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COMMENTARY · 13th May 2012
Terrace Daily News
On the eve of the arrival of all the industrial resources of the world to the Northwest region of British Columbia, Canada, God has revealed himself to bring light and awareness to the people.

Only when seen from above, and only recently, this remarkable image of Christ has been discovered. Jesus can be seen with his long hair encompassing Haida Gwaii and his profile encircling the entire eight North West first nation’s territories. His mouth is seen slightly open as if emitting a moan of distress.

The three rivers which make up the outline of this striking appearance of the face of God are the three last unspoiled pure salmon rivers of the world. All of these rivers originate from a single source area called; the Klappan by cartographers, the Ground Hog by miners, the Sacred Headwaters by locals and the Provincial Coal Reserve by the Government of British Columbia. This massive identified coal deposit filters all the waters for all the rivers for all the spawning salmon, the entire life cycle of the Pacific Ocean and much more.

The local First Nations, those who have been determined to have lived in the region for an estimated 20,000 years, recall stories of God placing them in this territory. It was called in the origin stories, Damelahamid. Others have called it Temlahem and there are other deviations of the same sounding term. (They did not have writing back then). All their stories were regarding respecting and caring for all life, plants animals and fish; all non-living things too. All of their traditional stories bespeak of great tragedies when life or any part of Gods creation was disrespected. These oral stories, told, repeated for thousands of years, all began at the same location, Damelahamid. And this is the location of the parted lips of this new found image where these peoples originated; the Gitxsan, Tsimshian, Wet'sewet'en, Nisga'a, Haisla, Haida, Tahltan and Tlingit.

When just the three major rivers are highlighted, the Stikine River, the Skeena River and the Nass River, the image is remarkably clear. When the remaining smaller rivers and tributaries are included, those which run into the larger rivers and the others which run to the Pacific, the wavy hair of Jesus becomes clear. When the lines are extended naturally to include the Islands of Haida Gwaii the picture becomes complete. Even the inland rivers just south begin to define the arm and chest.

Across the world today citizens, Christians and non-Christians, are witnessing the impacts of the unrestricted resource extraction and refining activities. Whether climate change be real or perceived the reality of the polluted air, land and waters of every continent is remarkable. From the ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the devastated lands around Chernobyl along with the present situation at Fukushima to, in Canada, the undrinkable water around Yellowknife and the entire body of water of Great Slave lake due to the residual arsenic from the Gold Mine called the Giant Mine, the entire globe is being destroyed of life force.

From the very beginning of creation these issues are described in the oldest writings

Genesis 1 - paragraphs 1 to 31, detail the creation of the Earth and all living things by God.

- Paragraph 11 says; “Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their kinds.”

- Paragraph 20 says; “Let the water teem with living creatures and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky.”

- Paragraph 24 says; “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground and wild animals, each according to its kind.”

Then God created man and let man rule over all of this creation. He gave man every seed bearing plant for food and to the “beasts, birds and creatures on the ground every green plant for food”, etc etc.

Today, in one last ditch effort, Jesus appears in a most remarkable fashion in an attempt to awaken his creation of rulers over the majesty of his work. The last unspoiled region of the Earth, the waters he gathered from the empty darkness and separated to form dry ground, “land” is about to be annihilated. As the land is dug up and poisons distributed, the rivers will die; the birds that fly, the wild animals and creatures that move along the ground, will no longer be nourished and will perish. The plants which produce seed will wither and the entire creation will end.

You can see the face of Jesus with his mouth slightly agape face east, to the rising Sun and the western world, moaning like a parent who is watching the death of a child. The pain is immeasurable. The moan carries all the lost stories, those told to warn of this day, a moan that carries the cries of millions, the cries of the ancestors, the cries for us all.

On Good Friday this year, 2012, the full moon rose above Damelahamid. It was photographed as it rose above the horizon, from the camp of those children and Chiefs standing to protect the land and their people. The Moon rose with a crown of thorns.

Christians and non-Christians need to stand as one. The picture has been painted, physically and symbolically. It is up to everyone individually and collectively. God, or however you perceive the great spirit, is speaking in a most dramatic fashion.
Picture taken on the morning of Good Friday, April 6, 2012, from Damelahamid
Picture taken on the morning of Good Friday, April 6, 2012, from Damelahamid
A map of the major rivers showing the profile of Jesus looking east to the western world, moaning for his creation.
A map of the major rivers showing the profile of Jesus looking east to the western world, moaning for his creation.
The eve of the destruction, the current projects planned strike symbolically and literally.
The eve of the destruction, the current projects planned strike symbolically and literally.
A topographical map detailing the rivers and locations at the Sacred Headwaters, the Klappan.   The region of the eye is the coal bed currently planned to be fracked and extracted.
A topographical map detailing the rivers and locations at the Sacred Headwaters, the Klappan. The region of the eye is the coal bed currently planned to be fracked and extracted.
Sometimes watching the Simpsons or Wheel of Fortue is safer
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 18th May 2012
Humans, our friends and neighbours, have become docile robots. No more do we use our faculties of reason to understand the world around us. We sit in front of the tube and laugh to the laugh track, letting some machine tell us how to think and feel.

