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NEWS RELEASE · 18th April 2012
Gingolx Arts Society
2012 Gingolx Music Festival “Crabfest” in Kincolith, BC will not take place

The Board of Directors of the Gingolx Arts Society regretfully announce today that Gingolx Music Festival “Crabfest” will not take place for 2012.

The success of “Crabfest” is heavily based on receipt of grants and donations. 2011 Crabfest certainly felt the economic recession, which has impacted sales for the past 2 years. We have seen a decline in attendance from festival goer’s for the past 3 years.

Festival Director Michele Stevens states, “The Board of Directors were torn about this decision to cancel 2012 Crabfest. We knew that if we moved forward with this event we could jeopardize future events due to the financial strain it may have on our Society. The best option for us is to move forward in a different direction and re-evaluate our plans for 2013 Crabfest.”

The Gingolx Arts Society is planning on hosting 3 Concerts throughout 2012 in their newly built Community Center.

The Gingolx Arts Society would like to recognize the following companies for their continuous support towards “Crabfest”.

Nisga’a Village of Gingolx

Nisga’a Lisims Government

Royal Bank of Canada



and the many businesses that have sponsored our event throughout 2004 – 2011.

You envisioned our success, infusing your positive drive into our Tourism Initiative from 2004 – 2011. We thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to Tourism in Gingolx.

Also, a heartfelt thanks to our Volunteers that have come forward every year. We look forward to having you amongst us in our planning of the Concerts in the Hall throughout 2012.

Watch for posting of the upcoming Concerts/Events which will include the popular “Gingolx Idol”.

For our First Event, we would like you to mark “June 2nd, 2012” in Gingolx for:

Children’s Festival Featuring:
Bouncy Castles
Carnival Games
And much more

Vendor Applications will be available!

$10,000.00 Bingo
Main: $60.00 9 up (advance)
Start Time: 1:00 p.m.
Comment by Carolyn on 20th April 2012
I just want to thank everyone for making me happy every July.. Yes there are bad apples. on every tree.. Get over it.. You go there for the great music..That was 100 % happening. I am so blessed I got to see Jeff Healy ,just before he passed away.. There were so many great bands.. Just amazing. Sure it has been abit confusing.. When it came to the camping..Once again. I am there for the great music..I know you can't please every one.. But no one can say the music and the headliners were bad.. No one. Once again I am so sorry that it is not going to work out this year.. I hope that in 2013 you can get back on track..Thank you for 6 great years of my life.. Carolyn
Comment by Janice Robinson on 19th April 2012
Now, this is a tried and true game the whole family can partake in. Who are the geniuses who thought of this? Bingo, on an Indian reserve. How unique. Give the planning committee medals.

What's next? A casino or a detox centre. Any bets?
Focus on positive
Comment by M & M on 18th April 2012
I personally have enjoyed my visits to Crabfest. The food is fab and the atmosphere, very festive. Good luck next year. I always look forward to whomever will be headlining.

As with any outdoor event there are bound to be bad apples. It's not solely in Gingolx.
Crime reprieve
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 18th April 2012
At least the cancellation will give the RCMP and ER Staff a reprieve of sorts.

Every year there are accounts of increased crime, intoxication including group fights and false advertising/price gouging for a camping spot which at times ends up to the horror of the tourists to be in someone's driveway with a # of other campers crammed on a resident's front "lawn". Not too long ago, there wasn't even any crab available!

With all the bad press overriding the few positive experiences, it's probably more prudent for it be cancelled for good.
Comment by B Grant on 18th April 2012
Reason i didnt bring my Family is the Drinking...was annoying the last two years I got out of hand for many...i didnt drink...and some guy bumped into me at one time and wanted to fight me..he was literally DRUNK..and when Kim mitchell was there...i had guys and gals..throwing beer i never went last yr...will never again til that part is fixed...its not a family event, when theres drinking going on, it ruins it!
Not Surprised
Comment by MIchelle on 18th April 2012
for $40.00 a day cover charge
regardless of if you get there at 9 AM or 9 PM I am not surprised it had low attendance last year.