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CONTRIBUTION · 13th April 2012
Global Research
Earthquakes put world on notice - Fukushima is not finished by a long shot

Today more serious quakes rattle reactor number four, threatening further calamity

The Fuel Pools of Fukushima:

An excerpt;

Many of our readers might find it difficult to appreciate the actual meaning of the figure, yet we can grasp what 85 times more Cesium-137 than the Chernobyl would mean. It would destroy the world environment and our civilization. This is not rocket science, nor does it connect to the pugilistic debate over nuclear power plants. This is an issue of human survival.

There was a Nuclear Security Summit Conference in Seoul on March 26 and 27, and Ambassador Murata and I made a concerted effort to find someone to inform the participants from 54 nations of the potential global catastrophe of reactor unit 4. We asked several participants to share the idea of an Independent Assessment team comprised of a broad group of international experts to deal with this urgent issue.

I would like to introduce Ambassador Murata’s letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to convey this urgent message and also his letter to Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda for Japanese readers. He emphasized in the statement that we should bring human wisdom to tackle this unprecedented challenge.

Ambassador Murata’s letter says:

It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on NO.4 reactor. This is confirmed by most reliable experts like Dr. Arnie Gundersen or Dr. Fumiaki Koide.

Anti-nuclear physician Dr. Helen Caldicott says that if fuel pool 4 collapses, she will evacuate her family from Boston and move them to the Southern Hemisphere. This is an especially dramatic statement given that the West Coast is much more directly in the path of Fukushima radiation than the East Coast.

Will humanity rise to the occasion, and figure out how to stabilize fuel pool number 4 before catastrophe strikes?

Or will modern civilization win a Darwin award for failing to pay attention to the real threats?

Popular Canadian Politican Ignored Nuclear Fallout Warning
Comment by A.Heidl on 15th April 2012
It was only weeks after the March 11th Tsunami when Micheal Craven, a native born Canadian citizen, took matters into his own hands. Having political ties, Michael risked his career to warn the Canadian government of the unfathomable horrors unleashed from the nuclear meltdown that would effect Canada.
Michael Craven was aware that the best person to release such imperative and unreleased information would be to the NDP leader Nathan Cullen, who at that time was the appointed leader for the Environment and Sustainable Development.
Michael had warned Nathan about the high levels of radiation particles released from the nuclear reactors along with the contaminated debris that was making its way to the Canadian shorelines.
Michael took it upon himself to fly up to meet Nathan Cullen in person to offer assistance in uniting Canada and Japan in order to protect Canadians and of the approaching danger.
Unfortunately Nathan had postponed the encounter for weeks until the meeting finally occurred, only to have Nathan turn a blind eye to the situation.
This is a prime example of how our politicians care about the people. Nuclear radiation is nothing to be taken lightly. I am not saying that everyone should live in fear, but when the people who can actually make a difference for our country ignore a situation that will be a future threat, it makes me concerned why we continue to elect these people.
There are multiple things that the Canadian government could have done to be prepared and prepared the citizens for the unfolding effects of the Fukushima Disaster.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th April 2012
And what do you think any politician is going to do about it? Something happens to humans when other humans elect them to legislatures and to the House of Commons. This situation has been brewing for a year. There are other sordid environmental issues which require immediate action. Humans are naively batheing and doing the backstroke in our own excrement and other toxic pollutants. It is nigh on impossible to comfortably breathe in many Earthly locations. There are billions too many humans on this planet, and millions too many burdensome, costly, ineffective politicians.

Get to work Terry!
The Ostrich Syndrome
Comment by terry on 13th April 2012
People of the world unite ! This is everyone's problem.
People who care about their children.....
Contact politicians !
Get involved !
Or else !
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