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CONTRIBUTION · 19th April 2012
Chris on the South Side
Where are all the other South side residents of Terrace that are fed up with CN holding us hostage by constantly blocking the Kenny Street crossing?

I have lived on the South side of Terrace for over 20 years and it is truly becoming unbearable with the massive increase in train blockades!

The trains or other CN riff raff are blocking this crucial intersection at 8:30 am, Noon, 3:00 pm and many other prime times when people are trying to get to and from their homes, work, school. It has gotten completely ridiculous.

There is no warning at Eby St. so you drive all the way down the highway and there is that ,,,#*&^$,,,#^ train! Now you have to turn around and go back and over the overpass. It's worse if you're trying to get from the South side as you get stuck having to go to the overpass and sit there at the uncontrolled intersection in a big line up of frustrated drivers. Not a good situation.

My understanding was CN would be responsible for a new crossing since they are the ones benefitting from the Port of Prince Rupert traffic in containers expanding. How is Terrace benefitting? We are not! We pay the price for the success for Prince Rupert and the Americans that now own our national railway! It's like the Enbridge pipeline, simply using our region as an obsticle to trample over while reaping huge profits! I think it's time we hold these big fish accountable and make them pay if they want to use our City, and inconvenience it's residents.

I understand we should feel priviledged compared to people in Vancouver with their traffic issues, but this is not Vancouver, it is Terrace.

There must be many other fed up South side residents and we need to stop cursing in our vehicles as we are held hostage by CN, which is doing nothing for our community and start demanding CN and the Federal government fix this problem!
Bridges, Overpasses and Election Issues
Comment by barryeng on 26th April 2012
I remember many years ago that the same type of issue, was involved over building a second crossing of the Skeena River.

It was an election issue for several years. Then control of the purse strings changed and an NDP government started construction on the "new" bridge. Of course, NDP was thrown out next time around and control of government went to someone else. The bridge was completed,(probably because it was too late to stop it), then it was dedicated and named after the Social Credit MLA at the time, Dudley Little. 30 years later it is still called the "New " bridge by most people, not the Dudley Little Bridge.

Now we have another election issue . . .a second overpass. This will probably remain an election issue for just as long as the politicians can milk it. Or, until someone else dies.

It Seems To Me ...
Comment by Roy Harding on 25th April 2012
I'm not affected by this situation, as I don't have a need to cross the tracks on a regular basis. I had no idea the situation was this bad before reading these comments.

It seems to me that this is an issue which the city (and perhaps the Regional District) should be spearheading, with support from both our MLA and MP.

Of course, none of those three levels of government will get involved based on anonymous comments made on a small local website.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 25th April 2012
I know! I used to share a nice house on Medeek with one of my best friends. We both worked in town. Loved that house, got along good with the landlord, and we could have one dog. We moved because of this CN crappola. We always left early for work, and never thought about going home for lunch.

Maybe if we all keep this up, somebody "on high" will care. It's been going on for years, so maybe not.

Safety is the issue
Comment by c. sandecki on 25th April 2012
When MP Nathan Cullen was asked how to pressure CN, he said safety was the only concern that might move them.
Try emphasizing how dangerous blocked traffic could be in case of a major emergency.
And for goodness sakes, state your name. Think of the Freedom Fighters in the U.S. in the 1960s. They risked their life to stand up for equality. Can't you risk losing a customer or two to state your opinion here?
You might also find for any one customer you lose, you might gain one or two who respect your viewpoint and your willingness to be counted.
This IS an accident waiting to happen!
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 25th April 2012
Could an accident occur to a driver and passengers, when faced with a train blockade, if they try to out-run a west-bound train to cross at the Frank Street crossing?

What about the unobservant driver crossing the tracks at Kenney who is stopped by the Hwy. 16 lights with the back end of their vehicle too close to the tracks?

Often, people who are faced with a blockade will race to get somewhere on time whether it be after the train has passed or if they decide to take an alternate route, thus breaking the law and increasing the chances of an accident.

Even crossing the existing overpass can be a challenge. There are many times I will continue east, past the Sande overpass, and double back so I can more easily merge with traffic to get downtown. It is too bad that it can get so congested at this intersection, especially when it is right beside the main access to the hospital.

I have no doubt that drivers would have no problem with the Kenney street crossing if they knew their wait would rarely extend beyond 5 minutes. But, there is no indication how long a wait will be. With longer and an increasing number of trains this will only get worse.

Angry drivers make really bad drivers - why would anyone ignore an accelerating problem that caused bad drivers?
Comment by Chris on 24th April 2012
Today is a prime example: I left for work at 8:15 am... TRAIN BLOCKADE! I went home for lunch at 12:15 pm... TRAIN BLOCKADE! I returned home from work just after 4:00 pm... TRAIN BLOCKADE! I went to go to Canadian Tire at 8:15 pm... TRAIN BLOCKADE!!! This was in one day. I know for certain that two of those four time the intersection was blocked for longer than 5 minutes because it took me longer than that to get over the Sandee overpass and go around and the train was still there.

