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CONTRIBUTION · 17th June 2012
J.Brian Waddington
JUN 17

Well this Is Embarrassing Australia Is Losing The Race To Destroy The Oceans And Canada Is Winning It ~ Australia Protects 40% of Their Oceans Canada Protects 0.8%

I really hate it when people compare apples and oranges and complain because the apple is not the orange. So lets get some basic facts straight. Australia and Canada were both colonized by England. We both have massive coastlines. The oceans that surround both countries teem with life and natural resources. Governments in both countries claim to be looking after the oceans. Basic fact of life... Australia and Canada are not the same type of apple but we are both apples. Australia protects 40% of the oceans surrounding their country. Canada protects zero point eight percent (0.8%).

Another interesting comparison is that Canada has the Athabaskan Tar Sands and our Prime Minister has decided to build Canada's future on them. Australia has no Tar Sands in production and their Prime Minister has not announced plans to base Australia's economic future on the worlds dirtiest and deadliest carbon based fuel. This simple reality means many things but above all it means Australia can protect the oceans while Canada must commit to destroying the oceans.

Yes I said Canada must commit to the destruction of the oceans. Understand and understand this well. The Canadian, American and Chinese governments are planning to transport Dilbit from the Athabaskan Tar Sands to Kitimat via a pipeline. From Kitimat the Dilbit will be moved via Supertanker up and down the B.C. coast to both the U.S.A. and China. Eventually one of the ,,, 300 supertankers per year transporting Dilbit will have a catastrophic spill.

When this happens the coast of B.C. will be changed. Changed in a worst case scenario as thoroughly as if some one had detonated a nuclear bomb over it.

Dilbit is not oil. Dilbit is a slurried Bitumen. It does not mix with water nor does it float, it sinks. Once on the ocean floor it covers and smothers every living thing. Canada has committed to the production and transportation of Dilbit. Canada has committed to the destruction of the oceans.