I wrote this piece in an attempt to wake people up. It did in a rather unfortunate way. It garnered more attention than the dozens of other times I wrote about this image. simply because of the Jesus thing. I coulda used Elvis.

We have a treasure here in the Northwest and the majority do not care to protect it. They'll argue about Jesus and let the land, rivers and air spoil.

Real life, reality, is right outside. And everything is there for a reason. Nothing is coincidental. Did the solitary Grey Whale who arrived in Vancouver (the day after the Oil Rig blew up in Gulf of Mexico), the birthplace of Greenpeace, swim there just because? And the next day another solitary Grey Whale swam into Isreal, the Country in charge of all the worlds media, Just becaause?

We ignore these things to our peril. Indians knew how to listen to the birds and animals, they knew they had a story to tell. Children have the same ability until we beat it out of them. Stop for a moment and listen to yourself and the things around you.
wisdom of youth
Comment by Maureen on 17th May 2012
Upon briefly looking at this article my teenager said " Well I have noticed that if you turn a map of Baffin Island just the right way it looks like a toucan."

do you see the message.
Comment by MR. RAVEN on 16th May 2012
The attention being raised is not about Jesus.

The attention is about the development of red chris mine 20 minutes out of Tatago Lake.

This lake sustains 3 major rivers fresh water. The salmon habitat and people habitat. Who have lived by a provincial park. That now has dangerous development. which will effect all natural ecosystem harvesting practices.

With a chain reaction to people habitat that depend on natural bc wild life habitat. With healthy natural medicine.

Remove that dependency of natural growth. You are dependent on corporate foods.

Such as super market niche of manufactured food industry. Were you the eater. Must work for your corporate food. Costing your meats $$$$ rising cows and chickens.

Not only this is scary. The united nation report said Canada has food shortage in the natural and corpotate foods.

If this logic does not reach you. Prepare for non claen water drinkable water.

That is the message.

Do you understand. If you can drink a glass of water and say thank you god for life.

Water is life.

Comment by James Ippel on 15th May 2012
Whats stopping your from trolling here?

I use to enjoy your posts, but lately you are off the wall (an opinion only)
thats true Merv
Comment by Bryan on 14th May 2012
But I'm also quite certain you revel in stirring us all up with this stuff, and I'm pretty sure you post some stuff, sit back and laugh and wait for us all to respond. By the way, thanks for the classified section it is a great local resource.
I think...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 14th May 2012 have all been had.
You are kidding right?
Comment by Terra on 14th May 2012
You have got to be pulling my leg, this is ridiculous. I can't believe this was even considered as an article.
the problems with conclusions.
Comment by Marylin Davies on 14th May 2012
Now, Merv, my Dad was a wise old bird who did not suffer fools lightly. But I can hear him responsd in his Scottish brogue "Conclusions, aye, if you start with one, you can prove anything."
Ralph, Bryan and Jeff:
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th May 2012
It's funny that as angry and condescending as you guys are at this article and website....that you can't stop trolling by here. Can you?
Comment by Steve on 14th May 2012
apparently needs a nose job.

I guess if youre going to have imaginary friends, you can at least make them attractive.

This is a bit of a reach Merv, even for the Daily
That's not Jesus...
Comment by MSS on 14th May 2012
In my opinion...this looks more like Daniel Boone than Jesus....even next to the picture I see no resemblance
Out to Lunch?
Comment by I.J. on 14th May 2012
Of course this is a picture of Jesus. We all recognize the exact likeness. After all there are pictures of him everywhere, aren't there? Weren't cameras wonderful a couple of thousand years ago??? I wonder if the original pictures of him were taken with a polaroid or a digital camera?
Seems to me if there was any real spiritual connection between the picture drawn with the rivers the result would look like the real Jesus Christ, not the pasty faced guy some artist drew up a few hundred years ago. Maybe the mold behind the fridge is the real Jesus!
random pencil useage
Comment by Bryan on 14th May 2012
Merv, I love the random pencil lines used at your convenience. Like how the Zyometz/Copper River turns into the Clore River. Is that because using the Copper wouldn't satisfy the need for a chin?? How many other random choices did you include in this quest to find an image of the son of God?
And Ralph, you hit the nail on the head. Or should I say you made a temporal blow.
Jesus's nationality
Comment by David on 14th May 2012
Was Jesus Scottish?
Red Criss mine 20 min outside of Iskut BC
Comment by MR. RAVEN on 14th May 2012
Listen up!

