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Brolly Square
CONTRIBUTION · 24th May 2012
The Greater Terrace Beautification Society invites the community to celebrate the substantial completion of Brolly Square this Saturday May 26th from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Five years in the making, this project would not have been possible without the generous support of our community. The donating of time, resources and funds by our members, the public and our local businesses helped bring this project in at substantially less than the original budget.

The weather looks like it’s going to be great, but even so everyone’s invited to bring along their brolly!
A reminder of why we perservered with this project
A reminder of why we perservered with this project
This was a Beautification Project, but a community effort!
This was a Beautification Project, but a community effort!
Bring your Brolly!
Bring your Brolly!
Heated debate....
Comment by Janice Robinson on 27th May 2012
Good idea for us all to stick to the topic, and give the volunteers a respectful acknowledgement. (If we keep up these personal attacks, we could call this particular thread of communication "BRAWLey Square!). Did ESSO contribute anything to the "beautification" of that lot?

This was fun and enlightening. I'm all commented out, for now.
Please stop personal and off topic attacks
Comment by Terrace Daily on 27th May 2012
This site, the reason for the story, was about a great effort to clean up an ugly part of downtown Terrace. This is a classic example now of how you cannot please everyone, some will always complain.

Constructive thoughts are welcome but to divert into a discussion on alcoholism and racism is a bit off topic. There are many concepts regarding that discussion; ie; 1) just 150 years ago it was introduced to the Indians in the NW to manipulate them into giving up their land and work while intoxicated. 2) This region has the highest per capita consumption rate. 3) Every attempt to establish a detox center has been denied by the Provincial Government. 4) It was not the Indians (or their villages) who begat the drinking problems. - This could go on and on and has nothing to do with Brolly Square.

The most important item is this - the Terrace Beautification Society did an amazing job, with all volunteer effort, to create this "beautiful" change to the down town core.

If the off topic exchange continues we will close comments for this story.
ah yes
Comment by Steve on 27th May 2012
when all else fails, play the "racism" card. Thats a red herring. You were the one who brought up the "kicking them out of the village", not me.

Dear "Steve."
Comment by Janice Robinson on 27th May 2012
I rarely respond to anonymous commenters, however, I feel moved to reply to your humble comment. Your confabulations about my comments might lead others to believe I speak on behalf of any village (Native or not), or that I was "proud" about my statements, or that I/we have no compassion. YOU made all that up, and regurgitated it all in your comment! That's okay with me.... I have your attention, and I think your attitudes toward the topic are shared by many others.

Your blunt suggestion that those inflicted with the disease of alcoholism be kept in their villages (add hometowns), and healed looks like an opportunistic expression of racism, on your part. If there were a detox available in this area that just might be possible "Steve."

As far as the tendency for First Nations addicts/alcoholics to experience their affliction in public.....and, the tendency for non-Natives to suffer in secret? In the field of recovery, that is a well-knowned, researched fact!

I hope your celebration yesterday, in Brolly Square, was bright and gay "Steve." Peace.
Sorry Roy
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 27th May 2012
'Just got back on line.

Eeks Roy. You're RIGHT! I re-read your initial comment and you are correct. You were merely suggesting possible reasons for the lack of benching in the Square. I publicly apologize to you for mixing you in with the others who provided such negative comments to this article after so many people worked so hard to turn that old eyesore into a better area.

That being said, you really attacked me in your response. Yikes. Me folksy? Who knew? And what does aggrandizing mean? I gotta lug out the big fat dictionary offa my bookshelf for that one ('not into the online dictionary yet).

In any event, you are correct. Let's disagree without attacking each other. Thank you for your input.

