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P.S.A.'S · 14th April 2012
Terrace Daily
Generally the media only informs the population to be prepared for a major earthquake after one has occured. We take this time out of our nomal programing to inform ahead of such an event.

Please ensure you have food stuffs, medication, water, batteries etc. always prepared and available in advance of a calamity.

This past few weeks has been very active in the Pacific Rim, the boundaries of the Pacific Ocean.

The northwest area of this region has been relatively unscathed.

How long we remain without a major tremor is anyones guess. The best guesses by the best tectonic scientists is Not Long.
K2 completion underway
Comment by fbreker on 21st June 2012

I think your readers will be interested to know that RTO is actively working on the second tunnel completion at Mt. Horetsky - aka Kemano. This is not my idle speculation this is fact. Now, I could care less what Rafe Maid et al have said about this. He wouldn't make a peep now if his arse was on fire - he is well retired in Lions Bay and may as well stay asleep for this one..This project needed to be completed - it just needed transparency - not secrecy. My concern is that a Mega national owned by the satanic rot child clan is ramming this thru with no oversight and completely under the radar. Well, just wanted to make this known - some readers may be interested.
I agree Merv
Comment by Bryan on 15th April 2012
Mark this down Merv, we agree - sort of. People should be preparing, even if one doesn't believe that a quake is imminent. We have a pretty good chance of flooding this year, depending on how the snow melts. Always good to have some extras around in case of road closures or power outages.
Keep up the good work Merv!