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REPORTING · 30th May 2012
Terrace Daily News
Below is the most current list of items the Regional District board, administration and staff are engaged in monitoring or are actively resolving. As of the date this list was prepared May 18, 2012, and not including the ongoing daily items the RDKS address, there are just under 50 active files.

This list was provided to the elected directors, the public and the media at the last full board meeting, May 25, 2012. Some of these items are self explanatory and others require additional information for clarification. This clarification was requested by some of the elected directors as many are newly elected and did not fully understand the details of these many and varied projects.

More details, such as the date the project or plan was implemented and the expected completion date can be found by opening the attached file at the end of this posting.


Regional District Resource Inventory Map - Resource Map: SNCIRE working with mapping consultant to develop proposal call terms of reference (April 2012). RDKS has acquired all files from original project.

Regional Emergency Plan - Arranging for outside resources to update and complete plan.

Review Treaty Negotiations/First Nations RD Representation No action required. Continue to monitor government negotiation positions.

Hagwilget Bridge Replacement - Bulkley River Bridge: No action required. Continue to relate its importance in meetings with senior government officials. Typically cited as RDKS priority during UBCM meetings.

Cranberry Connector – No action required. Continue to relate its importance in meetings with senior government officials, especially in light of recent developments in area (e.g., Northwest Transmission Line, Kitsault Mine). Often cited as RDKS priority during UBCM meetings.

Dease Lake Fire Department -PEP Accreditation - Volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention challenges preventing department from providing road rescue services on a consistent basis.

Old Lakelse Lake Road Hill – Sidewalks. RDKS to continue to advocate for improvements and include in trail/cycling network plan proposed for Thornhill.

Hazelton Area Fire Service Agreements - Replace interim agreements with the Village of Hazelton and District of New Hazelton for fire protection in the rural areas surrounding the Hazelton’s with a final agreement that includes Gitanmaax, which remains reluctant to participate.

Terrace Rod & Gun Expansion Plans - No action required. Advise club if funding opportunities arise.

Transmission Line Corridor Policies - RDKS staff to determine current government policy which affects the location and sizing of electrical transmission lines for major projects and identify leveraging opportunity for local government to limit scattered transmission line development. Inquiries made to Ministry of Energy and Mines; may also involve BCUC and BC Environmental Assessment Act jurisdiction.

Hazeltons’ Regional Transit/PTA/PTIP/First Nation Cost Sharing Agreement - Financial constraints and funding present service problems that are to be explored in the BC Transit Service Plan review scheduled for 2013.

Hazelton Area Communication Strategy/Staff Deployment - Some monitoring of RD staff presence in the Hazelton region occurred since resolution passed. Resolution continues to influence communications practices.

Telegraph Creek Landfill-Replacement - Regional District to assist in obtaining Indian and Northern Affairs Canada funding as required.

Riparian Area Regulations Implementation - Draft Foreshore & Streamside Policy Document has been written for Lakelse Lake, which may apply elsewhere in region. Document does not establish new regulations governing development but educates on ecological impacts of residential development near watercourses, consolidates other agencies’ regulations and provides sources of additional information on those regulations. Expect to present Document to Lakelse APC in May/June and to RDKS Board soon after. Abbreviated brochure funded in part by the Pacific Salmon Foundation will also be produced this spring.

South Hazelton Water System/Phase I and II - RDKS assumed responsibility for this service from the Water Improvement District and current upgrade projects are substantially complete. Interim operational agreements are in place and require formal agreement with the District of New Hazelton.

South Hazelton School Playground Acquisition - Draft Agreement prepared and waiting for School District to advance divestiture process for school field and playground to the RD’s South Hazelton Service Area.

Thornhill/Woodlands Water System Interconnection Project - Interconnection Project: Project substantially complete; currently dealing with contractor deficiencies.

Regulation of Intermodal Shipping Containers - Concern was raised by Thornhill Advisory Planning Commission that moribund containers were being used in area as storage buildings and would become an issue for their unsightliness and inability to be captured in zoning bylaw requirements. RD staff documented where these containers were being used. Not seeing further expansion in numbers of containers at this time but will continue to monitor.

Thornhill Core Sewer System Grant Application-Funding Alternatives - Have engaged public and confirming service area, project scope and funding options.

Squirrel/Catt Point Access/Westside Road & Hydro Extensions/Network Plan - RD will continue to advocate that MOTI and MFLNRO develop plan for road construction (and hydro lines) for west side of Lakelse Lake. Will be cited during any subdivision request.

Regional District Boundary Signage - Board has wanted placement of RDKS entrance signs (2 on H16; 1 possibly along H37 North). Model is the RDBN sign at Moricetown. Project has been deferred for several years due to cost and will require First Nations consultation.

Lakelse/Jackpine Septic System Management Plan - Working committee established, program scope under development, service area bylaw drafting pending.

RDKS Northern Boundary Extension - Project arises from boundary extension to include Dease Lake. Current boundaries are acknowledged by province as temporary. BC Government has commitment and funding to review our northern boundary, especially given resource development potential in region. Project will take several years, involving other regional district government and extensive First Nations consultation.

C2C Forum/Service Arrangements - Regional/Tahltan/Wet’suewt’en Meetings - Board desire to explore idea of hosting and arranging Regional/Individual C2C Forums.

Development Control Inspection /Approval Strategy - RD Planning staff awaiting solicitor review of draft procedures bylaw and attached forms. Program will require adoption of a development procedures bylaw, amendment of the RDKS Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, and a housekeeping amendment to Zoning Bylaw 37. Program may also require changes to RDKS Application fees. Expect proposal to be before APC’s and Board in May 2012. Project will need to be supported with a comprehensive public information campaign, as regulation of construction in rural areas moves from a voluntary process to a mandatory one backed by financial penalties.

District of Stewart cost/Process and Participate in RDKS Solid Waste Function - Preliminary information provided to District of Stewart. Stewart to undertake service review.

Dease Lake Airport Improvments - RDKS to advocate for senior government funds and private sector support for Dease Lake Airport (and other remote airstrips) whenever occasions arise. Examples are during environmental review of northern mining projects in the north and at UBCM.

Rosswood Fuel Treatment Program - Project received UBCM funding under the Wildfire Prevention Program; work is underway after a winter shutdown.

Geothermal Energy Information - RDKS Board asked for further information on viability of geothermal energy potential in region. Some general information has been collected by Administration. Will make second request of BC Ministry of Energy for any further information on the Lakelse Hot springs.

Re-establishment of Highway 51 and Highway 37 North Advisory Committee - Ministry had a local advisory committee in the past. Request was to re-establish this or a similar committee. RD staff to ask for response (April 2012). Staffing changes in MOTI in Stikine Region may be pertinent.

Skeena Ice Arena Replacement Project - Coordinated effort among Skeena Ice Arena Association, the Regional District, Village of Hazelton, District of New Hazelton and local First Nations to source funding to replace facility.

Thornhill Dog Control Bylaw Amendment - Request submitted to Province to provide the necessary powers to advance the bylaw.

NWCC Heavy Equipment Operator Program - Presentation - RDKS has given generic letter of support to NWCC. Cannot provide support on Northern Trust application at this time. NWCC invited to RDKS to speak on the program.

CN Bridge (Terrace) Paint Request - Letter sent to CN Rail to consider appearance of railway bridge over Skeena on the rail line between Terrace and Kitimat.

Brauns Island Flooding - Administration has arranged for an engineer to review the site for options for resident and Board consideration as well as a possible plan of action under PEP this spring under emergency response if the situation warrants.

Forceman Ridge/Solid Waste Management/Landfill Options/Financial Plan/Cost Recovery - Public engagement underway.

Provincial Treaty Negotiations Meeting - Kitselas/Kitsumkalum - Arrangements underway to schedule around May Board Meeting.

Hwy 37 & Water Lily Bay intersection lighting - Request to Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to install intersection lighting on a cost sharing basis and to provide an estimate of costs.

Two Mile Water/Sewer - Confirm whether area can be serviced from the Village of Hazelton/Gitanmaax systems, update cost options and engage community to determine support. Apply for 2012 Gas Tax Capacity Building and ICS Planning Project Grant.

Skeena River Bank Flooding/Erosion - Investigation & Project Funding - Monitor government funding programs and advance projects and priorities as opportunities arise. Apply for 2012 Gas Tax Capacity Building and ICS Planning Project Grant.

Lakelse Lake Sewer System - Environmental Assessment advancing, effluent disposal options evaluation underway, public/First Nation engagement ready to start. Apply for 2012 Gas Tax Strategic Priorities and Innovation Project Funding.

Sign Control - Regulatory/Enforcement Strategy - Given changes in composition of RDKS Board since November elections, Planning Committee to be provided at April 2012 meeting last reports and draft bylaw on controlling large signs along highway corridors. Planning Committee to recommend RDKS approach governing this matter.

Video Conferencing Equipment Review - Board in conjunction with NWRHD exploring options and costs to provide this feature.

SNCIRE Regional District 2012 Work Plan - Confirm NDI Funding and finalizing work plan.

Dutch Valley Flooding - Administration met with residents to provide options and costs and is waiting for a resident petition in support of proceeding with erosion control works in the amount of $500,000 on a local service basis and cost sharing under a future funding program. Administration with the assistance of an engineer, will develop a plan of action to try to undertake this work this spring in an emergency response situation under PEP.

MK Bay Marina Policy Manual Consolidation - Consolidated updated version to be prepared.

Telus Wireless Phone Coverage - Encourage Telus to expand and improve service in region. Telus interested in meeting with Regional District?

Dease Lake College Campus - RDKS has participated with others in advocating for transfer of Dease Lake Campus from Northern Lights College Region to Northwest Community College Region. Primary concern is that campus provides little services during a time when resource development in the area may ramp up. RDKS has used UBCM meetings for advancing this proposal. Provincial Minister has mostly given responsibility for this over to the two colleges. NLC President to address RDKS Board in June. Change in College and Institute Act requested to allow transfer to NWCC to occur.

CAO/Staff Performance Evaluation - Underway and to be completed by May 31, 2012. CAO evaluation forms to be completed by June meeting.