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NEWS RELEASE · 13th May 2012
Today, National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, responding to an invitation from Hereditary Chiefs, released the following statement from Gitxsan territories where meetings are underway:

“Across the country, there are First Nations in crisis dealing with very complex situations and increasing pressures. I was invited here as a neutral party and remain so. My principal interest and that of the Assembly of First Nations is to encourage community dialogue and to appeal for community safety and protection. As leaders, we all have an obligation to affirm our rights, to protect our territories and future generations. We must be prepared to engage in the hard work of re-building our Nations and commit to work to resolution together in accordance with our laws and our traditions putting the safety, security and health of our families first. I encourage dialogue and engagement of all Gitxsan leaders and stand with them all in this difficult but essential work to find resolution and a common way forward.”

The Assembly of First Nations is the national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada. Follow AFN on Twitter ,,,NCAtleo, ,,,AFN_Comms, ,,,AFN_Updates.
Is Atleo really in the territory?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 15th May 2012
It seems to me that the Terrace Daily is the only media outlet notifying the public that Sean Atleo (AFN National Chief) is in the area.
too bad the Afn is funded by the federal government
Comment by AJ Martirano on 14th May 2012
if you havent notices all the media services that were designed to get important messages out to the first nations people are funded by the fed and provincial governments and will not speak the truth about the issues at hand and the AFN is unfortunatly under the government funding as well and Im sure the the government does not want the fact that they have negociated and given 20 million dollars to an illeage society GTS to sell out thier nation to be exposed so walk carefully into this and dont get you hopes up the one thing that we need to bring to the worlds attention to is the foundation of the Delgamuukw ruling, as this will stop all proceeding and put an end to this conflict