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REPORTING · 22nd June 2012
Merv Ritchie
Flying under the radar are new rules for development, building and auto sales in Thornhill and the region around Terrace. Tonight at the Regional District Kitimat Stikine (RDKS) the elected board will be voting on a set of new bylaws.

Building anything, developing any piece of land will require following an entirely new set of procedures. Anyone selling cars will now need to be licenced with the BC Vehicle Sales Authority and will be limited to 30 vehicles on the site.

New fines, new restrictions, new permit fees, required signage and more fill dozens of pages of material residents will now need to read and understand prior to hammering a nail in Thornhill.

Although there is far too much to cover for a comprehensive look at the documents, the signage required to advise the neighbourhood of a proposed addition to a home or development of a property is significant.

The signage will be unavoidable. Four feet by four feet on half inch plywood.

If one does anything that contravenes the new bylaw they will be subject to a possible $2000 fine and the costs of the prosecution.

There have been numerous construction projects over the years which fell far outside the requirements and standards set by the RDKS and this new set of bylaws are attempting to address the various issues the board has had to deal with over the years.

The RDKS board meeting begins tonight at 7 pm in the third floor boardroom at 4545 Lazelle Avenue. Copies of the new bylaw can be obtained there.

The Terrace Daily will be broadcasting the meeting on livestream.
Come on
Comment by Dave on 23rd June 2012
You've been at most RD meetings for a long long time and have seen the many issues the RD's planning and development staff have had to move through, the mine fields, and still try to do the best for the majority of property owners. You are also aware of the restrictions they have to work under through various levels of legislation and by-laws.
You also know the dilema the planning committee has in dealing with various cases of infractions, "do what you want until you get caught and then pleading for exemptions".
When people do what they want it sometimes infringes upon neighbours, their life style and their property values that some have invested heavily in - financially and their hard work and living within civilizations rules that are meant for the best interest of the majority. It's called community development.
Would you invest mega dollars in a development to provide more housing in the area if you couldn't sell it because no one wants to buy where the neighbours can do what ever they want because it's good for them?
There are plenty of areas in the RD where the restrictions are few - buy there if that's the lifestyle you really want.
The RD is not the Federal Government or the Provincial Government - they are your local neighbours and the larger community members who all try and make things work for the majority.
They are not in the pockets of political contributors or big business.
I have never criticized your reporting in the past but please put a little balance in what you "print" that can upset so many people.
like it the way it is.
Comment by Lulu on 22nd June 2012
There's pros and cons to regulations. Maybe we don't like the look of shanty towns, but if gas gets scarce, and prices of groceries keep going up, maybe a neighbour with a cow is not such a bad idea. Hate to have to travel 100 miles to get my milk and eggs.
No Agenda!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 22nd June 2012
I don't think that the RDKS has any hidden agenda, but rather is trying to stay in step with, as an example the City of Terrace, when it comes to building codes.
We all like to see a semblance of order in the advancement of construction, road building, etc., and this must be regulated. Without reguation we will see the growth of Shanty Towns, and in all honesty, many years ago we saw this in Thornhill when there was absolutely no reguation on contruction of buildings.
Gav--you are living in the 21st century. Get used to controls, or go live in the bush, at least 100 miles from anyone.
live and let live
Comment by Lulu on 22nd June 2012
The non-conformity in Thornhill has always been part of its charm.
Comment by gav on 22nd June 2012
how about you money gubbers get a life, get off my property and get . . .
Might be time...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 22nd June 2012

These restrictions are ... well...oddly restrictive. Any reasoning behind it all?

Might be time for Thornhill to amalgamate in with Terrace. Which makes me wonder if there is a hidden agenda in producing these new restrictions in the first place.