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COMMENTARY · 17th April 2012
Merv Ritchie
Every child knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. The rabbit ran with full excitement knowing he could win and the turtle just plodded along with slow but measured determination.

Today Joe Oliver and the Canadian Government are rushing in to please essentially China (like the hare) while China plods along as it always has, (like the tortoise) with slow determination.

One generation is only a few decades. A hundred years ago humans were just learning that flying a plane was actually possible. An environmental review that lasts even ten years is not a long time considering the length of time a devastating impact to the environment might last.

Two hundred years ago (my own grandmothers life time times two) the British hadnít even arrived to settle Vancouver Island.

Rushing to cut all the trees over the past 50 years wasnít good and rushing to harvest all the fish wasnít good either.

In a few years from now China might be in economic chaos and all of the infrastructure to meet todays demand may be for naught.

An easy example of the potential turn of economics is the closed Methanex facility in Kitimat. This was followed by the natural gas import pipeline planned for the Oil Sands in 2007. Next Apache and Encana planned to export Natural gas and today the price is so low no one is sure what might happen.

Another example is the northwest "Gold mine" Nova Gold. Things change Joe. Remember October 2008?

Whatís the rush Joe? Every child is taught to have patience. Is Christmas just too hard to wait for that you have to shake the presence of others?
This is Why the Rush
Comment by barryeng on 19th April 2012
The NDP is set to replace the governing Liberals in BC next year. Adrien Dix and his party have publicly stated that they oppose the Northern Gateway and it's attendant tanker traffic. Once that happens, this horrible mess would be shut down once and for all.

Since Harper is rabidly in favour of the pipeline despite all evidence against it including opposition by a majority of British Columbians, he has to get the thing approved while his pet Liberals are still in power in BC. If that means ignoring all laws and due process, then so be it. I'm afraid that calling anyone opposed, a radical and a terrorist is just the start.

Short of physical violence, how are we going to stop this megalomaniac?
Comment by Paul Repstock on 18th April 2012
Great point.
Why rush into a Mega Project if, in the case the deal sours, there is nothing left in it for Canadians. Fast talkers and hurried deals to reach agreements always make me nervous.
The oil has been in the Tar Sands for much longer than humans have walked the earth, it isn't going to evaporate overnight, unless the Americans decide to seize it. Lets do things right, including building our own refineries.

Rushed Mega Projects generally only benefit the Hucksters and the Deal Makers.