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CONTRIBUTION · 11th June 2012
Was Robert Wright beaten nearly to death in his Terrace cell by the RCMP? Nobody will say. It's like living in South America. Police investigators say they want a few months before they will condescend to tell us.

Source Here

Mr. Wright was flown to Royal Columbia Hospital after being dragged back and forth three times in the night between his Terrace cell and the Mills Memorial Hospital where his initial treatment was botched.

It's been business as usual in Terrace since April 21 when RCMP gang members mugged 47 year old Robert Wright. For Robert Wright and his family- definitely not business as usual.

Mr. Wright's crime? 'Suspicion of drunk driving' whatever that means.

Initial RCMP Report, April 21, 2012, Here

He was healthy when taken into RCMP custody and locked in their jail. Then they beat him up. His 'crime' was that- like 70 % of us in BC- he didn't show respect. Bullies can't cope with lack of respect because they are cowards. Lack of respect fills them with fear. The RCMP has even put a label on the behavior that inspires their cowardice. They call it 'non-compliance', and it means whatever they want it to mean.

Mr. Wright, who spent his birthday in an RCMP induced coma, was 'non-compliant' : the name for the new rug under which the RCMP sweeps it's cowardly atrocities. In this case, 'non-compliance' means that some over-bearing swaggering thug in an RCMP uniform ordered him in a tone Mr. Wright considered disrespectful, to do something Mr. Wright considered demeaning, and that Mr. Wright either refused to do it or didn't do it fast enough. Those are responses that a gang of bullies simply will not tolerate- at least not when they themselves are safe.

It has nothing to do with the safety of the public or the police. It has everything to do with the RCMP exerting absolute authority for the sake of exerting absolute authority.

The RCMP has earned it's lack of respect. Each of us has to hope that we or somebody we love won't be the next victim.
intergenerational abuse
Comment by Cecilia on 13th June 2012
For years I have heard personal stories of First Nations people being victims of racism, stereotypes and abuse of all kinds from the "dominant" society, who wants to stay dominant. The experiences and autrocities go back generations. No respect for diversity at all. Fear and arrogant practices, from many of society's systems, perpetuate more fear and arrogance. And this ripples out into the community of people. Thus, we hear the talk of people like Mr. Peters. The government of Canada already attempted to kill off the Indian people. It didn't work. Now, we have stories like this, where uniformed people think they have the power to maim and break the spirit of First Nations people. Ever hear of karma?? you know who you are and what you did. In uniform or not, what goes around comes around, that's the way the universe works.
Dear Brad - the author of - Facts.
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th June 2012
You say the City has installed the "state of the art" digital video recording system.

I am curious to know.

Does this include audio? Our previous super, Eric Stubbs, advised me personally they did not have audio recording as it took up too much digital space.

Brad, you and I both know that is not true. Truth is audio takes up a fraction of the amount of digital space video requires.

What would be perfect, almost, is a camera system installed in all locations, vehicles, garages, hallways, booking rooms and cells, which have simple movement tracking systems. Where somebody is, (a movement occurs), the camera (with audio) centers on the subject area and records.

To be one step better and to assist in prosecutions of real bad asses is having officers badges imbedded with devices electronically tuned to track the officer so if something happens it is recorded for the potential prosecution of an assailant.

This will work for both a freaked out aggressive drunk and a freaked out aggressive cop. Works for everyone.

Why no audio before, and if not now, why?

Just the facts ma'am
Thanks when thanks is due
Comment by David on 12th June 2012
James Ippel thinks we should thank the police for the grerat job they are doing. Okay. Thank you Terrace RCMP for beating the crap out of aboriginal people. Thanks so much.
Thank goodness for reasonable people
Comment by David on 12th June 2012
Everything's relative. Good thing for the victim that Mr. Peters wasn't the perpetrator, or the victim would be in a funeral home right now instead of a hospital. So, I guess that means it's a good thing that the victim is merely brain damaged and not dead.
Can do no wrong
Comment by David on 12th June 2012
I wonder how the victim managed to beat himself up so badly?
Intelligence OPP
Comment by Samantha. on 12th June 2012
I am pretty sure if I smashed up somebody for disrespecting me, I'd be going to jail.
Thank you Merve!
Comment by Gary Mills on 12th June 2012
Merve, I thank you for publicizing these crimes and yes Bryan, anybody with common sense and integrity can see that this was a crime. When ordinary citizens in normal health go into a detachment and come out a vegetable in a coma OR with a bullet to the back of the head, it is pretty obvious a crime has been committed. Only in your world, the rcmp world, is this not the case apparently. And that should be a clue to anybody with any common sense that there is something wrong.
Bryan you are a member of this detachment and I am pretty sure you know the truth about what went down (even if you weren't actually there). Yet you still defend these actions? And you claim to hold your head high? You must have a different set of morals than I do I guess because in your shoes I would be totally embarrassed and ashamed to be affiliated with these actions, let alone defend them.
And welcome to the new world of BLOG publishing Bryan.... it is NOT anonymous, just takes a little more digging that's all. But the anonymous thing is just a red herring you people desperately bring up because you can't attack the truth of the story.
Comment by Brad H on 12th June 2012
Here's are some facts for you;
*Fact is truth or reality, not an opinion, an editorial, an insinuation, or a skewed perspectives of.

