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CONTRIBUTION · 1st May 2012
Arthur Topham
On Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 I attended a SUPREME TRIAL DIVISION “APN-REVIEW BAIL” hearing in Courtroom 1 at the Kelowna Law Courts in Kelowna, B.C. presided over by MR. JUSTICE BETTON. The Supreme Court List stated that it was “R.V TOWNSEND”. Reading that bold and ominous phrase was the beginning of yet another unraveling tale of judicial incompetence and outright criminal activity on the part of what is considered to be the Canadian Justice System.

My initial thought was, “Who the hell is ‘R’ and why is ‘R’ trying to keep Jim Townsend in jail for months and not allowing him out on bail?”

Well, I decided to go to the lawyer’s bible, better known as Black’s Law Dictionary, to find out who “R” was. I figured that seeing as how “R” was doing their damnedest to keep Jim Townsend incarcerated since last February 16th without giving him his legal right to a day in court, (which, coincidentally, by Canadian ‘law’ ought to have taken place within 72 hours of his arrest) they must be a pretty powerful and influential Canadian.

Well lo and behold if I didn’t discover that “R” is but an abbreviation for the Latin word, “Regina” which, when translated into the English language, means “The queen”!

The queen? What queen? Did I miss something along the way? The queen? Not a queen with a capital Q even, just “the queen”. Now I had heard of a former rock band called “Queen” but for some reason I couldn’t conceive of them as having the ability to persuade the Canadian courts to arrest and jail a man who in his 56th year of life and having absolutely no previous criminal record was suddenly deemed to be such a dire threat to the Canadian public that he had to be torn away from his family and friends and placed in a jail cell without the Canadian court system first proving that he had actually done anything wrong. Of course I quickly came to the realization that it couldn’t have been those raunchy rockers called Queen because they weren’t even Canadians and how in God’s name would they therefore be able to commandeer the services of our supreme court?

My next logical conclusion was that it must be the city of Regina, Saskatchewan who was after Jim for some major traffic violation or something of that nature but again it just didn’t make sense that a city would go to such inordinate lengths to keep an innocent man in jail for failing to pay his traffic tickets.

Finally the light broke through and it dawned on me that it was in fact the Queen of that foreign nation known as England who was responsible for keeping Harry James Townsend in jail. The frickin’ Queen of England?! What in hell has she got to do with my independent and sovereign nation called Canada? I thought we got rid of her and her crown jewels back during the heady days of the early 1980’s when former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the Liberals brought the Canadian “Constitution” home along with our independence. Apparently not. It appears that the “Crown” is still in control of Canada and by extension all of the people who live here and that if we don’t abide by the law then “the queen” will see to it that we are severely punished.

Why this is so of course is extremely pertinent to the case of “REGINA VERSUS TOWNSEND” and it is my personal contention that “the queen” is pissed big time with Harry James Townsend because Mr. Townsend, many years ago, also came to the realization that something was sorely amiss with Canada’s justice system and had set out to educate the Canadian public about what a supremely farcical foundation our whole judiciary is based upon.

“Why does the Canadian Court refer to itself as ‘R’ and not the Canadian Supreme Court?” and “Why is this ‘R’ being used at all when it comes to Canada’s justice system?” were the thoughts running through my mind as I proceeded to walk up the stairs to the second floor of the Kelowna Law Courts to where Jim’s bail hearing was to take place.

In the foyer outside Court Room One I met up with Jim Townsend’s wife Judith and members of her family who were there for the hearing. Seated next to Judith was Jim’s lawyer, Doug Christie, who had flown up from Victoria in the morning to attend the bail hearing. Doug was going over his papers while we waited for the 2 p.m. session to commence. Doug asked about the presiding judge and I jokingly remarked that given his name he wasn’t likely someone we could “bet on” to release Jim on bail.

Jim of course was not present for his bail hearing for he was still being held in the lower mainland at the North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Coquitlam but it was expected that he would be virtually in attendance via video from his jail cell which in fact did happen after some preliminary hassles with connecting up.

Mr. Justice Betton, a relatively young man who appeared to be in his early 40s and sporting a Leninesque goatee which, coincidentally befitted both his character and his later actions, presided over the court.

Doug Christie began his presentation to Justice Betton while “The queen’s” prosecutor, Crown council Wong from Kamloops, stood next to him. Mr. Christie proceeded to outline the facts surrounding Jim’s case in an attempt to provide the court with valid reasons for why Jim had been forced to breach one of his bail conditions which was the basis for him being incarcerated back in February of 2012. The breach of bail was a result of the extreme machinations on the part of courts themselves which literally broke the laws of Canada as they are contained in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by making it a crime for Jim to use the internet for personal communications or to post any YouTubes online. Given the fact that Jim and his wife Judith lived miles away from Vernon out in the wilderness of the Monashee Mountains east of the city where they had no telephone service or other means of normal communication they were being forced into complete isolation while at the same time the Ministry of Social Services was continually withholding both of their disability cheques and forcing them into circumstances that were not only untenable but extreme to the point of being sadistic in nature. And as if all of that were not enough the Townsends were also being continually harassed by Canada Revenue Services and any monies they were able to earn were immediately garnisheed by that other agency of “The queen”.

