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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd June 2012
Agenda June 23, 2012 For National Aboriginal Day in George Little Park

(MC William Wesley)
10 am Traditional Ceremony
Opening Prayer
... Vera Dudoward (Xbishuundt) or Sharron Bryant
Xbishuundt Welcome
10:30 Welcome Remarks from Dignitaries

11:30 Aboriginal Head Start walk in

12:00 Role Model awards

12:30 Gitlaxdax Dancers

1:00 King Crow

1:30 Skeena River Delta Dancers

2:00 Coast Mountain School District 82 Dancers

2:45 Dalton Thomkinson

3:00 Boss Blues

3:15 Haisla/Kitlope Dancers

3:45 Ewald Arndt

4:00 Tony & Jammers

4:30 Leonard Gawa

4:45 Dalton Thomkinson


5:15 North of memphis

6:00 Ed Ryan

6:45 Bad Reputation
Excellent job
Comment by Gitxsan person on 24th June 2012
All comes back to time, people working,
not alot of communities take on such a big event like this ..
No matter what day it is I believe When we all come together like this no matter race or culture we
Keep out traditions stong! All I seen were lots of happy faces.. Especially children! That's what it's about teaching the young ones!!!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 24th June 2012
During the opening ceremonies, the Metis representative mistakenly identified people like me as being "Metis." Although I am of mixed blood, I am NOT Metis. I am Tsimshian. Period.

Tsimshian are matrilineal and matriarchal. Although we acknowledge and respect our Fathers, our ethnicity is defined by our Mothers. Two of my fore-fathers were non-Tsimshian. My grandfather was a Methodist minister (from England), and the other a German-American. This does not make me "Metis." Mother was a Tsimshian chief-matriarch, and so are we Tsimshian.

We learned that Metis are half Cree, and half French. I realize that they would like to inflate their numbers, possibly in efforts to claim more political power and influence. They are only convoluting and tainting already dicey, and important political realities here in Tsimshian Territory, by stretching the truth.
Aboriginal Day June 21st 2012
Comment by Tsimshian Kitsumkalum Member on 23rd June 2012
Aboriginal Day is to awaken the culture across Canada. 1996 Governor General Romeo Leblanc was the leader to catalyst this day.

To me as "Native". This particular day belongs to all Canadians the Native People's of Canada.


When you are born in this country you are Native. Oh Canada our home and Native Land.

Now (How Ever).

European Hierarchy still controls our daily lives. The Queen Corporation is real operation since 16th century.

The Queen and her subjects are not Native to this land. She owns all the towns, cities through out the common wealth, Canada - Australia - Africa - (Pretty Well the British Empire ).

CTV news Royal media public officer. Announced recently the Queen. Has gained 15 percent pay raise $$$.

They explained how she makes her money and pays taxes to her Governments a$$$.

1. They own Real Estate all around the Common Wealth. Private properties such as Water, land, almost everything. This Corporation has been established in 16th century.

Now the Queen Monarch Subjects:

So she owns the town of Terrace BC, a percentage of taxes, go directly to them.
The Royal Canadian Mountain Police will come knocking on your door. (If you do not pay land taxes, to the Queen).

The Queen owns and invented the internet. The British designed www (world wide web).

So Terrace BC economy European- Prince Rupert BC majority of BC towns, cities European Culture all based on service to the Queen Corporation.

When you look at the whole entire system. You see the Native People of Canada.

Well who are they?

Are they First Nations?

Are they Indians from Indian from Indian Act. That are prisoners of war codes ( I R 1 - 2 - 3 )

Now look at Canada in 21st century. With the Colonial Government.

Terrace BC is no longer a free town. The town is totally camera 100% monitoring. Each corner you walk on a camera is watching your every move. That Data goes to the (HQ).

Terrace BC has growing movement to say No Enbridge. Save our land, stuff like that. Which goes against the (Stephen Harper Government and Corporation Private Sector).

My point is:

Aboriginal Day Native Peoples Of Canada. Was designed to save the culture of Canada. Canada means Village: With in that Village is Native People.

Right now all the Native People of Canada. Are in Country wide Prison Camp.

Scary you will see the truth.

Welcome to Prison Canada. Enbridge, mining operations in power. Will change, alter this country future for ever.

So the question marks now?

Are you Slaves or you Free as Natives!

Comment by Terry on 23rd June 2012
thanks for moving abdays to saturday . this way we/us get to celebrate it twice.
In Janice's defense...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 23rd June 2012
In Janice's defense...National Aboriginal "Day" (not week) is June 21, as is also noted in calendar form.

Practice is that the National Aborginal Day is actually very casually skipped to celebrate on the nearest w/end instead. You know...cuz everyone is busy working during the weekdays.

We were unable to attend the Opening Ceremonies today and then checked online for what else was happening. All I can find is that for the rest of the day/evening is band after band performing. That's fantastic. But,'s National Aboriginal "day". After the opening ceremony that we unfortunately missed due to familiar committments...'any further cultural things going on for the rest of the day at the park? Fish BBQ? Bannock? Booths selling cultural items or information booths on keeping the language alive, etc etc. Anything "authentic"?

Maybe we'll swing by later and take a peek.
Comment by ed braun on 23rd June 2012
I don't understand who janice is referring to when using terms such as "they/you " or "them"as in the following sentance from her comment;

They/you moved it to a weekend to be more convenient to them/you.
It is not clear if they /you , are pointing an accusatory finger at the cheif, or band council or even which band she faults for the fact that the first nations are celebrating "Indian day" on the weekend as opposed to the actual solstice.
Thanks alot Janice...
Comment by Nancy on 23rd June 2012
It's nice to know the real history of the day. However, I know I won't be late to see the Gitlaxdax dancers!! Wish there was more local dancers performing.
Um..."Aboriginal Day" was on June 21st.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 23rd June 2012
Our day is on June 21st....perennially. On the same day as the Summer Solstice. That means something to us.

They/you moved it to a weekend to be more convenient to them/you.

Don't forget, little ones......Indian Day in Canada IS ON THE SAME DAY AS THE SUMMER SOLSTICE. Period.

Welcome to Tsimshian Territory.