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CONTRIBUTION · 7th May 2012
Arthur Manuel
The Global Caucus of Indigenous Peoples today, May 6, 2012, met with the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in Preparation for the 11th Session which will commence tomorrow.

The Theme Topic will be the Colonial Doctrines of Discovery. The Preparatory Meeting will be telling the Permanent Forum tomorrow that the Colonial Doctrines of Discovery is root of all the problems we face as Indigenous Peoples.

Amongst other recommendations the Global Caucus will tell the international community that the Colonial Doctrines is an impediment against world peace and crime against humanity.

"1. The global caucus recommends that the Permanent Forum acknowledge that the doctrine of Christian discovery, both in theory and in on-going practice, constitutes the subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation and constitutes and denial of fundamental human rights, contrary to Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and cooperation.

2. Further, we implore the Permanent Forum to acknowledge and to transmit to other agencies of the United Nations that the doctrine of Christian discovery is an expression of racism, xenophobia and discrimination – that it represents a regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial/religious group over another, and it is committed to the intention of maintaining that regime.

As such, the continuing operation of the doctrine of discovery should be recognized as a crime against humanity and should be condemned as such."

These words cut to the very essence of one of the worst forms of racism that continues to exist and deprives Indigenous Peoples with the right to own their own property and is the basis for settlers to become wealthy using our land and our resources with impunity.

It is the basis of oppressing Indigenous Peoples into be full human beings so that settler state governments can steal our land. No one ever gave the settler state governments this power except the lies that justify the Colonial Doctrines of Discovery and legitimizes the stealing of Indigenous lands and resources.

These lies are justified by calling them legal fictions. This must stop and Indigenous Peoples must be recognized as the legitimate owners of our territories.

It is good that the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues will be talking about this matter tomorrow and that our fundamental rights will become a matter dispute at the international level.
Real people need real help
Comment by David on 5th June 2012
It sure would be nice if native leaders would get away from the rhetoric and finger-pointing and get down to the real issues. Rodney Shayne Jackson (Hazelton) executed by RCMP task force with automatic weapons. Lured him out of a cabin then shot him in the back. Clayton Willey (Prince George). RCMP dropped him on his head, hog-tied him, then repeatedly Tasered him until he was dead.

I realize that colonialism and land claims are important, but someone needs to stick up for native victims of arbitrary state abuse. This is not rhetoric. There's no need to use big words or to engage in excessive verbosity. Dead means dead. For the family members of these victims of racial violence, the pain never stops. It would be nice if someone would do something to ease their pain. As long as these incidents are kept hidden on the international stage, they will keep happening, because there is no internal will in Canada to make it stop. Quite the contrary.
War usually on horizon when UN is "helping".
Comment by Jonathan Seagull on 7th May 2012
This is a matter best dealt with by the people of the area, not govern mental warmongering oil baron banksters (with sock puppets like $tevil Ha raper) in far away lands.

The UN in its present war focus (rather than peace focus) raises doubts in my mind as to the UN charter will be followed.

The illegal invasion of Libya was NOT in accordance to UN charter, yet NATO members have not been arrested for crimes against humanity. The UN in its current obedience to the inbred warmongering elite has to change before any hope of reliance on the UN for resolution of local issues is to come to fruition.