On top of this was an onerous curfew placed on Jim which basically disallowed him enough time to travel into Vernon to work on his defense and then make it back to his home before the severe time limit expired.

On top of these arguments for why Jim had posted a YouTube online in order to draw attention to the valid and horrendous injustice of the courts and the government ministries as they pertained to their stolen pension cheques Doug Christie also brought up the fact that Jim Townsend was a peaceful man who throughout his 56 years of living in Canada had not been convicted of any criminal offenses and therefore the court should not be concerned that he was a threat in any way to the public. He further went on to state to the judge that apart from the moral and legitimate reasons for why Jim had been forced to post an appeal to the public via the use of YouTube Mr. Townsend had already served more than enough time in jail to suffice for whatever possible consequences might occur for having committed such an infraction, this on top of the fact that he was a peaceful man who never advocated violence as a means of resolving problems.

It must be pointed out here that throughout Mr. Christie’s presentation to Justice Betton the judge continually reverted to arguing with Christie over practically each and every point that was brought up. As I observed his behaviour my first thoughts were that this supposed judge was not being impartial in the least and, in fact, was behaving more like what one would expect from the crown council Mr. Wong who, throughout the whole of the proceedings which extended for close to an hour and a half, hardly opened his mouth at all and only did so when prompted by justice Betton. What I witnessed was this young commissar of the court attempting an ego battle with the famed free speech lawyer Doug Christie and trying at every turn to challenge him, a job I presume which ought to have been left to the crown prosecutor. It quickly became apparent that Justice Betton was, in truth, not the judge to ‘bet on’ as I had humorously foretold out in the foyer.

When Doug Christie brought up the fact that Jim was a peaceful, non-violent man with no criminal record Justice Betton immediately pounced on excerpts from the document that obviously were cherry picked out of context by the crown prosecutor in order to justify their own false charges laid against Mr. Townsend. These out of context excerpts were extracted from the formal complaint which Jim had submitted to BC Ombudsman wherein he had outlined all the crimes against both himself and his wife, including an attempted murder case which the RCMP refused to investigate thoroughly which had prompted him to eventually file the complaint in the first place. In that Complaint to the Ombudsman Jim had laid out all the facts surrounding the endless harassment and persecution that he and his family had undergone since 1996 when he first got involved with the RCMP while trying to assist them in tracking online purveyors of child pornography. At one point in the lengthy complaint Jim outlined what had happened to him physically when, because of the machinations of the Ministry of Social Services, he ended up having to vacate a rental property and because he had no truck was forced to move his family belongings with a tractor. In the course of doing so an accident occurred that could easily have proven fatal. Jim described in the Complaint and elsewhere all of the assorted crushing consequences that occurred to his body when the tractor came down upon him and then later in the document he voiced his abject disapproval for Pat Clemens and the Ministry of Social Service’s behaviour toward himself and his wife Judith by stating that he would like to see Clemens suffer the same fate and then possibly he would understand why Jim felt so strongly about the way he and his family were being treated.

Throughout all this repartee back and forth between Christie and Betton the justice continually insisted that Christie was not providing him with enough evidence to counter the dislocated comments that he himself was offering to the debate; one which he continually initiated whenever Doug would make a point in Jim’s favour. And where was Prosecutor Wong throughout all of this? Standing there, mute like, as if he had been silenced in advance. It was clear to all of those present in the court room observing the charade that Betton was abusing not only his position as an impartial arbitrator of the case but also obviously overlooking the overall context within which the whole of fallacious his side of the argument was skewed.

Then, to add additional insult to injury, just prior to taking a break midway through the session, Justice Betton suddenly produced a whole new document presumably containing additional evidence that Jim Townsend presented a clear and present danger to society and thus should remain incarcerated until such time as a trial was set. Lawyer Doug Christie objected to the fact that this sudden appearance of an unseen document midway through the arguments was not kosher but consented to attempting to review it during his break.

As the 4 p.m. deadline approached it was clear that all of Betton’s obfuscating and inappropriate, abstruse argumentation, mainly on behalf of the prosecutor from Kamloops, had produced the desired effect of curtailing the possibility of any impartial judgment and the case had to be rescheduled for a later date. A decision as to precisely when the hearing would continue was adjourned until May 7th at which time a new date would be set.

And so this is how Regina treats her subjects I reflected to myself

As I wended my way homeward to the Cariboo I reflected upon what had gone down in that red brick fortress in Kelowna owned and operated by Regina. It harkened me back to my own legal battles with Canadian Human Rights Commission and its attendant CHR Tribunal over the Section 13 “hate crimes” complaint that B’nai Brith Canada had laid against me and my website back in 2007. Just how different this supposed ‘Canadian supreme’ court room scenario differed from the Stalinist style Bolshevik structure of these ‘Human Rights’ tribunals was beginning to grow less and less discernible and I again was forced to entertain the growing realization that Canada is not really a sovereign and independent country with a real constitution but actually a closet-style fascist dictatorship wherein the courts and the media and the institutions of the nation are all, in one form or another, still controlled by Regina and her corporate banksters.

Jim Townsend is in jail because of this reality. He symbolizes for all of us what the fascist state will do when you question its authority.

Will I be next? Will you?

Arthur Topham can be reached at radical,,, Feedback is always welcome.