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CONTRIBUTION · 27th April 2012
MaggieJo Johnson
Well, I was pretty close to burning the house down this weekend when I had the oven on 900 degree'ed self-cleaning mode.

I removed the cat from the area and cautioned the family that the oven would be hot to touch and cleared off the top /inside of the oven; however, I neglected to remove a plastic bag with recyclables that was hooked on the kitchen wall next to the oven.

After ~an hour, I walked thru the kitchen and noticed a "smell" and immediately realized the bag had partially melted and the items inside were brittled and charred and about to ignite into flames!

I quickly removed the bag and threw it into the kitchen sink to douse with water.

'Glad we hadn't left the house when that oven was self-cleaning. We may have come back to a huge fireball!

In any event, this was a wake up call for me to check all smoke alarms (check) and revist my home insurance plan (check) and find out where I put that fire escape ladder (yeah...I own one ...but where is it?). I also need to check that kitchen fire extinguisher to ensure it is not stale dated. OH! And a family fire escape plan wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Please take note of my embarassing error while realizing how quickly tragedy can occur. Be aware and be safe.
me too
Comment by terraceres on 30th April 2012
i did the same thing.. put the oven on self clean and was getting ready to head out for a couple hours like we always did when we cleaned the over.. i ran back into the house to grab my sons bottle and smelt smoke i looked at the oven and there was flames building on the inside of the oven.. with it being self cleaning it locked and i had to break the lock to put out the fire.. that was a close one!
Comment by seller on 29th April 2012
thank you for sharing!!! Wake up call for alot of us!