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NEWS RELEASE · 11th May 2012
Gitxsan Unity Movement
The Gitxsan Treaty Society held a Gimlitxwit meeting today, May 10, 2012. The main topic at the Gimlitxwit was the injunction against the United Chiefs and the Gitxsan Unity Movement.

Four weeks ago the unity movement put forward a proposal for resolving this crisis. The main points of the proposal are that:

-The blockade of the Chief's building be lifted and the GTS injunction be lifted
the chiefs all meet to work out an agreement.

-The building stay closed until the chiefs have come to consensus.

-Chiefs at the Gimlitxwit pressed GTS staff for answers on some key questions such as:

-Chiefs wanted to know if the GTS was willing to send Gitxsan chiefs and people to jail?

In response, the GTS staff claimed that the injunction was put in place under direction from the GTS board of directors on December 7th.

They also claimed that the injunction is now between the judge and the Gitxsan Unity Movement.

The GTS executive director claimed that everything was out of their hands.

There were clear statements from the Chiefs today that they want to work things out.

Those chiefs that spoke called for chiefs meetings to make things right.

Unfortunately the meeting was closed by the GTS without resolutions to meet or resolve this crisis.

The Gitxsan Chiefs want to resolve this matter. It is clear that all Gitxsan Chiefs want to work towards unity.

The Chiefs Office was closed on December 7th after all clans meetings. The Gitxsan Unity Movement continues to strive for a Gitxsan solution to the issues facing our nation.

We continue to strive for accountability, transparency, and a return of authority to its rightful place - the Gitxsan chiefs and the Gitxsan nation.