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NEWS RELEASE · 27th April 2012
All across the Northwest of British Columbia, many of our First Nations are in the same predicament. Our Nations are becoming divided. The people of Kitsumkalum have shared with us, so have the Wet'suwet'en, the Haisla and the Tahltan.

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia have empowered individuals within our Nations to negotiate treaty on behalf of their respected people. Not only are these individuals empowered to negotiate treaty, some have taken it upon themselves to negotiate with corporations such as Enbridge, BC Hydro, Fortune Minerals and so on.... Is this Treaty negotiation?

In all of the above mentioned First Nations, there is one thing in common. The people do not know what is going on behind the closed door of the negotiators.

When it is questioned, the people are silenced through threats of banishment and lawsuits. Public ridicule is another angle that the supporters of treaty use to silence those who ask questions. In one instance the threat of violence went so far to the person being threatened to be shot!

Amongst our own people, the Gitxsan, a very respectable Chief was thrown down and handcuffed in a Chiefs meeting, then dragged out by the RCMP, in front of her peers. Only two elderly ladies, one a Chief, stood up in defence of the Matriarch and Simoogyet.

This article is not written to continue the smear campaign with the Gitxsan Treaty Society. It is written to wake up a Nation and call upon the leaders of the Gitxsan to stand up for the people that you represent. Yes, there are those Simoogyets who are taking a stand.

The Gitxsan Unity Movement has amongst them Simmogyets who are standing up to the GTS regime. Gyolugyet, Dawamuukw, Gwininitxw, Delgumuukxw and Guuhadakw. The Gitxsan Nation should all be proud of these High Chiefs, for they are standing up for the people! Special mention to Spookw and their litigation team, who are also working to settle the Gitxsan Crises.

Gitxsan Unity Movement has been working hard to gather all of the "true" Gimlitxwit, the head Chiefs of the Gitxsan Nation. They have had one meeting so far and we pay special mention to those Chiefs who sit on the GTS Gimlitxwit for attending our meeting. It is a start. At this meeting there was talk of how the Gitxsan Crises could be put to rest. The desire is to settle this excruciating situation where the people themselves would come out on top and Unity will again be present within all the house groups and the feast hall.

It is a step in the right direction, there is work to be done and we have full faith in our Simgigyet and encourage all the head Chiefs from all three sides to meet.

Within these talks the injunction facing the Gitxsan Unity Movement for securing the Chiefs building and it's possessions was brought up. It is no secret that the former Gitxsan Treaty Society staff are pressuring the courts and the RCMP to enforce an injunction set against the Gitxsan Unity Movement. GUM requested to lift the injunction and allow the High Chiefs to resolve the differences. The GTS refuses to lift the injunction and prefer to go through the courts to continue business as usual.

Why is it so hard to be held accountable to the very people they are claiming to represent? Why can they not allow the Hereditary Chiefs resolve the crises? Many have stepped up and taken ownership of being a part of this problem. Now they want to fix it. The courts are not the place the Gitxsan conduct business.

Gordon Sebastian, Elmer Derrick, Bev Percival, Jim Angus and Art Wilson, many times you have gone on record claiming the Gitxsan conduct business in the feast hall. As staff, you must step aside and allow the true Gimlitxwit to carry out their responsibilities. If you respect the very system you claim you do, then you will allow the Chiefs to unify our Nation. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, Gitxsan dollars, on the court system?

It is common sense to resolve this crisis without conflict. The Gitxsan Unity Movement is under strict order to carry out this blockade/protest respectfully and non confrontational. We have been nothing but respectful. I have watched the GUM Chiefs be publicly scorned by a facts document handed out at the GTS Gimlitxwit meeting in Gitwangak. There was even suggestion of banishment! This is the highest disrespect a Gitxsan person can show a Simoogyet.

Are we a Nation living in shame; one that shows disrespect to our people and our neighbours?

Gitxsan Simgigyet.... it is time to meet and end the Gitxsan Crises! The people are counting on you! Do you see what the governments are doing to our Nation?

On another note, it was brought to our attention that one of the GTS negotiators had their tires slashed on their vehicle. The Gitxsan Unity Movement takes this very serious; this is putting people's lives in danger. We encourage whoever is doing this to stop. If anyone has any information as to who has done this, please contact the RCMP.

The Gitxsan Unity Movement began as Gitxsan Against Enbridge in early December 2011. The goal of the movement is to bring harmony between the Gitxsan Government and the values, law and will of the Gitxsan.

We strive for accountability, transparency and to return the authority and jurisdiction to its rightful place, the Gitxsan Simgigyet and the Gitxsan Nation.
Challenge To Brave Northerners
Comment by Sasqutch Researcher Networks on 28th April 2012
Attention To:

CC: The following

This message: Is for all bushman - woman in our regions. Who love the land.

Here is a real challenge. Please read!

Hazelton: Town

Gitksan Villages Territory

Terrace BC: Town

Tsimshian Villages Territory

Nisga'a Villages Territory

Wetsetwen Villages Territory

All the tribes of Ksan, Amalawina Doy ik Nisim

Lakiget - Simiget - Sigmanaxth - Gi - Goobwiltxson .