I wonder
Comment by Steve on 26th May 2012
your quote "us Indians kick our drunks out of the house! Heck, when they become abusive (all drunks do), we'll kick them the hell out of the village

Where do you suppose they go when you kick them out? And you think that the other poster showed no compassion? Why not keep them in the village and try healing them yourselves instead of proudly kicking them to the curb and hoping they end up in Terrace, where you can pretend the problem is someone elses? So much for brotherhood and compassion I guess

I like the square how it is. One day, maybe Terrace would be mature enough to have a "Gand Platz, or Place or Central Square like most European Cities have, but as long as Janice keeps kicking drunks out, I doubt we're ready

GREAT JOB TBSociety, keep it up
We still need a regional detox!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 26th May 2012
Maggie Jo: You are a saint. Somebody should give you a medal. I commend you for putting up with all them needy boys over the years. I hope they remain grateful for you opening your home to them, feeding them, teaching them, and putting up with their messes. I applaud you for your sacrifices. I admire your recycling prowess. You are a community-minded citizen extraordinaire! I wish I could be so good. It's all good.

Regarding those drunks? You will be happy to know that they are not having any fun at all. You are witnessing them die....from the inside > out. They suffer, from the time they wake up....until they mercifully pass out. Alcohol is a deadly, addictive poison. A hangover is a very mild withdrawal. Any one of those drunks downtown will need medical attention to achieve sobriety. They can die from withdrawals, without medical attention. They have no help here in Terrace. You think they wanted to end up that way? They started drinking to have fun, to belong, to dance, laugh....just like every other drinker. Now, they know they are good for nothing, and people like you detest the disgusting sight of them. They are lonely, in a great deal of physical/mental pain, isolated, fearful and suicidal.

Most/all non-Native drunks stay at home. They drink in secret, and hide their pain and hopelessness. They beat their wives, and drink up the family allowance. Their kids sit in school, full of shame, confusion and fear that people will find out the family secret. Non-Native drunks are tolerated by the rest of you. They go to work wreaking of booze, red-faced....looking anorexic. All they do all day is watch the clock, sneak a few "get-well" drinks during the day.....and then make a bee-line back to the bottle. I can spot them a mile away! Heck, there was even a picture of three of them in a local paper a couple of weeks ago! "Upstanding Terrace citizens!" Maggie! They are suffering and dying too. You Indians kick our drunks out of the house! Heck, when they become abusive (all drunks do), we'll kick them the hell out of the village. Should we keep them at home in our over-crowded houses? Should we continue exposing our children to the secret, the lies, the suffering, and the slow death?
We want no sympathy from you, nor do we need you to understand. This is our story. We deal with it, year after year. Decade after decade. Granted, we have done better with it in the past. We need a detox, and we will get it. We will share our detox with suffering non-Native drunks, who fearfully hide their disease. Peace.

Chris Arnold: I am not complaining. I just stated some facts. All them "brollies," and not an inch of shade from the sun, nor protection from a rain shower at "Brolly Square." And yes, you are right. If anybody wants, or needs, to sit down.....they can take their sorry asses down the block.
Maggie Joe ...
Comment by Roy Harding on 26th May 2012
Who the heck are YOU to question me (or anyone else) regarding our contributions to community?

I am TIRED of your "folksy", self aggrandizing, moralizing, holier than thou comments on this site. Usually I just ignore your contributions as the harmless output of the small minded, self-absorbed, narcissistic, egocentric fool that you continue to prove yourself - but this time you've personally attacked me for no reason.

Apparently you and I have a disagreement regarding whether benches in Brolly Park are a good idea. Fair enough - we disagree. The difference between us is that I suggested possible reasons for the situation (funds) and inquired regarding a possible solution (memorial benches) to what I perceive as an oversight in the park; YOU, on the other hand, decided to attack those with whom you disagree.

Grow up Maggie Jo - it's possible for people to disagree without attacking each other. One method for dealing with disagreements is termed "intelligent discourse" - try it some time.
Stop complaining and recognize the awesome volunteers
Comment by Chris Arnold on 25th May 2012
Janice needs to stop complaining. Even with no benches this was a huge amount of work and years of negotiating with large out of town corporations. Look at the before photos. The drunks used to sit along the ugly old chain link fence and toss their bottle over that ugly fence. Who cares if there are benches... as mentioned there are benches all over town. This was an awesome creative way to make an eyesore more appealing to look at. It was done by volunteers who stepped up and donated time and money to make the downtown look nicer. If you need to sit just walk a block farther and you will find a bench to sit on.

