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NEWS RELEASE · 8th May 2012
Gitxsan Unity Movement

Axtii Hiikw - Sam Derrick;
Djogaslee- Ted Mowatt;
Duubisxw - Bernadette Mclean;
Gaxsbgabaxs - Robert Harvey;
Gee! – Kathy Blackstock;
Gilla 'wa - Peter Turley;
Gitludahi-Alvin Weget;
Guxsan - Larry Marsden;
Gwagl'lo- Rod Sampare;
Gwiiyeehl -Brian Williams;
Hanamuxw- Don Ryan;
Lelt -Lloyd Ryan;
Ma'uus- Jeff Harris;
Miluulak - Alice Jeffrey;
Niis Noohi -Ray Jones;
Nikateen-Francis Sampson;
Sakxum Higookw -Vernon Smith;
Simadiiks -Calvin Hyzims;
Tewelasxw -Anna Marcheldon;
Tenimgyet- Art Mathews;
Wii Elaast - Jim Angus;
Wii Hiengwax- Lance Williams;
Wii Minosik -Larry Skuish
Wii 'Mugulsxw-Art Wilson;
Woosim!axha - Victor Mowatt;
Gwoimtxw -Sadie Harris;
Xhliiyemlaxh- Ivan Sampson;
Xsgogimlaxha - Vernon Milton;
Yagosip -Joyce Turner;
Yal –Aubrey Jackson;


RE: Those who stand up for Gitxsan rights threatened with imprisonment by GTS

Today, Gitxsan chiefs and Gitxsan people were served with the attached Application to Court by Gitxsan Treaty Society's lawyers that they will go to B.C. Supreme court in Smithers on May 14, 2012 to ask Judge McEwan to grant an Order to either fine Gitxsan chiefs and people in an amount up to $5,000.00 each; send us to prison for up to six months, or both fine and imprison us; because we are opposed to GTS continuing to do business after GTS was ordered closed and Gordon Sebastian, Elmer Derrick and Bev Clifton-Percival were terminated at the December 5, 2011 All Clans meeting.

GTS is also seeking an Order which will require the RCMP to enforce the injunction by arresting any individual who attempts to keep the GTS closed. To date, the RCMP has not taken steps to enforce the injunction to give opportunity to the Gitxsan to deal with this matter internally.

We have attempted to deal with GTS by engaging in a Hereditary Chiefs discussion. A number of Declaration Chiefs met with GTS chiefs, the most recent meeting held at Ksan on April 18, 2012, to discuss ways to resolve the conflict and protect information stored at GTS office and thereby hopefully bring an end to the standoff.

We believed we were making progress and that we could reach agreement on sharing the information and establishing separate administration offices to facilitate the final withdrawal from GTS.

Unfortunately it appears that GTS chiefs, apparently led by Gordon Sebastian, want to prevent GTS chiefs from continuing these discussions and a sworn affidavit of Gwagl'lo, Rod Sampare, who attended meetings with the Declaration Chiefs and who misrepresented the business conducted, is being used to support their Court Application. Unfortunately, Gwagl'lo did not provide a true and accurate statement of the business conducted at the meeting.

This is a very sad day for the Gitxsan nation: Chiefs and people who seek to have a provincially incorporated Non Profit Society made transparent and accountable to the Gitxsan are told to stop or you will be fined and imprisoned.

We call on the above named Hereditary Chiefs who we understand support GTS (a society which is not legally valid, and has no board of directors or members) to give direction to Gordon Sebastian, former Executive Director, to stop the court action to enforce an injunction against Gitxsan people.

We say it is wrong to act against the Simgigyet's instructions of December 5, 2011, and make decisions which harm Gitxsan people and culture.

We remain firm in our resolve that GTS does not and cannot represent us; Gordon Sebastian, Elmer Derrick and Bev Clifton-Percival have acted contrary to Gitxsan law; and have shown disregard and disrespect to Simgigyet who question and ask them to be accountable and release documents held in the GTS office.

This is wrong. What is so important to them? What do they have to protect? What are they afraid of? The answer to these questions is what is being traded for the integrity of the Gitxsan Culture.

The attack against the Gitxsan is not only limited to the Courts: Other Hereditary Chiefs who oppose the way GTS has conducted their affairs are also being attacked by GTS and Hereditary Chiefs who support that illegal provincial society; these Chiefs are told they are not chiefs and have no right to speak out. Others are being attacked by GTS supporters by attempting to wrongfully take a Simogyet's name or territories.


We call on all Chiefs who signed Declarations stating GTS cannot represent them to remain strong. We must stand up to enforce our Gitxsan laws and protocols and basic human rights or the Gitxsan culture and traditions, as we know it, will be no more. The integrity of our culture will be gone. We must therefore work together to resolve this dispute in a peaceful manner.

We call on all Gitxsan people to urge the above named Hereditary Chiefs, who either support GTS or who have not made their position known, to stand up, and give instructions to stop the action to enforce the injunction against Gitxsan people; to stop using Gitxsan funds to attack Gitxsan people; and for the above named chiefs to agree to meet with the Declaration chiefs to discuss a peaceful resolution to this crisis as seeking to arrest and imprison those who recognize Gitxsan law and rights is harmful to all Gitxsan.

Signed by;

Delgamuukw (Earl Muldon) Guuhadak)Norm Stephens) Dawamuxw (Larry Patsey),

Hazelton Daily has attached below the notice of application filed with the court
Honouring the Gitksan Elder Chiefs
Comment by Skeena River Watchmen on 12th May 2012
Simgiget - Sigmanaxth - Lakagiget - Gi -

Goobwiltxson - Niddy - Amalawina - Doy Ig


Giksan - Tsimshian - Nisga'a - Tahltan - Haida -

Haisla - Wetsewteen - Caska - Kwakuital -

Coast Salish - Squamish - Nu- Cha - Nulth

Each Nation in our Territories have Eagle

Down Dance of peace. This is our highest law

recognized by the creator Simioget Laxha.

For tens of thousands years. Our ancestors,

people lived in peace with our natural world.

We prevented war by feasting in peace, and

good will.

The highest law of ayook Eagle Down was our symbol of honour and peace. Before any other
Delegation of business between hereditary chiefs.

Tribes of Animal Crest. The blood crest we lived in our maternal lines. Symbolizing the laws of our animal - human supernatural relationship.

Our Stories

- Thunderbird Story
- Eagle Story
- Raven Story
- Wolf Story
- Frog Story
- Killer Whale - Fire Weed.

Each plays a sacred law, that our ancestors represented, granted, handed down for thousands of years. Respecting the laws.

Respecting the laws, a hereditary chief cannot were its regalia in a box. Cause the people of the house will get sick, so the chiefs make sure no chief were regalia in a box.

When a hereditary chief blanket is shamed. The other hereditary chiefs clean the blanket by song, dance white cloth. Cleaning the bad spirit away from the blanket.

For the chiefs who are standing up for the "Creator Simioget Laxha, who helped guided the nature weave of life in our water".

Much prayers honour to you. Much love, hospitality and kindness.

You are the last of our kind, the last of our noble leadership, that our human society see in the ultimate test as Gitksan Chiefs.

Here is the connection: Of People Saying No,

That are witness

Facebook Group Says No To Enbridge

Here is the Face Book Group

That say No to Gate Way Pipe Line

As not a Chief, As not a Hereditary Soul to the land.

I represent the water, wolverines, oolichans, and our tiny phyto plankton. That feeds the food chain of our life cycle.

Thank you for standing as leaders for tomorrow.

Always Remember,

We are here with you,

Thank you,



Skeena River