This is much more than an inconvenience.
Calling te kettle
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 24th April 2012
How is it any different being anonymous vs the various claims to the tdcc, tts, the city, etc.

Sure - ill agree things should be more transparent amongst various groups. I don't know if I agree with calling things corrupt quite yet. I agree things are not transparent but neither is being anonymous. If this town is to change you need to stand for what you believe in.

Besides the topic here is the crossing.

who is who?
Comment by Terry on 24th April 2012
are you kidding richard . Any independent business person voicing a different opinion in this tightly controlled town would be hammered out of existence . If it were not for merv and this paper do you really think any of our voices would be heard . Do you think anyone would risk a letter to the editor of the substandard or the inferior news if their lively hood depended on towing the party line . This is a liberal/social credit town buddy . they got the mayor they paid for . the tdcc is just the cherry on the cake . It started out a long time ago " if you didn't work for George little , you didn't work " not much has changed.
who is who?
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 23rd April 2012

This was mentioned before:

Who pays to fix this? Who will get paid? (the contract)

Posting anonymously is not going to fix the Kenney crossing.
By being anonymous you don't know the author of the comment and even worse you don't know their vested interests.

It may not be a problem to you...yet...
Comment by Concerned on 23rd April 2012
It's NOT about whether CN owns the land, or anything to do with the CN employees safety. It's a simple fact that this area is growing, and we- both the citizens/city and CN- need realistic and proactive measures taken to ensure that something like this- albeit perhaps to some only a mere "inconvenience", does not become a serious issue. CN is not exempt from due dilligence to the communities they run through just because they're "CN"- that's ridiculous. If something were to happen to the overpass, even if it was simply a car accident like the one that happened a month ago and the overpass is blocked- then what?! If you live on the bench, and 4 times a day (or more) the ONLY access up or down was, for example, Lanfear hill, would that not be frustrating to you? Especially if by time you rerouted yourself you only then found out that that route was ALSO blocked?! It comes down to consideration on both sides. It may not seem like a pressing issue- or even an issue to some? But I for one am TIRED of having things such as this pushed to the back-burner until it's staring us in the face. Just today there was ANOTHER major accident at the Keith/Kenney intersection...maybe not a "big deal" to people who never use that intersection, but definitely a big deal to all those who do. CN has forewarned of huge increases in the train traffic, and with the ever-improving economic forecast for this area it would be ignorant to go on as though this issue is non-existant. I've personally witnessed trains blocking the intersections for upwards of 20 minutes many times throughout the course of a week. Maybe a '2-3' minute detour doesn't seem like a big deal to you? But maybe when you're riding in the back of an ambulance and you're rerouted to get to the hospital it will be....
Excuse me?!
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 23rd April 2012
Uh...excuse me?!

The Citizens of Terrace are not "bitching" without validation here. They are simply raising conerns that are prevelant to the ways we nagivate the extremely limited main arterial intersections within our teenie City, unlike in a City like Vancouver that hosts many secondary arterial routes that one has the luxery to choose from.

God forbid we entertain an earthquake and lose that precious overpass. Then what?! What if the earthquake takes out the Old Bridge and the Ferry Island bridge too?! Eeeks. We'd be stranded fer sure. And don't be all high and mighty thinking that might never occur. Employers thru-out the Region have already reinforced their Office Bldgs...cuz they know that a potential earthquake occuring may be a very good possibility within this Sacred Circle.

I was TOTALLY taken aback when a Colleague shared her experience when, during an overpass congestion period...that she decided to go outta her way to head out on the bridges by utilize the Old Bridge in efforts to return in a "round-about-way" back to town via the Old Skeena Bridge! Okay...this is bad.

Citizens are not "bitching". Citizens are speaking out about their concerns. Kindly refrain from attempting to bully/embarass contributors to this site into silence, when clearly there is an issue here that needs to be addressed.
Linuxpenquin & Jessica
Comment by Chris on 23rd April 2012
It's not a matter of simply complaining about a minor inconvenience here. It's more than a 2-3 min detour. These blockages are happening multiple times a day (much more than before) and for longer times. The overpass has it's own traffic flow problems and cannot handle the large increases in traffic forced to go there because of CN blockages. You cannot turn left to the overpass from the All West Glass intersection so traffic is also forced to move through school zones in a large round about detour. The port and CN are booming because of these increases in traffic and Terrace is paying the price. That is not ok. You can go and be thankful for what you have if it is not a problem for you, but it is for many of us who deal with it multiple times a day.
Comment by Jessica Lindstrom on 23rd April 2012
Are you really complaining about this? Oh life must be so tough that you have to take the extra two minutes out of your day to change your routine of being "held hostage" to just driving over the overpass. Don't complain about what you don't have - be thankful for what you DO have.
Quit Bitching
Comment by Linuxpenguin on 22nd April 2012
Seriously quite bitching and be thankful you don't have to deal with Vancouver traffic. If you don't like it then move.

