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COMMENTARY · 30th May 2012
Stephen Hume - Vanc. Sun
Discovery of bones at B.C. lake resurrects one of darkest tales in Canadian history

Strewn across 300 metres of beach about 250 kilometres west of Prince George, a thousand kilometres by road from Vancouver, an angler at Cheslatta Lake stumbled upon what looked suspiciously like human skeletal remains.

RCMP and the coroner’s office swiftly responded to officially determine whether the 25 bones found May 22 about 29 kilometres from what was once the village named Scatchola are of human origin, says Mike Robertson, the senior policy advisor to the Cheslatta Carrier Nation.


“A story of horrors,” he called it. “It is a story to shock the conscience of all reasonable Canadians.”

“The story of the Cheslatta-Carriers is quite unique. I think it’s unique in the horrors that have been perpetrated. . . There have been unspeakable acts,” said commissioner Paul Chartrand.

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janice your right
Comment by Native on 3rd June 2012
Janice your right the development industry has so much power. They create this toxify world we live in.

The average age 70 - 60 - 50 - 40 these age brackets survived Indian Resedential School.

Those schools are designed to submerge the Indian child into assimilation. Destroy the Indian inside the child. Children had to suffer great pain child abuse.

The children who survived such trauma CSA. Had to endure broken families incest, suicide to cope with such horror terrioism acts to native nations children.

The government of Canada Industrial Corporation succeeded on how to control a mass population. Now a generation of Native tribes in Canada suffer in poverty as the Escape Goat. Reason they pay no taxes.
So all you Corporation Tax payers. Stop paying your dam taxes. Learn how to grow your own garden, recycle your technology, all a man needs to survive on, is water, food, clothes, shelter, get free education.
How to get free education. Find educated people to learn from.

Because now learning the 1960 Government of Canada with BC hydro. Sprayed agent orange on BC power lines. CTV news told the story.

So industry are slave drivers.

Reamber one thing. There is no flood insurance for anyone on crown land and reserve land.

The point is. The native people in Canada are experiments for a sucsess story. For the next colonization for the next civilization. New World Order.

you are wrong Janice
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 1st June 2012
Anybody that has lived in this area for years knows the story,we can not turn back the clock. Dont always make your comments about suffering of natives please. Natives are not the only ones that have suffered great injustices.
This is sinful.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 31st May 2012
The city of Kitimat thrives because of the suffering and imposed hopelessness of thousands of people. Alcan workers are ignorant of the price paid by anonymous Indians, and pristine wilderness areas....just so they can schlep to the bank every second week to cash those union paycheques. Wanton killing of the environment, and all the creatures contained herein. Humans are wretches.