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NEWS RELEASE · 30th May 2012
Coastal First Nations
Enbridge’s multi-million dollar ad campaign is an act of desperation to try to sell a project that clearly doesn’t have the support of First Nations or British Columbians, says Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt. “The proposed Northern Gateway Project may be Enbridge’s ‘path to the future’ but it is not a path First Nations or British Columbians will take.”

The misguided campaign is intended to convince British Columbians that the proposed Northern Gateway project is in their interests, Sterritt says.

“What is needed is a full and fact-based debate on this project.”

Sterritt says that’s why his organization has been reaching out to British Columbians across BC where they work and live.

“It’s unfortunate that Enbridge has chosen to hire a high-priced Toronto ad firm to try to tell us what we should think instead of doing the hard work of dealing with people on their doorsteps.”

It’s this type of thinking that has led Coastal First Nations to lose trust in Enbridge, he says.

“It’s been pretty clear from the beginning that Enbridge does not want to answer the hard questions about this project. We’ve had serious concerns about the significant risk this project would have on existing jobs, our culture and the unique ecosystems in the region. Instead of spending millions on advertising, I would urge Enbridge to publicly debate myself and others and let the public decide on the merits of the project.”

Coastal First Nations have a long track record of dealing constructively with private sector companies to create business opportunities that bring long-term, sustainable jobs to coastal BC.

“Our experience should make British Columbians question the supposed merits of this project. We have positive relationships with existing businesses and investors in the region and around the world, including China -- and our door is always open to discuss potential opportunities.”

Sterritt says after years of studying the project we’ve found there are huge risks and few benefits for BC or for Canada.

“Any business person without a direct interest in this project would very quickly dismiss the Northern Gateway on a simple risk-reward basis. No amount of advertising can change that reality.”
Enbridge ad
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 31st May 2012
This ad doesn't even come close to addressing the real issues with this project.

Does Enbridge think that by broadcasting a flowing, feel-good, heavy on the family b.s. advertisement the B.C. public will open their arms to a company that has done nothing but suck up to government while ignoring the very real concerns of the public?

A path to prosperity 'for Enbridge', jobs 'for foreign workers', temporary thriving communities (maybe) for the duration of construction, and safety standards that still offer no guarantee of eliminating the risk of a devastating spill.

Quit trying to whitewash a project that poses some very serious risks on so many levels.