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NEWS RELEASE · 11th May 2012
Terrace RCMP
Over $40 000 of Drug Money Forfeited to Crown

In two separate incidents, there have been a combined total of $40 980 of drug money seized and successfully forfeited to the Ministry of Justice. “Civil forfeiture continues to work to counter the profit motive that drives much of the drug-related crime and unlawful activity in B.C.,” said Shirley Bond, Justice Minister and Attorney General.

Maybe a courier would be better? and cost $30,000 less

On July 8th, 2011, a company with offices in Terrace and Kamloops reported that a suspicious package had been intercepted at their Kamloops office through their internal mail from Terrace. The package was opened and contained $30,090 in suspected drug money.

The company turned the money over to the Kamloops RCMP. An individual known to police to have drug histories and gang affiliations came to the company in Kamloops to inquire about the package. They didn’t pursue it any further after learning the police had seized the money.

Terrace RCMP spoke with the 31 yr old man who had sent the money from Terrace. He was uncooperative with police in providing a statement as to his ownership of the money. Terrace RCMP referred this case to the provincial Civil Forfeiture Office, which took action leading to the forfeiture of the money on April 24, 2012.

Drawing attention to ones self costs over ten grand

On December 21, 2011 Terrace RCMP stopped a blue 2009 Ford Focus. Earlier, officers were stopped on the road with emergency lights activated on another matter and the same vehicle had driven by at an unreasonable rate of speed and yelled at officers "get off the road you bums!!" Investigation led to the officers seizing $10890.

The 30 yr old man is known to police to be involved in the drug trade. Terrace RCMP referred this case to the provincial Civil Forfeiture Office, which took action leading to the forfeiture of the money on May 1, 2012.
Peddling toxic drugs is dumb and harmful.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 13th May 2012
My cousin's drug-dealing husband finally got thrown into prison a couple of years ago. Of course, she (nor their brothers and sisters) had anything to do with it all. I guess she thought all his expensive toys, clothes, habits, and property just materialized out of thin air. Is she dumb?

Drug dealers are sly, lazy and uneducated. Legends in their own minds, as they peddle their poisons to young, confused, vulnerable customers. Many are child molesters who get their jollies by taking sexual advantage of humans, under seventeen years of age, AFTER selling them poison intoxicants.

One of my neighbours recently tried to convince me that my cousin's husband is a victim, who fancies himself a "Robin Hood," by sharing his drug proceeds with friends and family who might otherwise be in poverty. What?! I got a dumb neighbour, and dumb cousins.

They peddle poisons!
There are a lot of dumbies here
Comment by Me on 12th May 2012
Boy you sure arn't kidding about having a lot of dumb people here....we have a lot of dumb drivers in this town....the kind that can't even stay in their own lane while turning a not to mention the really stupid one's that run the stop signs and red lights. I guess that's why our insurance rates are soo high up here because of all these stupid idiots that some how get a drivers license.