CN owns the strip of land that the track run on so technically when using this crossing you are trespassing on CN land. CN was nice enough to put a crossing in.

Seriously there are bigger issue at hand. Quit you whinning it make you look bad
Overpass control
Comment by Deaner on 22nd April 2012
A simple flashing red light making the south end of the overpass a controlled 3 way would go a heck of a long way to making that bottleneck work better
@ ippel
Comment by Terry on 22nd April 2012
now you know . Educate others , wear a watch . And most importantly when you are blocked by a stopped rail movement for more than 5 minutes follow through and call the RCMP and file a complaint . If you and a few hundreds do the same you will get results . The reason the railway doesn't care is because few know the laws they have to abide by . And most do nothing but sit and complain to each other . All you need is one second more than 5. You will give the head office the headache that they give you. The longer you are stopped the bigger their headache.
Thanks Chris
Comment by James Ippel on 22nd April 2012
I knew it was there somewhere, I just did'nt where to look.
Terry-did you go there and read the regs before posting?, and I agree with you , this is not only a Terrace problem.Several communities that come to mind are Houston, Burns Lake, and Vanderhoof. I think Vanderhoof also has this problem.
What is required are the conserted efforts of the City of Terrace, The Regional Districk of Kitimat/Stikine, along with our elected MLA, and MP to put pressure to bear on CN. First and foremost we much have another overpass. A pedestrian overpass would be nice, but this at the present time I think, is a pipedream.
Rail traffic is going to increase dramatically during the building of the Hydro line north. The latest I heard from a pretty reliable source that there will be a few thouand trains bringing in transmission wire. A figure of 10,000 cars of wire was mentioned. Pretty impressive.
joe - hello?
Comment by mbw on 22nd April 2012
Hey Joe, I have a job and it requires that I be able to hop in my car and cross to the south side at any given time between 10.00 and 3.00.

And sometimes doubling back to the overpass and dodging kids on bikes and young families with little kids and strollers in tow can be a tad complicated.
Comment by Joe on 22nd April 2012
You talk about all the key times being blocked by trains? If you had a job then odds are you wouldn't be driving around during these "key times"
CN doesn't care about 5 min
Comment by Chris on 22nd April 2012
I think James is correct about CN answering to no one. I was excited to hear about this 5 min law so I did go and read the regulations on the Transport Canada website and sure enough it turns out that the train must actually be 'stopped' for this 5 min thing to count! How absurd. If it is crawling along and switching back and forth for a half an hour the 5 min doesn't apply! Nice loop hole for CN. I know for a fact the crossing at Kenny is very often blocked longer than 5 min but I think the train is usually moving, even if only at a slow crawl.
@ ippel
Comment by Terry on 21st April 2012
before you post . you should google both myth and . railway blockage rules/ laws . This problem is not only a terrace problem . It's country wide . The rule for blocking railway crossings are quite specific . As you would see if you only would read them. Again if you are blocked for more than five minutes the railway must clear or cut the crossing for traffic to pass . In the case of emergency vehicles the crossing must be cleared or cut in order to have said vehicle pass immediately .
Either way...the Mayor is on it...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 21st April 2012
Either way...the Mayor is on it. Afterall, during the last campaign he did publicize in a pre-election brochure that one of his focused priorities was a walking overpass connecting the South of Terrace to Downtown Terrace.

He's on it, right? Uh............right???

An observation.
Comment by James Ippel on 21st April 2012
The railroad was given the right of way to build a rail line and were "given" x amount of feet on either side of the rail line in perpetuity. No consideration was given for level or other crossings, so we are pretty much screwed. The five minute blockage is a myth, as we all know. CN answers to "NO ONE". Get used to it.
I believe that the best way to deal with an entity of this magnitude is negotiation. Threats fall on deaf ears, and CN will spend a million dollars on legal fees to save paying out a thousand dollar settlement. This is reality. A Kalum Street pedestrian overpass would be wonderful, but the last estimates I heard were in excess of one million dollars, and these were about 10 years ago. This would be a major expense that no one wants to bear.
As for a second overpass; many years ago I saw plans for a second overpass that would pass through the Poroir log yard (currently CT Resources) swing through part of West Fraser property, and connect with Hwy 16W. It would come off of Keith Avenue. I am sure that any checks with the Region District would confirm what I have said (if they saved the plans)
@ mjj
Comment by Terry on 21st April 2012
You don't need to wear the bridge down . With the speeds that the trains roll through town THESE days . All you need is a derailment under the bridge and the bridge is gone in the blink of an eye. And if it were to happen on the east end of the yard where all the propane ,oil and gas is stored . The old bridge ,walmart , timmies and half the town would be history. But that could never happen right?
What would happen if...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 21st April 2012
What would happen if the Sande overpass collapsed? I'd be curious to see a report on the status of the bridge itself. (You in Eastern Canada where a large # of overpasses/bridges are predicted to continue deteriorating at a more rapid pace due to their age).

