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CONTRIBUTION · 18th May 2012
Ron Sterritt
This is my letter to the Law Society.

The Law Society of BC,
845 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am lodging a complaint against Gordon Sebastian, a Lawyer from Hazelton BC. This complaint is on behalf of the Urban Gitxsan people that include several high Chiefs, Clifford Morgan, George Wilson and Sylvester Green.

He is a member of the Gitxsan Treaty Society. It has been an illegal operating organization since its inception some 18 years ago. He has been a member since Monday, June 16, 2003. Supreme Court Justice Mark McEwen declared the GTS to be an Illegal Operating Organization during a hearing in April. Gordon Sebastian has maintained his membership even after the judge made his finding. Since he represents an Officer of the Court, we ask that he be sanctioned.

There should be a Forensic Audit done to expose their Illegal use of Government Taxpayer Loans for their “Salary”, over $20 million, and Loans for the Villages, over $45 million.

He and Elmer Derrick and Beverley Percival Clifton have lived “off-reserve”, and their office in Hazelton is “Off-reserve” and they should be paying Taxes on their Incomes at the least. They should be made to repay all their illicit “Loans”. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours truly,

Ron J. Sterritt

I hope that others send in similar letters to wake up the Law Society.



Hi Ron,

I think you mean that Sebastian should be disbarred.

Of course I mean "Disbarred". "Sanctioned" allows the Law Society of BC to decide on their own, after perusing all the evidence. I want as many people to send in Complaint Letters as possible. That snake has to be stopped from doing his dirty work. Please write a Complaint letter as well. Everything helps.

In the Court Judge McEwan deliberately "Howled Down" our Lawyer to keep him from stating his case to remove the Injunction. They want the paperwork in the Office destroyed to hide the culpability of the BC Treaty Commission in the "Genocide Program".

Your nephew,

Ron J. Sterritt - Son of High Chief - Percy Sterritt - Kispiox BC

On 5/14/12, Chief Tx-suu wrote:

Thank you for the news flash. It is and has been very serious, what GTS has been doing to us, we are the majority chiefs, and we fired GTS, and yet they are still doing much damage to all the Gitxsan Nation. Gordon Sebastian should not be a lawyer for the GTS or for anyone, as he is a member of a illegal society, confirmed by a judge, and he should be investigated as he is a member and executive of a society that is illegal, for the past 18 plus years, and must be investigated by the Law Society of British Columbia, in Vancouver, their toll free number is 1-800-903-5300.

He can be sent to jail immediately, and a forensic audit commissioned by the law society. This must be done today. It is imperative.
Know what?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 18th May 2012
If it were not for the Terrace Daily, the rest of us would remain ignorant of the plight of the Gitxsan Nation. All this important news would not warrant three inches of space in any other regional medium.

The past muteness of media has played a large part in all this ongoing chaos, corruption, bribery, theft and other abuses. Knowledge is power. By preventing the people from gaining access to information, it has made it possible for the corruption to perpetuate itself.

Is it really true that these Indian treaty makers do not pay tax? Even though the bulk of their "work" occurs off-reserve, and most of them reside off-reserve? That is against the law! The rest of us pay taxes when we work in town! Why? Aaaargh!