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CONTRIBUTION · 30th April 2012
Armin Musterer
A special thanks to our political leaders, Christy Clark and Stephen Harper. While our community is still reeling from another fish plant closing, a second in less than a year (Ocean Fish and JS McMillan), we can look out to the water and see fish boats still catching fish.

Our resources, the people of BC resources; ask how do we benefit from the blatant overharvesting or threatened destruction of our loved fish, trees and the natural beauty of the trees that remain standing.

It seems to me we, as residents of BC and Canada, get less and less. China, who gets to process and sell to us our own product, gets work and value added from our raw logs and unprocessed fish, hence unprecedented wealth, while we get nothing.

Maybe the occupy movement had a point. One person or corporation makes millions selling us out, shipping our jobs to China. They save a few dollars having Chinese children process our logs and fish for pennies a day with no check on safety or human rights.

Now two of our few remaining sawmills, (while processing the remaining scraps that the exporter can’t find a market for off shore), blows up. This creates two things; it makes it more difficult for producers to do business here ‘safely’ and a reason for them to not rebuild at all.

The timber is gone or is earmarked for export to Stephen and Christy’s Chinese friends with the only profit or benefit going to their local friends.

This while we, the actual owners of the resource, go without jobs (or a way to make money) so we can afford a seventeen dollar piece of fish from Safeway.

Our local fishers made seven cents, the onshore worker made another ten cents and the rich exporter got a dollar fifty instead of maybe one forty if we got to work on it.

This leaves more than fourteen dollars for Chinese children to cut it in half sprinkle salt and pepper on it put it in a bag and sell it back to us at seventeen dollars.

It seems to me if that tree remains standing or even if it is chopped down and exported, we the owners will see no difference.

To sum up; leave it standing, leave it swimming; don’t dig it up until there is a way to pay us for it. Like getting us to process or add value, otherwise it is more valuable to its owners standing or swimming.

Armin Musterer is a Tsimshian from Prince Rupert
Selling lies
Comment by Catherine on 30th April 2012
I have personally seen grocery stores' price tags cover the "harvested in" and "packaged in" in an effort to sell these products. Corporations don't need America anymore - since deregulation they can set up shop in 3rd world countries, extract 3rd world labor for penny wages, rape resource rich countries and then sell it back to us at enormous costs while paying ridiculously low taxes. This Capitalist, or as Crusty Clark calls it "Free Enterprise" system, feeds on poverty as an input.
reply to the ' resource rapists'
Comment by rolson on 30th April 2012
One strong response to this resource sellout is ' Boycott...BOCott...BOYCOTT!!! DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS.