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NEWS RELEASE · 8th May 2012
Gitxsan Unity Movement


Axtii Hiikw - Sam Derrick;
Djogaslee - Ted Mowatt;
Duubisxw – Bernadette Mclean;
Gaxsbgabaxs - Robert Harvey;
Gee! - Kathy Blackstock;
Giila wa – Peter Turley;
Gitludahi -Alvin Weget;
Guxsan - Larry Marsden;
Gwagl'lo - Rod Sampare;
Gwiiyeehl - Brian Williams;
Hanamuxw - Don Ryan;
Lelt -Lloyd Ryan;
Ma'uus- Jeff Harris;
Miluulak – Alice Jeffrey;
Niis Noohi -Ray Jones;
Nikateen-Francis Sampson;
Sakxum Higookw -Vernon Smith;
Simadiiks -Calvin Hyzims;
T'ewelasxw -Anna Marcheldon;
Tenimgyet- Art Mathews;
Wii Elaast - Jim Angus;
Wii Hiengwax- Lance Williams;
Wii Minosik -Larry Skuish ;
Wii 'Mugulsxw-Art Wilson;
Woosimlaxha - Victor Mowatt;
Gwoimtxw -Sadie Harris;
Xhliiyemlaxh- Ivan Sampson;
Xsgogimlaxha - Vernon Milton;
Yagosip -Joyce Turner;
Yal -Aubrey Jackson


On May 2, 2012 Gitxsan Chiefs and people were served notice by GTS that the Society (although no longer a valid legal entity) will seek to have Simgigyet and people jailed, fined or both on the grounds that specific individuals were keeping GTS from going about their business.

Recognizing that the Simgigyet have the ultimate responsibility for acting in the best interests of the Gitxsan Nation, we call on you to take steps to resolve the dispute regarding Gitxsan Treaty Society in a peaceful manner.

We, as representatives of the Declaration Chiefs who affirmed the direction given at the All Clans meeting, are prepared to meet with Chiefs who wish to continue to have GTS represent you, in the hope of reaching agreement on ways to settle this dispute, and hopefully thereby resolve the issue of access to the Chiefs' office at 1650 Omenica Street.

We have met with a number of GTS chiefs however talks have stalled therefore we propose that we obtain the assistance of an experienced mediator to assist the Parties in holding assisted negotiations. Mr. Calvin Hall of Aboriginal Affairs has offered his services and we have advised him we are prepared to accept his offer to mediate. Should Mr. Hall not be acceptable to you, we are prepared to identify other individuals who have experience in First Nations matters.

Considering the urgency of the need to take steps immediately in order to avoid this matter becoming even more serious as any further escalation of this dispute will cause serious harm to our laws and our identify as Gitxsan people, we ask that you identify Simgigyet who will meet with Declaration Chiefs with the objective of reaching agreement on ways to settle this dispute.

Yours truly,

Delgamuukw (Earl Muldon)
Guuhadakw (Norman Stephens)
Dawamuxw (Larry Patsey),