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One of 60 trailer units delivered to the Red Chris project in April, long before the permit was issued. - Terrace Daily photo April 13, 2012
NEWS RELEASE · 4th May 2012
Ministry of Energy and Mines
The Red Chris Development Corporation today was issued a Mines Act permit for its Red Chris copper and gold mine which is located 80 km south of Dease Lake in northern British Columbia announced Rich Coleman, Minister of Energy and Mines.

Red Chris Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Imperial Metals Corporation, projects the capital cost of this development to be around $444 million and it will provide 250 full time jobs. The site is estimated to have a mine life of 28 years with a reserve of 276 million tonnes of copper and gold.

The mine will be serviced by the new Northwest Transmission Line, which will begin construction in the summer 2012 and be completed in 2014. Once the mine is fully operational, material from the mine will be produced daily and transported to the Port of Stewart where it will be shipped to overseas markets.

To encourage collaboration on this project, the Red Chris Monitoring Committee will be established and provide a forum for First Nations, government and the company to review and address environmental concerns and potential impacts throughout the life of the mine.

Mineral exploration and mining is an important economic driver for British Columbia. The production value of B.C.'s mining industry was approximately $8.6 billion in 2011.


Premier Christy Clark - "British Columbia was built on the strength of our natural resources. Today's announcement emphasizes the importance of our mining sector as a major employer in the North. The 250 full time jobs will create stronger families and communities for many years to come."

Rich Coleman, Minister of Energy and Mines - "Red Chris is the latest example of how our government is increasing investment and expanding job creation to protect our environment and build a better quality of life for future generations. This permit will enable the project to move forward while the company works with the community to ensure the mine's success."

Pierre Lebel, chairman of the board, Imperial Metals Corp. - "Imperial Metals Corporation is a B.C. resident mining company that has earned an excellent track record of mine development and operation with the Mount Polley Mine in Williams Lake and the Huckleberry Mine near Smithers. We are privileged to be developing the world-class Red Chris deposit, together with a highly capable group of First Nations contractors, local businesses and individuals resident in our northern communities which have been hardest hit by declines in the forest industry."

Quick Facts:

- In 2011, the mining industry increased its production value by 20 per cent from the year before to approximately $8.6 billion.

- Mineral exploration spending exceeded $460 million in 2011, an increase of 35 per cent from 2010 and 1,500 per cent higher than a decade ago.
- B.C. accounts for approximately 15 per cent of all exploration spending in Canada.

- In 2011, more than 29,000 people were employed in mineral exploration, mining and related sectors, mostly in rural B.C.

- As committed in the BC Jobs Plan, eight new mines will open and nine will be expanded by 2015. This will result in:

- an increase annual mine-operation revenue by $1.6 billion;

- approximately 2,000 construction jobs;

-2,000 new direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs;

- sustain 12,500 existing jobs (5,000 direct and 7,500 indirect); and

- over $150 million annually in government revenue.

Comment by James Ippel on 6th May 2012
Thanks for you support. 25 million in the north will build 15.53 km of highway based on one million per 1.6 km of roadway(I hope my adding machine is right).
The traffic on Hwy 37N if extremely busy. We have ore hauls from the Yukon to Stewart. We have a great deal of fuel trucks hauling fuel north everyday to the various mining ventures. With summer coming on we have the tourist travel that the truckers have to deal with. I would suggest that presently there is approximately 110,000 litres of fuel daily going north out of Terrace via Hwy 37N, and I think this is a conservative estimate. During the next month or two this will double, maybe even triple.
Addressing the missing women of Hwy 16, I would like to point out to you that the police are constantly reviewing these cases. For many years I was intimately involved in these cases, going back to the early '70's, and I can assure you that these cases are still active, and the police are constantly reviewing these cases.
Your question about asking Robin if things would change if an NDP government were in power? Personnly, I don't think so. In my opinion, Robin wants to be re-elected. So the question is: who does he cater to for re-election? We know he probably has most of the organized labour vote, so who is left? In my humble, and not so brilliant opinion, he turns to the First Nations vote who seem give him the votes he requires. WHY?
death count on 37
Comment by Terry on 6th May 2012
like the hwy to fort mac in alberta . only the death count will get them talking . but talk is cheap . I'm very glad that some one else like you james understands that the 25 million for our area is a slap in the face . We deserve better . The missing women of the hwy of tears deserve better . The people of that have lost loved ones on the hwys of the north deserve better . 604 sucks all the money out of the north from high freight costs/taxes on same to stumpage to fuel taxes to royalties . I'd like to ask Robin if this would change if an NDP government were in power in victoria .or will it take a higher death count and more horror for those of us that are left to grieve . Shame on you Victoria you don't deserve us.
Well James...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 5th May 2012
I was gonna suggest the same person that supplied brie-x with there wonderful find,oh yah he was pushed out of a helicopter. They had a wonderful deposit too ,or so they thought. Nothing would surprise me anymore , maybe they are pretending there is a huge deposit so they too can swindle us laymen.
I sympthize!!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 5th May 2012
Eric- you are right. If there is going to be an increase of traffic on this Hiway it is imperative that it be upgraded substantially. Having said that, we both have to understand that the whiners and snivelers in the lower mainland (where the votes are) get what they want. The can'nt accept the fact that 70% of the wealth of BC is produced in the north (with 30% of the poplulation) and they( the whiners in the lower mainland) are the benefactors of our generosity. Perhaps the manufactures of cheese in Armstrong can send them a container load to cheese to supplement their whining.
To Janice. Do you honestly believe that Red Chris would invest approximately 450 million dollars without receiving compensation in the future? You must have one fantastic source. Please let me know where you get your information. I would like to contact this person before making anymore investments, as it seems he/ has all the "right" answers.
Dear Red Chris Development Corporation:
Comment by Janice Robinson on 5th May 2012
I got it from a good source that there is NO gold in them thar hills. But, you can keep looking......

Whii Nea ach.
Road upgrades
Comment by Eric on 4th May 2012
There is no mention of upgrading highway 37A. If there's going to be this big an increase in truck traffic on that road, upgrading the road will be necessary. I drive 37A every day during the week - I doubt the current deteriorated condition of some sections of the road will be able to handle an increase in heavy traffic.