As of Jan 2012 the City of Terrace has installed and has fully functioning in all of its cells and cell block areas a "state of the art" digital video recording system.

This system records any areas that a "visitor" may travel or be kept within the detachment 24/7. Video is now kept for years instead of months.

System such as this are mandated by the province to be installed in all detachments in BC. Terrace is roughly 2 years ahead of the deadline for this project.

So before you throw out your baseless claims of brutality and beatings how about you wait for the evidence to come out.
The Truth
Comment by N/A on 12th June 2012
I hope the truth on this comes out. Some nurses told me that in addition to beating this man in the jail cell, the police mis-represented the events and told hospital staff that he was simply drunk.

The hospital didn't "botch" the treatment. They were deliberately given misleading information by the RCMP, who were trying to cover their tracks. The misinformation resulted in the medical staff overlooking Mr. Wright's head trauma, and consequently discharged him twice when he needed treatment.

Please don't implicate the Mills Memorial staff who may well have been doing their job properly. Their honest mistake appears to be the result of lies put forth by an RCMP officer.
Not sure how to take this???
Comment by EF on 12th June 2012
Well first off, they should be respect for the members of our RCMP. Yes there MIGHT be some who abuse there power of authority but that is the same in any job position. Is it right that this man was brutally beaten??? No but we were not there, we do not know what happened. We do not know the circumstances of the situation. Do I believe in beating someone into submission NO but I do believe that getting the facts of a story straight is VERY important. Again unless you hear straight from the horses mouth or you were their yourself how can you claim this to be true????
However my heart goes out to this man, no one deserves to live in his position no matter the circumstances.
A good start
Comment by Mr. Peters on 11th June 2012
If a few more of the idiots in this town received a good tune up once in a while, there might just be less shit going on in town. Social Darwinism is not a bad thing.

As far as I am concerned the RCMP put up with to much shit to begin with. When dealing with people if someone spit on me, it would be the last thing that person would do.

The RCMP should be rewarded for their patience in putting up with the idiots and not just used as a scape goat.
More of us should speak out!
Comment by anonymous on 11th June 2012
I believe that this incident did happen as stated. I myself have witnessed first hand the brutality of the Terrace RCMP. I to was pulled over for suspected drinking when I had not consumed any alcohol and was told I was "non compliant". When I felt what they were doing was wrong and how they were speaking to me was wrong, the lack of respect ran both ways. After a trip to cells and the excessive force used by the RCMP, I also know what the RCMP are capable of. Section 12 of the Charter of rights says "everyone has the right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. What would you call what happened to Mr. Wright? What about myself and many others that have not come forward publically. I encourage anyone that has experianced the physical abuse/excessive force by the RCMP to come forward. Lets see how many cases there really are. The RCMP needs to be held accountable to what some of them have been doing. Yes not all are bad apples, but the bad apples are overpowering the force. The person who commented that the Police need Policing...your absolutely right. Google the "blue code of silence or blue wall of silence" of course they will protect each other. Thank god I did not have the outcome that Mr. Wright had. I sympathize with the Wright family and hope that everything will work out for the family. I wish that the family finds the strength to get through this and that Mr. Wright will be successful and have justice done.
We happened to get it before the rest - if they even report
Comment by Terrace Daily on 11th June 2012
A note from the author, who of course wishes to remain unknown.

Hi Merv,
Thanks for posting my write up and linking my blog. I am sure the dishonorable and despicable RCMP would resort to harassment, persecution, and perhaps trumped up charges to shut me up, so I prefer to keep my identity a secret, like Zorro- only I don't have a horse.

The BCCLA is giving organizing a media event about Robert Wright tomorrow.....

Heather Prisk posted in Robert Wright Support Group today - find her on facebook.

Be sure you watch for MEDIA RELEASE regarding...

Heather Prisk 3:23pm Jun 11

Be sure you watch for MEDIA RELEASE regarding Rob tomorrow which will be taking place in Vancouver. BC Civil Liberty Association contacted me regarding Rob's injury which occurred while in Terrace RCMP custody. Rob's cousin Denise Miller will be reading my statement as well as giving one of her own.