That overpass is a vital arterial connection in this City. Perhaps the heavy industrial sized vehicles could refrain from "pounding" it down any further. It's the only overpass we have.
Good Luck...
Comment by Pat#1 on 21st April 2012
trying to do ANYTHING at the Keith/Kalum intersection! Tim Horton's is a mess and it's ridiculous to see 'you know who' parked there (10-25) doing dick about it. ...
the law is five minutes .
Comment by Terry on 21st April 2012
If they block you for more than five minutes . Then call the RCMP and lodge a complaint. Then they will be charged . Use video . Write down the time and direction of movement. Put your complaint in writing . The only thing the cn understands is money. Don't get mad get even. You have rights ,exercise them. Six months of this is worth twice what an overpass would cost the railway. If you think your deadline is tight .Well the railroads deadline is critical and breaking it costs them a small fortune.
it's a two way street
Comment by Terry on 21st April 2012
if they can block you . You can block them . They don't own the right of way . They share it. If they block you it costs you some time and maybe a little money . If you block them it costs them time and a lot of money .
Comment by Ray Hallock on 20th April 2012
The only way to even get to the overpass during rush hour blockage is to navigate past the hospital .. come upt to the light at Timmys and turn left to approach the overpass from the east side. Trying to turn left onto the overpass from the west is a lost cause.
Something has to be done now!
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 20th April 2012
It is way past time for city council to light a fire under the butts of CN and the province. Are they waiting for someone to actually get killed before this project finally takes off?

I know of a number of people who avoid the alternative Sande overpass as it can pose it's own challenges with the way the traffic flows and there are often accidents at this location. For the size of Terrace one reliable crossing is NOT sufficient.

Another project that is necessary, but been ignored, is a pedestrian overpass at or near Kalum street. There are still too many people crossing the very dangerous tracks to get from the south side to the city center, including children. If CN was concerned at all about the safety of trespassers they would find a way to build it or at the very least erect a fence to stop the pedestrian flow before someone else gets killed.

You all wanted "economic development."
Comment by Janice Robinson on 20th April 2012
You got it. Oh, and you thought it was to benefit us/you? The less CN has to put up with sheeple (employees and complainers), the better they like it.

Remember... the railroad and Highway 16 were built right through a sacred Tsimshian cemetary, at Kitsumkalum. A politician recently built his nice house right there too! Who cares?
Kitwanga Fire Department Pre complained.
Comment by Rider on 20th April 2012
The Kitwanga Fire Department. Is already living with the Indian Reserve being cut off.

There was a CN Meeting - Port of Prince Prince Rupert in the past.

The Kitwanga Fire Department was complaining about of Train Traffic coming to the village.

The amount of train traffic was for every 17 minutes we will see. The Train Traffic come across Canada. With the Port Expansion in Prince Rupert.

A window of 10 minutes of highway crossing.

The danger was with that increase Port Traffic coming through Kitwanga. The emergency teams for ambulance, police, fire will be trapped.

The Port Of Prince Rupert expansion. Its only going to get worse.

Sad eh!

Comment by Bryan on 20th April 2012
I agree that the Kenney St closures are an issue. Not sure what day it was (Tuesday I think) the crossing was blocked for a ridiculous amount of time - so long I presumed they had a break down of some sort. And I also agree that the intersection of Keith at the south end of the Sande Overpass is a problem. I pretty much avoid it at peak times. The other day when Kenney was blocked I went to Frank St, both times it was clear.
I'm just not sure about your claims CN is US owned. Its head office is in Montreal and it has purchased a number of US lines, and it is publicly traded, but I'd still call it Canadian. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.
Comment by Cmmadmomma on 20th April 2012
I agree. I think they should put in at least 3 more over passes. On Kalum St and Kenney St and Frank Road
Comment by Eric on 20th April 2012
I had to go from Peterbilt on the southside to Canadian Tire the other day around 4:30 - 5ish. The Kenney crossing was blocked. So I took the overpass, the detour back to Kenney took me just under 3 and a half minutes, and that's including having to wait for the red light at the north end of the overpass and at the ambulance station. I was also doing the speed limit. If a 3 and a half minute detour is that big of a deal to some people, perhaps you're in too much of a rush and need to slow down anyway.
Comment by gav on 20th April 2012
Overpass not an option?