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NEWS RELEASE · 17th May 2012
MLA Robin Austin
Eight months after British Columbians voted to reject the Liberals’ HST, the PST legislation may be here, but Skeena families will still have to pay the HST for months to come, says New Democrat Skeena MLA Robin Austin.

“I was very proud to have stood with the people of Skeena in saying no to an unfair tax,” said Austin. “The repeal of the HST through the 2011 referendum in August was an historic win.”

“Now it seems the Liberals want to extend the burden of the HST on Skeena families despite the clear message that was sent during the referendum.”

Austin noted that Skeena was one of the leading communities during the referendum but yet it seems the Liberals are once again ignoring their needs.

“Residents in Northwest continue to feel the pinch. Many families are trying to recover from a cold winter with increased Hydro bills that in some cases were 300 percent higher,” said Austin. “You add the fact residents now have to deal with an unfair tax for 19 more months; it becomes a very insurmountable situation for families.”

Before the election, the Liberals promised they wouldn’t bring in the HST, then they brought in the tax as soon as the election was over.

Austin added, perhaps the B.C. Liberals think that because Skeena is far north from Victoria, people are not attuned to what is going on. The people of Skeena have already shown in the past that they will not be fooled by multimillion dollar ad campaigns, and I really don’t think they will be fooled today with the Minister of Finance’s excuses for the length of time it will take to bring back the PST.

Austin said the sooner the Liberals bring back the PST, the better it will be for this province and especially for those in the Northwest.