Thank you to the beautification society for all the amazing work you do depsite those critics like Janice who need to find fault in your efforts.
Wow, Maggie Joe, what compassion! What church do you go to?
Comment by Nancy on 25th May 2012
Do you not feel for the less fortunate? The most vulnerability of people that got too messed up from the history of so called "civilization and assimilation?"

You probably feel more for the immigrants that fled their countries because of deplorable living conditions and unjust prosecution.

You can argue that your roots are Canadian and hard working, and have built these great communities from the ground up! But at whose expense?!

It seems that the ones that want to help us the most are the ones that despise our presence.

We have problems, I agree, but bullying the ones that couldn't handle the changes in their lives and their parents lives, and the ugliness they have witnessed is not the answer.

Please have some compassion and let us work together to make this a harmonious community.

We have so much to offer the world. Let us find ways to help each other and be proud, no matter where we come from and who we are working for.
Na uh...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 25th May 2012
PLEASE do not put benches in the Brolly Square. I realize we're all not drunks in this town, but the ones we're so 'blessed' to have loitering around ARE a true nuisance! IE; falling asleep on picnic tables in the park while losing control of their bodily functions ON the table. Any of YOU up to the challenge to clean up after the town's drunks when they soil a Brolly Bench? Yeah, I didn't think so.

There has been a noticeable increase of vagrants in our Community this past year. Keep the benches out of Brolly Square. I HOPE it blares out as per Janice: "No loitering and drunks get lost!"

And where was Janice and Roy and McCarron when the Brolly Square needed volunteers/input/work? In your living rooms rubbing your hands together with anticipatory glee to see what the old abandoned gas stn corner would be transformed into ... only to pick it all apart?

We humans tend to enjoy that. You know...stepping back when the work needs to be done and then judge with such negativity after it's completed. Nice. Real nice.

A suggestion for those who disdain the area. Pretend it is still that yuckie abaondoned gas station lot with the chainlink fence and walk around it to head to the park to sit and loiter with the drunks on the tables/benches there. Or support local business and buy a cafe from Elephant's Ear which will give you the okay to sit at your leisure on their outdoor chairs/tables while visiting.

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who worked endlessly (sometimes on their work lunchbreaks) to turn a horrid looking corner into a brighter square. 'LOVE it with no benches.
Very Good Points
Comment by T. McCarron on 25th May 2012
Janice had some very good points. One of the first things I noticed was the lack of seating and garbage cans.

Maybe this is something that is planned for the future of Brolly Square, but if not I don't see the purpose of it except maybe providing something more pleasant to look at rather than chain link fencing, broken pavement and over bearing weeds.
Janice Has A Point
Comment by Roy Harding on 25th May 2012
Janice does have a point regarding the square.

Perhaps a way of addressing this is to ask if there are plans to provide benches in the future? If there are, what's the hold up (funds, perhaps?).

I note that there are benches in other areas of the city which have been placed as memorials of various individuals - I have no idea how that works, but is that programme a possible solution to the lack of seating in "Brolly Park"?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 25th May 2012
-There is no where to sit to rest your legs, or to gossip with friends.
-There is no shade in "Brolly Square," to find respite from Terrace's hot summer sun.
-There is no cover in Brolly Square, where we can get out of the rain.
-There are no garbage receptacles.
-"Brolly Square" is not inviting. It does not say "Welcome."

"Brolly Square" blares, "NO LOITERING, AND DRUNKS GET LOST!" I never see any humans, cats, or dogs chilling in "Brolly Square."

Loitering, passing the time, is often the sociable and healthy thing for citizens of any town to do. We are not all drunks.

Have fun at the celebration.