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NEWS RELEASE · 6th June 2012
Coastal First Nations
A claim by Enbridge that the company has signed equity agreements with 60 per cent of the First Nations along the proposed B.C./Alberta route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is a complete sham, says Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt.

“We have checked with all the First Nations on the pipeline route west of Prince George and only two First Nations have signed equity agreements,” says Sterritt, in response to Enbridge’s announcement earlier today.

Sterritt says the numbers being bandied about by Enbridge are flawed. “Enbridge expanded its pipeline corridor by 80 kilometers to increase its numbers. Many of these communities that have signed on are located outside of the areas that will be most impacted by a spill.”

As well Enbridge is including groups that either aren’t located on the pipeline corridor or don’t have land in British Columbia, Sterritt said. “We are absolutely mystified about the inclusion of the Metis in Enbridge’s 60 per cent. It’s ridiculous to include groups that don’t have Aboriginal Rights and Title to land within the pipeline corridor.”

Despite Enbridge’s comments to the contrary the Gitksan people have made it clear they don’t support the project, Sterritt says. “They have strongly rejected the agreement.”

The wall of opposition against Enbridge’s proposed pipeline project still exists, he says. “We still intend to stop this project.”

The Coastal First Nations is an alliance of First Nations that includes the Wuikinuxv, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xaixais, Nuxalk, Gitga’at, Haisla, Metlakatla, Old Massett, Skidegate, and Council of the Haida Nation with approximately 20,000 members that are working together to develop a sustainable economy.
Pipe line Wars BBC aritcle
Comment by BC Native on 7th June 2012

The Free trade agreements our Canadian Government is providing access to Canada Natural Resources Private Sector is real.

Terrace BC is the development of the New World Order G-20 global financial elite.

Paul Martin Liberal ex Prime Minister owns Petro Oil Industry. He owns shipping lanes for oil tankers. He is very rich $ soft spoken politician. You do not hear him say no to Enbridge Pipe Line. The Liberal Premier Agent Christy Clark is not the boss just a corporate employee.

The Federal Government MlA success story Stephen Harper friends of Alberta Oil Sands Poltician. With his previous successors Brian Mulroney who succeeded the free trade agreements. Changed the whole entire game with our Canadas Natural Resources.

Now the elite $ rich own everything together.

They own control Canada and friends network as share holders are contributers to legeslation policies, development in natural resources. For there favor of control luxery and power.

Now business elite in each town investors manage in business. Called Masonic Free Mason temples. There in Terrace BC, one in Prince Rupert.

They control the business elite. No one dares to talk about them. According to you tube. They are a private banking cartel. With a religion view mining for there god Extra terrestrial Alien. They search seek the elite intelligent people in there regions. People with a high IQ. Become business partners. Share holders with there industry core.

There so connected to the Conservitive Government they are the Conservitive Government. They have a special card to gain access to Parliament doors. Were MlA such as Jnr NDP only wish to have.

The intelligence of groups pitting one against another is working. Taking people emotions clashing them intentionally.

Conservitive Mercedes a blond woman. A environment communications officer. Said the oil sands have been around sence the 1700,s.

This is true. Since the combustion engine oil is king. The master of the universe. Extraction around the world creates war.

To counter all this development.

Dancing celebration for water. Uniting for water. Right across Canada. One day dancing. Healing dancing.

Cause 1.30per Regular Gas.

1.60.00 per liter of water $

The oil goes up your water goes up. Soon you will not be able to drink your water. That is a fact.

Now you know.

Wake up!

Terrace Daily can you verify. What is Mason culture. So together we learn this phennomen, thank you.

BC Native

stay strong Keep our ;lands that wau too
Comment by Ab on 7th June 2012
We need to Keep a strong front and not let them Bully our Lands from us,,,Our Children have the right to the rivers and oceans after us,,So we must Keep Them Safe Waters Land and Children..Say No To Enbridge yes to keeping our Lands safe
Comment by Gary Edwards on 7th June 2012
Enbridge ha the Hitler/Goebbles syndrome. Tell a lie and embelish it so big people will have to believe it's truye because it's so fantastic.
The Metis should mind their own business.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 6th June 2012
By definition, a Metis person is half Cree, and half French. The Traditional territory of the Cree Nation is east of the Rockies. This is BRITISH Columbia.....not "French Columbia."

One of my Grandfathers was British, the other one was German/American. My Mother was Tsimshian, and so are all her children. One of my best friends is MicMac, with a Scottish father. While accessing education funding, she was directed to a "Metis" society. NEITHER OF US ARE METIS, and we both take pride in our ethnicity! I take issue with Metis claiming/manipulating territorial, and political, influence on the western side of the Rockie Mountains. This is Traditional Tsimshian Territory. Period.