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CONTRIBUTION · 24th June 2012
Local Business Women
At 11:30 am at the entrance to the North West Community College Longhouse in Terrace on June 19, thirty women gathered (a few with small toddlers), dressed in black with blue solidarity scarves around their necks, to show their unconditional condemnation of Enbridge Pipeline project.

An event billed as, “Women Building Communities”, sponsored by Enbridge Inc. was taking place inside the Tsimshian Longhouse named “Waap Galt'Ap”. This was on the same day Enbridge's Athabasca pipeline was spilling 230,000 litres of heavy crude oil southeast of Elk Point, Alberta.

“Enbridge is calling this women building communities”, stated Ann Parker, “We’re here to tell them we have already built our communities.” Parker claims she joined the gathering to show her total discontent with the Enbridge Inc. tactics and their proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline (ENGP) project.

For two hours the solidarity gathering of Terrace and Kitimat business leaders sang songs, and according to Parker, discussed the absurdity of the ENGP project.

“Unfortunately we watched a few women entering the event. Apparently, some of the local women still believe in Enbridge’s advertising campaign slogans. Perhaps they were hoping to have some sort of intelligent discussion with a multibillion dollar corporation. Well, we all know the saying - money talks, BS walks.”

Although Enbridge representatives came out several times offering a free lunch for the women gathered encouraging them to join the discussion around the table, they refused to dignify any offer from Enbridge.

“I am hoping we sent them a strong message; the message that people in Northern BC are not for sale and no amount of brain washing or free lunches will lure us to support their senseless project.” stated Parker.
You go girls!!
Comment by tictac on 4th July 2012
Great to see them stand up to the corporate bully! I live in Kitimat and have to applaud these women for having the courage to do so. Not only will they taint our environment, our whole way of life will change. More women will go into poverty because of the expansion, yet people don't see the picture now. With the way it is here, a vast majority of single mothers work in the service industry making $10 an hour. Rent has gone through the roof! I don't know anyone that would rent a mold infested place with extermely old piping - circa 1960 for $1000 dollars. These are attempts made here in Kitimat and its going to get worse! A friend of mine, who is employed with 2 kids is biting her nails hoping that at the end of her lease, they wont attempt to change her $700 a month rental to $1000 because its the going rate. At that, she works 2 jobs and is still having a hard enough time paying the rent, bills and food with the rate she has now. I am hoping that the Ladies will bring this issue forward and make this one of their mandates. Enbridge doesn't just affect the environment, they also affect communities as well.
I am standing.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 25th June 2012
I stand to show my respect, and support for these women of Terrace.

When the women (Mothers) of a community are happy and strong, we all have a chance at joy and health.

When women cry, and their heads look heavy when they walk......the village is in despair.

These women look happy, purposeful and strong as they say "No!" to Enbridge. Thankyou.
Why wah!
I am applauding
Comment by blocky bear on 25th June 2012
You go girls! d.b.