Tatoga,Lake is the location of Red Chris Mine. A provincial park.

The Tahltan people are warning· The dangerous consequences of tailings into the area.

They live off that area ·

So if you're a christian, white, black yellow or red.

The health of that lake flows into the sacred head waters. This is bad.

So if you're so quick to make a judgement. Then think again.

All the water & lakes are threatened in British Columbia
So wake the hell up. Cause heaven on earth once protected by government is now being sold out.

Comment by Ralph on 14th May 2012
Welcome to the North's National Enquirer. This is getting a little bit much.
Grasp at straws I must
Comment by Merv on 13th May 2012
What else can a dying, a drowning, entity do? I'll grasp at any and every straw possible. I will never give up, until the last breath, the last pulse, leaves my being. It is a human duty of all to do the same. I will do it for you as I suspect you will for me.
Over the top
Comment by W. B. on 13th May 2012
You are grasping at straws!
this is great
Comment by Terry on 13th May 2012
but not for the reason most of you think and comment . I think it looks more like Odin the Norse god and so does the painting of jesus . i think jesus must have looked more like super mario . but that aside the important bit is that we can have this discussion at all . the hackers that shut down the terrace daily did not want us to talk to each other or see the diverse views that we have . this conversation could not take place in real time in the substandard . I can't say it enough thankyou for giving terrace and area a voice . In whos interest would it be to silence our voices . I wonder .
Whatever it is you are smoking, I want some.
Comment by Alan on 13th May 2012
Title says it all.
We don't need a bunch of Evangelical fanatics!
Comment by Chris Arnold on 13th May 2012
OK, the idea of the face of the old chief was ok, somewhat comparable to the whole sleeping beauty thing, but please don't start going on about the face of Jesus and quoting the bible! Good grief, the last thing we need are a bunch of Gerry Falwell fanatics making some pilgrimage to Terrace to see the face of Jesus! They will start building religious compounds and preaching damnation on the street corner by the Royal Bank... oh wait, there have already been some of those people on the corner!

Hasn't enough harm already been done to the orignal people from these lands by those early missionaries doing the work of Jesus? Now you want to put his face all over their traditional lands? I would think that would think that would be quite insulting.

I would suggest going back to the idea of the old chief and don't open the door to the whole Jesus thing.
Super Natural - Is apart of Skeena River History.
Comment by Skeena River Watchmen on 13th May 2012
The North Coast Pacific.

Contain legends about a Supernatural Giant Raven carry people in a clam shell. Headed towards North East behind of Nass Valley.

That would be in the location of Raven Tribe near beginning of the Skeena River.

Also Raven Tribe is connected to the Sacred Head Waters.

We have ancient villages were established and Talahamid is one of the ancient cities.

We are talking about a different time and era.

Before the Flood - Before the Glaciers.

A world between natural and supernatural co existed.

Allot of our Indian Legends are talking about creatures that are not human.

In this day and age.

They call them UFO's.

That is were allot of our legends lead too, a history of creation, also a history of compassion.

Giants roamed in North Coast Pacific. We called the clampson (Giants).

Giants were all over the world. In the Bible they called them Goliath.

But over in North Coast we called them Clamspon.

After the flood, Great Deluge. It all changed.

Those creatures died.

But some say, they still lived. Through the children.

Clampson (Giant) had children, the children were brothers and sisters. It was also a bad sign too cause according to legend. They mated with each other. (Bad) some elders would say.

But today they call that species

Sasquatch - or Buckwiss Monkey Man.

I do not second guess the old legends. Witnessing enough of people.

That live in this cubical world. Were fear of the supernatural - natural world. So TV culture is the comfort zone.

So thank you Merv for bringing attention to the North Coast.

Challenging the status quou.

Comment by Brent on 13th May 2012
For those that don't know, look up the word Pareidolia.

Christians, ask yourself... did a historical Jesus exist? You might want to read this...

It's fine to have an imagination, just don't get them mixed up with facts and reality.

IMHO - Sleeping beauty is 100 times better than this poor detailed map (even with her big chin). Take the nose out of the map and it's nothing. Trace these rivers out on Google earth, I doubt the "face" will be as prominent.

This is not what we should be pushing to attract people, our natural beauty, clean water and air is enough.
Red Chris Mine
Comment by Skeena River Watchmen on 13th May 2012

To Terrace Daily,

There is legend called " Birth Of The Skeena". A oral legend recorded.

They use the book: History of Terrace BC By Nadine Assente on the millennium trail in Terrace BC.

So why don't you post the historical archive legend. Birth of the Skeena River.

So everyone can see the oral archive.

Thank you,

Skeena River Watchmen
Offended as a Christian
Comment by Dave Bandurak on 13th May 2012
I think stories like this offend me as a Christian and make Christians look horribly illogical to non-Christians.

