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P.S.A.'S · 11th May 2012
Merv Ritchie
It was a shock as our website server was hacked and disabled. The intensity and severity was such that it was unrecoverable.

Over the past three to four days our server team has had to rebuild and replace the entire server drive. Then all the data needed to be manually transferred from the old one to the new one.

We are extremely fortunate all our data has not been lost.

We have 5 full years and more of reporting, news and commentaries accounting to more than 6000 stories; a historical record of the North West including reporting from around the world that would have been a tragedy to have lost.

Our thanks to Shane and the family at Web Quality Host who painstakingly ensured nothing was lost.

All of the files and reports on the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal back to 2007 remain intact.

We cannot report on why this happened, who hacked the server, whether it was random or deliberate, but we can say we are pleased to be able to continue to provide current, cutting edge, provocative news to all our readers.

Thanks for hanging in with us.

Comparing the Terrace Daily with CFNR?!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 13th May 2012
You got to be kidding. What an insult to the Terrace Daily.

CFNR is all about basketball, funeral announcements, their favourite music, and living off First Nations people. In these days of political troubles, pain and turmoil, CFNR contributes nothing. Our territories are being raped/pillaged, humans are dying from alcoholism and poverty, our youth are still killing themselves....and CFNR is still dragging its tent (complete with blaring music) about town, promoting itself. Sheesh.
Hip Hip Hooray!
Comment by Pat#1 on 12th May 2012
Big sigh of relief you're back! Got worried...please defend your firewall. We need you!
we missed you too.
Comment by Terry on 12th May 2012
horrible to not have your paper merv and friends . it was like a return to the black press days of skewed right week old socred views . too bad we only have cftk tv news which isn't much better . two hundred people march right past their office and only a passing mention . I would be great for our area if cfnr would start a tv station . they have the only radio station worth listening to . and they seem to be the only ones that cover whats happening here other than you guys . Thanks for all that you do for terrace . rupert , kitimat and smithers .
The Terrace Daily is back.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 12th May 2012
And so are we!

Good for you Merv, Cynthia and staff. Continue to be fearless.
Terrace is better with the Daily
Comment by Dr. B. A. Bidgood on 12th May 2012
Was a little shocked to log in yesterday and find the paper was down. Glad to hear that the server problem is resolved. The Daily is the only true alternative to the mainstream media in Terrace. Thanks Merv and staff for an invaluable service for our community.
No more Blues
Comment by I missed Terrace Daily on 11th May 2012

Yeah, I was worried.

Glad to see the Terrace Daily is back, with some added features like our comments, being shared to the world.

Awesome. I don't like reading anything else.

Can't wait for Terrace Daily get there own radio talk show.

Be the next big thing in town.

Keep the press rolling!
Comment by Bryon Heighington on 11th May 2012
Way to go Merv and staff. I look forward to reading the Terrace Daily.
Comment by Addicted to daily... on 11th May 2012
Was getting a little worried about what I was going to read... Welcome back!,,
We Missed You !
Comment by Carol on 11th May 2012
They can't keep a good thing away from us for long...I really missed you not being here on line. Welcome back, Merv & Staff !!
Welcome Back!
Comment by A dedicated reader on 11th May 2012
Glad to have you back online! Please keep doing what you guys do best.