There are two worlds we are challenged in our modern times. " Money is some peoples God". The other is Simioget Laxha "Great Spirit in the SKy".

Then there is the supernatural. Sure we here this supernatural in our history. But we seem to be disconnected with its Adawk. Not just here on Ksan. Whole entire North Coast. Its just some tale that we were told. To keep the children inside there houses at night, and to respect our ancestors. Laws of ayook.

Well sense we have laws ayook, being broken from (Heavy Industry). Then its time to have a wake up call.

My challenge is this to all the North Coast Hereditary Chiefs - and the brave souls, tucked away in there nice homes, and luxuries cars for a sense of an adventure.

There is a "Beast Called Buck Wiss - or Bow Wiss" some call it "GWETS" Hairy Man Lives in the wild". Some call them Bush Indians.

Nobody can prove it if this spirit is real or not.

But we have one man in North Coast. Who lives in the Canadian Rockies.


A pro Bush Man. Who had up close encounter. Captured on film.

He wants to have the permission from the North Coast People. To look for the creature in there traditional territory.

Remember 1 Pro Sasquath Hunter. Is looking for anyone who can work with him. Best guides, anyone that is brave enough.

As an Indian- Canadian - seen his work. I tell yeah. I will not be going on this journey. But if there other braves who think they can survive this legendary story. Then by all means go for it.

An opportunistic move. To find the BIGFOOT.

Prove to the North Coast People. That the supernatural spirits of our forest lives. To be protected.

You may think that sounds crazy. But in reality is it Crazy to sell our territories for "Money" and sacrifice our friendship, water, love and peace.

Then this is just as big.

Here is the work Todd Standing Big Foot Researcher

The Facebook Contact:

Here is his work: Last of the Bush Man

Todd Standing World Famous

Todd Standing

$ 2 million dollars are involved no joke!

So North Coast Braves - Ksan People everyone.

We have noble moment to see how good really we are. Lets put down our differences and protect what we trained to do.

To honor the spirits of the forest. In this day and age, with technology nothing can hide.

Not even a Big Foot.

Here is the work Todd Standing Big Foot Researcher

If we can protect it, then we are respecting.

Protect the territory, protect them, protect us. IT may sound crazy,

But at least we can have some fun!

ADVENTURE & Northern Unity
Comment by Paul Repstock on 27th April 2012
I am not a native/indigenous Canadian person, nor am I specially talented or wise. However, I consider myself to be a Canadian of this region, and a part of all this. (I grew up at McLeod Lake). Therefore I would like to comment on this article:

I agree with ‘S. Hurdell’. I believe that the present power structure of the native nations was created deliberately. I think the structure was created, to allow, or perhaps to tempt, some of the appointed leaders to sell out their own people as a means of personal gain.

I think that two important subjects need to be addressed before this impasse can be resolved:
First, the native people of Canada need to be very clear on the type of government that they can live with. The Hereditary Chieftain model is not compatible with the Democratic model that most Canadians say they would prefer. There can be no special status conferred, or special merit assumed, strictly on the basis of ancestry. That is no more legitimate than special status conferred simply on the basis of being friendly to Ottawa.
Secondly, I would very much like to see the native people of Canada find a way to declare a consensus on their place within the larger, non native population of Canada. Face it, those of us whose ancestry in Canada is counted in years, not thousands of years, are not going to evaporate and disappear. Our lives are here, and our homes and our dreams.

My need to have a clear definition of the relationship between native and immigrant Canadians may seem very far from the topic of this article. In my mind the two are closely linked. All Canadians and most of the people in this world have lost the rights and legal ability to determine their own lives and futures. This is not just a problem for native Canadians, people everywhere are fighting to make governments and government appointees accountable and answerable to the people. There has been an enormous power grab by a very small group and we have foolishly let them take it.

I welcome comment or criticism. Write a comment, or just click on the “send email”, or message me at rockpick at
Stand strong
Comment by S. Hurdell on 27th April 2012
Stand strong and do no be afraid, said the Lord for I will redeem you and shall come with a mighty vengeance for I am the Lord your God.
This verse came to mind as I was reading.
My mother is Ellen Spence (nee Morrison) of Hazelton. Her parents were Alex and Alice Morrison but I was born and raised in Lax Kw'alaams.
You are certainly not alone in your fight for many face the same battle of being divided. A house divided against itself shall surely fall is another verse that comes to mind and for years through the non-Indian government, government offices, and other officials I have seen the teachings of division and how easy our people have assumed the teachings to use against their own a device I feel crafted by those who wish to see us fall and some blindly follow for prestige or ill-gotten gains.
We are as the sheep led to the slaughter and cunningly devised by ravenous wolves to implode upon ourselves.
In a course I had taken years back I was told when having a disagreement with the government just find a sister office that disagrees with the one you are in disagreement with and let them fight it out. A tactic well used by the government so one can see how long it has been happening.
Pray that those led astray have their blinders removed so they may see for the good of 'their' people and not themselves, it is then that one can go to the tables and seek a resolution.