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P.S.A.'S · 21st June 2012
Terrace Daily News


It is the longest day of the year. June 21st, every year is considered the start of summer. It is the Summer solstice; solstice meaning ‘sun stand still’. Every day from here on in until the Winter Solstice, days get progressively shorter.

Humans divide the year into quarters. The longest day of the year, today is the high point of a cross. This quarter lasts until the day when the day hours and night hours are equal, hence the word equinox. The fall equinox is the first day of autumn, September 21. This lasts until just before Christmas, the Winter Solstice and winter lasts until the Spring equinox.

Spring equinox is watched more closely than most as this determines the date of Easter. The first Sunday following the first full moon following March 21 is Easter Sunday.

In Canada we have recently begun calling this day, June 21st, National Aboriginal Day. It is a day we use to celebrate the Indian heritage, the Aboriginals, First Nations, Indigenous, the original inhabitants culture.

In Terrace this weekend the City Park in the center of town, George Little Park, will be teeming with celebrations. Dancing will commence and drumming will fill the air.

Agenda June 23, 2012 For National Aboriginal Day in George Little Park

(MC William Wesley)
10 am Traditional Ceremony
Opening Prayer
... Vera Dudoward (Xbishuundt) or Sharron Bryant
Xbishuundt Welcome
10:30 Welcome Remarks from Dignitaries

11:30 Aboriginal Head Start walk in

12:00 Role Model awards

12:30 Gitlaxdax Dancers

1:00 King Crow

1:30 Skeena River Delta Dancers

2:00 Coast Mountain School District 82 Dancers

2:45 Dalton Thomkinson

3:00 Boss Blues

3:15 Haisla/Kitlope Dancers

3:45 Ewald Arndt

4:00 Tony & Jammers

4:30 Leonard Gawa

4:45 Dalton Thomkinson


5:15 North of memphis

6:00 Ed Ryan

6:45 Bad Reputation