Best regards to you.

So, in a nutshell we will all have to wait for the wash to dry.
Agree with Bryan and Roy
Comment by James Ippel on 11th June 2012
I can'nt beleive that this was published in the Front Page Daily.
Merv makes it quite plain that the first and last name of the writer must be displayed. Does this only apply to those who don't agree with him?
The accusations made in this article are absolutely appauling, and I am sure, without justification other then to bring attention to some idiot(s) who are afraid to publish their names.
It is easy to place blame with the Police, but have any of the accusers thought that any injuries suffered by this person may have been inflicted by other prisoners? Mouthy individuals get tuned in by other prisoners, it happens in a heartbeat, and the Police, no matter how diligent, have no way of preventing it.
Norm, are you serious when you say get rid of the RCMP? If you think your policing costs are high now, get your own citly police force and watch the costs skyrocket.
The citizens of Terrace have no idea of how lucky they are when it comes to policing costs. The City of Terrace pays for X amount of Members who are assigned as Municipal Strength, and work in the
City of Terrace. You then have your Provincial Strength who are paid for by the Province, and are supposed to police all areas outside of City Limits. Check with the rural areas and determine how often they have regular patrols. Ask the people of Lakelse Lake when they saw a police car on routine patrol. Check with any rural area, and you will find they rarely see a police patrol. Now, where are these Provincially assigned Members? Let me enlighten you-they are patroling the streets of Terrace upholding the law because there are not enough Municipal Members on duty, and the Provincial contingent is giving FREE POLICING to the City of Terrace. If the Regional District and Province insisted that Provicially paid members patrol only rural areas, the City would have to hire a quite few more police at a cost of about 2% per member on your property taxes.
I believe the police in Terrace are doing a good job, and should be commened for their work instead of constantly be critisized. Even you who constantly critisize are not perfect.
Comment by me on 11th June 2012
Well somebody's gotta call it like it is and that's Merv. I hope things work out for the Wright family. There are people that should not call themself or themselves Peace Officers!! This just proves that the Police need Policing too.
I Second Bryan's Disbelief
Comment by Roy Harding on 11th June 2012
I can't believe this was published.

I followed the link to the blog site it was originally published on, and it became VERY apparent that whoever writes the blog has an agenda - and that agenda is definitely NOT in favour of law enforcement.

Whilst on the blog site, I attempted to find some kind of "About Us" or "Contact Us" link - to no avail.

While I DO believe that there are instances of brutality in not only the RCMP, but EVERY police force in our country, I DON'T believe that these occurrences are indicative of the mindset of most of the individual members of these forces, nor are they indicative of any institutional mindset in the forces in general. For the most part, in my experience, those forces are joined by honourable men and women whose motivation is to assist our society in general, and to uphold the law honourably in specific.

I usually appreciate the articles posted on The Terrace Daily as a (usually) reliable alternative to what is published in the MSM - but in this case, I cannot give any credence at all to whatever this mystery group is claiming.
Problem Solver...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 11th June 2012
Here's a Problem Solver.

NEVER degrade yourself enuf to get in trouble with the Law in the first place. Clap, clap - done!

This article reminds me of the crazy skateboarders weaving in/about cars on the 2-laned overpass RIGHT on the roadway! But, God forbid they get injured and will sue our asses off if we hit them. Get my drift?!

Stay away from trouble and all should be well.

And frankly! I take offense to people not respecting our RCMP members! Sure, there's the odd one here and there who needs to leave, just like in our own places of employment and those in our own families who need to buckle up.

From the Daily Accounts of RCMP activity in our area...looks like the entire CITY is repeatedly calling the RCMP for assistance. Apparently, we still trust them.
fire rcmp
Comment by Norm on 11th June 2012
I think it's about time the city should look at other forms of policing than the rcmp
Comment by Michelle on 11th June 2012
Goodle RCMP Brutality!! So many horrifying cases its sad! How many horror stories has this town alone heard of RCMP brutality. For a small town far too many.
This is disgusting, THEY are disgusting. How are you suppose to have respect for a uniform that has been so tarnished so many times. I myself am a law abiding citizen and have little, if any trust in our police officers here In Terrace. Something Needs to change in regards to the the RCMP. Possibly Assesments Anually!!!! Not all are horrible people but a few bad apples ruin the bunch and with terrifying stories such as this all are left categorized as Vicious "gang Members" who no one will trust!
Who is StatusoftheStatusQuo?
Comment by Jeff Rueger on 11th June 2012
So you can make all sorts of accusations against the RCMP but can't post under your real name? Doing so detracts from your claims and casts doubt on the veracity of them.