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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd May 2012
Terrace RCMP
Aggressive Driving Month: May 01- May 31 2012

May is aggressive driving month in British Columbia. Police will be targeting aggressive drivers in an attempt to educate the motoring public and reduce the number of serious collisions.

Aggressive driving behaviors include:

- Speeding

- Excessive Speeding (41 kph+ over the posted speed limit)

- Unsafe Lane change or weaving in and out of traffic

- Rolling through stop signs.

- Fail to stop for yellow or red light

- Fail to Yield

These behaviors often lead to frustrated drivers and could result in a serious injury/fatal collision or a road rage incident.

This May, police will direct resources towards addressing aggressive drivers. "For those who drive aggressively, now is the time to make the choice to change. If you don't, you will be targeted and you will receive a violation ticket," says Sgt. Pam Scott of the West Pacific Region Traffic Services.

Police would also like to remind drivers that under the Motor Vehicle Act they are required to pull to the side of the road and STOP when emergency vehicles with their lights on are approaching.

Penalties for Speeding start at $138 and go up to $438 for Excessive Speed. Those charged with Excessive Speed, will have their vehicle's impounded for 7 days. Fines for failing to stop at a Stop Sign, Yellow Light, or Red Light are $167.
And then there's the...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 4th May 2012
And then there's the drivers who go 28-30 kms/hr in a 50 zone during rush hour traffic.

And furthermore!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 4th May 2012
I attended three days of meetings in the small, First-Nations village of Gitsegukla last week. I slowed to 60-65 k.p.h. to make my exit from the highway, I was almost rear-ended by vehicles who instantly managed to close the distance between us because of excess speed. Then, one fellow honked at me to make sure I knew how unhappy he was about having to slow down.
Scott ave ..."school zones"!!!
Comment by Scared parents on 4th May 2012
Scared to let my children even play in my yard... This is a school zone I see car, trucks, delivery drivers.. Buses, motor bikes... Sme at least 7or more km and hr... Can't even walk down the street without feeling nurvous of getting hit. Even the swervers don't slow down. People need to slow down or leave a few minutes earlier.
Speeding, not signaling, rolling stops is the norm
Comment by Brent on 3rd May 2012
I get at least 10 people driving down my street on Walsh at near highway speeds everyday. This morning a truck must have been going 90km/h or more and it's a shitty road.

The police should be targeting this chronic problem everyday! Go outside right now, I bet you hear some dickhead flooring it.

!,,,#$ rights I'm getting pissed!
left turns
Comment by scott on 3rd May 2012
Like doing a left turn coming out of Tim Hortons on Lakelse Ave. But if the RCMP do it, it should be OK for everyone to.
Comment by Brian on 3rd May 2012
I think not stoping at crosswalks should be on the list. re: the crosswalks at Lazelle and Kalum