What you have written seems similar to those stories in the southern US of seeing "Jesus in the mold stain behind my fridge." Then you have people converge on the location of the stain, praying to the stain, offering gifts to the stain, and crossing themselves and shouting all sorts of "halleluiahs!" to the stain because a series of bacterial have rotted out a piece of wood and in the random shape they have chosen to procreate, it resembles a face with long hair. Of course by some it seems "logical" to assume the bacteria by some divine plan have been preordained by God himself to arrange themselves in the fashion of Americanized photographs of Jesus. Do you see how illogical that is?

These types of stories and claims also say something about ones religious reality (that is not oxymoron for me) when you are finding Christ in shapes, it almost stinks of one "grasping for straws". I mean to say you have found God in the shape of a map (or a mold stain) just takes away from the real places that God is found and the Biblical places that God said he would reveal himself to the world.

Biblicaly God said he would be found and we could know him in specific ways:

1) through his word (the Bible): Jesus said in John 8;31: "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed."

2) Through his Holy Spirit: Jesus said in John 14:26 "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things".

To say God "revealed" himself in nature is Biblical (Rom 1:20-21) when Paul wrote:

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead

This speaks of "invisible attributes". This being the character of God. When you make a dinner for someone they can see (and taste) if you are attentive to detail, a good cook, ect. They get a sense of your character, your not going to carve your face in the steak.

In terms of finding God outside His word and Spirit I find Him in the ways He will work in my life and the lives of people I know. Whether that be life changes, miracles, guidance, wisdom and protection.

To look at a series of rivers and claim they have by some divine plan arranged themselves in the face of Jesus is as illogical as the mold stain. It is in many ways making Christian's look like fools and on many levels blaspheming the name of God.

No where in the Bible will you find a place where Jesus said his image will be found in landmarks or in any physical thing. In fact claiming to see God in these things is wrong. The second of the ten commandments (ex 20:4-5) says:

4 “You shall not make for yourself an image(I) in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them"

When you assign anything from the earth with a godly title you are making yourself a idol whether you "bow down" physically or just esteem with the same respect you have for Christ Himself.

If you are going to write a religious article I would suggest taking a serious stand with someone who has some definite insight into the Word of God.

By the way what I have written above is not an attack on you personally so I hope not to cause any offense.
I'll Give You The Benefit Of The Doubt...
Comment by Roy Harding on 13th May 2012

but that benefit is SOLELY due to your earlier response regarding the benefits of such fictions when it comes to marketing tourism.

When I read the article, I was SURE that you had (to purposely use a politically incorrect euphemism) - "gone off the reservation".
What Garbage
Comment by Jeff Rueger on 13th May 2012
What unmitigated rubbish - so much for the Terrace Daily to claim to be a purveyor of news. Quotes from the bible produce no evidence whatsoever - mining and other sorts of resource extraction were not big human endeavours when the Bible was written so how do you really know what Jesus might have said about those industries. Perhaps the so called image is inviting mankind to "plunder" the northwest for the benefit of all mankind. I certainly do not support widespread mining and resource extraction but to cite this sort of "evidence" does a massive disservice to those opposing such development.
Next thing you know you will find the image of Jesus in the stars inviting us all to leave Earth in favour of a future elsewhere in the galaxy. And now that I think about it, maybe the Devil crashed your server!?!

It is a lot more realistic than sleeping beauty
Comment by Merv on 13th May 2012
Looking west from Terrace, we have the mountains many refer to as Sleeping Beauty. It is imagined as a facial image (along with the breast) of a woman laying on her side. But when looked at without "Rose Coloured Glasses" the hooked chin presents no "beauty". Yet the local population considers this a landmark. This is childish, even juvenile, when compared to the profile in the three great Salmon Rivers of North America.
greater concept
Comment by Terrace Daily News on 13th May 2012
There are many great geographical features across the globe foreward thinking people use to promote themselves, their cultures and their concepts. This is just one more that we could foolishly ignore or capitalize upon for great fortune.

To pooh pooh this as just rivers on a map shows an unimaginable - lack of imagination.

We could place the picture of Elvis next to this image. We have previously placed an image of a great Indian Simooget (Chief) with his head dress on next to it.

It is an opportunity to bring great awareness to the world community of the unparalled magesty of this region.

Why not help promote this and bring tourists with their millions/billions to the region to tour it? Facebook it with Elvis, Twitter it with Christ, sing and drum it like a minstrel with a Chief on Youtube.

Whatever it takes to preserve this great land and bring prosperity without destruction, that is the entire image we portray.
great title
Comment by Bryan on 13th May 2012
Are you kiddding me??? Readership down or what? It is some rivers on a map, nothing else.