to record it and inform the community and Haida Gwaii.
is there radiation in our fish?
Comment by Moe on 13th April 2012
Thank you for this peace of mind
Comment by terry on 12th April 2012
Good to see someone is thinking.
how can we help
Comment by Terry tom on 12th April 2012
as our taxes go everywhere but our health concerns . Is there any way we can donate to this important undertaking . Thankyou Mr. Disney on behalf of my extended family and friends .