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CONTRIBUTION · 28th June 2012
Terrace Daily
The Conservative Quebec Senator, however, faces potentially more humiliating circumstances if he loses another battle he’s been quietly fighting in Federal Court for over a year involving a former junior staffer with an Aboriginal organization and allegations of “drunk” sexual harassment.

On Wednesday morning, Brazeau personally apologized to Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn for calling her a bitch on Twitter Tuesday in response to an article she wrote about the Senator’s abysmal attendance record.

“While u smile Jen, others suffer. Change the D to a B in your last name and we’re even! Don’t mean it but needs saying (sic),” wrote Brazeau.

Ditchburn reported that Brazeau, 37, missed 25 per cent of the Senate’s 72 sittings between June 2011 and April 2012. During that same time span, Brazeau also missed 65 per cent of the Aboriginal peoples Senate committee of which he is a member.

Brazeau said on Twitter that personal reasons were behind his absences.

Pundits and journalists have savaged Brazeau on Twitter and in print, some have even accused him of misogyny.

Story Here

Historical Story on Court Case Here
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 30th June 2012
I think the Reform party wanted an elected senate. But then they said a lot of things like Manning not moving into Stornoway or Reform MP's taking the MP pension and we all know what happened there. I recall they also promised accountability and all those warm fuzzy things and then once they had a majority of seats.. well you know how that worked out.

@ james ippel
Comment by Terry on 30th June 2012
I thought your question was rhetorical . I think every one already knows that bigots come in all colours and shades within the colours.
,,, Helmut did harpo not run for a while on the premiss that he would either make the senate elected or abolish it ? but now he's just using it as the crony bin it's always been .
,,, the concerned aboriginal are there any other colours sitting in the aboriginal senate than red . for example does the native senate have a token white in it ? btw he being in that special senate was a dead giveaway as to his race don't you think ?
Yes Jim!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 30th June 2012
I would feel the same way if the senator(s)was an NDP bagman or party functionary. The senate is obsolete.
Abolish the Senate
Comment by Samantha on 30th June 2012
Actually, Mr. Ippel the NDP have consistantly called to abolish the Senate. there is no purpose except to offer lifetime jobs to those who failed to be elected. So your question in theory makes no sense. No Conservative or Liberal is going to appoint an NDP supporter to the senate and if given the opportunity in power, the NDP have said they would abolish or completely overhaul it, in the direction of no appointees.

I think the question is..who is the best drunks?
Comment by Nancy on 30th June 2012
Do white senators make better drunks vs. Indian senators? We can spend money on taking a poll, survey or referendum but it is all the same, power, money hungry drunks is our senate!! Yay Canada, So Proud to be Canadian! Let's Celebrate this July 1st Shall We?!
Comment by James Ippel on 29th June 2012
Would your attitude be the same if this guy was an NDP Senator. Methinks not.
I agree with you that we should get rid of this bunch of parasites (are you over your suffering heart palpatations yet because I agree with you?)
Why has no one commented on my answer to Janice? Does no one have the B,,,lls to agree with what I said? No racail remarks, no discriminatory remarks, but not a single comment.

Am I for once on the right track, or dillusionally think so???????????????????????????
Hey folks!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 29th June 2012
The only qualification for becoming a senator is that you have to be a bagman or loyal party functionary for one of the major parties. It helps if you couldn't get elected under that party banner . It is also a reward for $upport. The best thing that could happen is that we get rid of this bunch of parasites and get rid of the whole upper chamber alltogether. It is a relic of mideaval times. This particular senator just provides more justification to do that.
re wow
Comment by Terry on 29th June 2012
that's the trouble with finger pointing . Btw tobacco deaths last year world wide were 5 million people last year . so the last 100 years one could say 100 million people died as a direct result of tobacco . and how many more in the prior 400 years ? the important thing to note is that no one was forced to smoke . no one is forced to drink . finger pointing is as a result of lack education and perspective . janice the native part of you owes the white part of you an apology and the white part of you owes the native part of you an apology .
sugar addicts
Comment by janne on 29th June 2012
Add to alcohol that sugar is another killer of people regardless of the colour of their skin. The soaring diabetes rates prove it.
Comment by concerned aboriginal on 28th June 2012
inspite of the comments here, frankly what i find most disturbing is that the contributer of this piece uses the term 'indian' in the title, why not just say "conservative senator" or "senator", why turn it into a race thing that propagates comments such as have been submitted.... his ethnicity is of no concern or consequence ultimately, however his poor attendence is. and by pointing out his ethnicity, the contributer insinuates that the two are related.... is it really such a wonder how and why racism persists....
Comment by James Ippel on 28th June 2012
You refer to Senator Brazeua as "just another drunken Indian." If I were to say that I would be branded a racist, and discriminatory.
If an" Afro-American" calls another Afro-American a Nigger, it is alright. If a white man did this he is a racist.
If an Indian calls a white man a "Honkey white Bastard" it is OK.
When is this bull going to end??

One more thing, the white man introduced the native to alcohol, but the native introduced the white man to tobacco.

The question remains: which kills more?
Pre-Columbian American Indians had alcohol
Comment by James on 28th June 2012
Archaeologists recently found that 800-year-old potsherds belonging to the Pueblos of the American Southwest contained bits of fermented residue typical in beer production.

Before the discovery, historians thought a pocket of Pueblos in New Mexico did not have alcohol at all, despite being surrounded by other beer-making tribes, until the Spanish arrived with grapes and wine in the 16th century.
Comment by Terry on 28th June 2012
to point your finger at europeans for the introduction of alcohol not only smears europeans but perpetuates the myth of technologically inferior natives . This myth being voiced by you is wrong . When the Spanish arrived in mexico and else where alcohol was being produced at an industrial scale . the myth you are perpetuating reminds me of some saying the aliens built the stone work in north and south america because how could lowly natives possibly build anything that advanced . plus natives had no written language . this myth grew out of the churches burning all native books save two that the Maya managed to save from destruction . alcohol and drug use was very much alive long before the europeans set foot in the americas . trading routes were extensive no doubt grease from the north was traded for peyote from the south . Berries ferment on their own . I think you and many others under estimate the height of native technology . Europeans did not bring americans tobacco and coaca leaves . Natives brought europeans that scourge . The mummies of egypt contain coaca and the natives of the americas were sailors . you do the math and stop pointing your finger . It does you a disservice .
How to become a Senator
Comment by David on 28th June 2012
The prime consideration to becoming a Senator is that you must be a bona fide alcoholic. Usually candidates are in their 70s and 80s, though. Not sure how a young guy like Brazeau got in there. Must have drank an awful lot to qualify at such an early age.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 28th June 2012
Alcohol continues to be the number one killer among Canadian First Nations people. When Europeans first set foot among us, they were sickly, needy and starving. The holds in their ships held no food! They were loaded instead with booze, used to engage in "chemical warfare." Native leaders warned their people about the dangers of alcohol consumption, and some chiefs smartly ban(ned) it from their territories.

If alcohol were "invented" today, it would be declared a toxic substance and meth.
I have never met an Indian who can drink alcohol socially....ever. Patrick Brazeau is a drunk, yet he has managed to attain high status among white people. How did this happen, and why?

First Nations administrators should be healthy and alcohol-free, at all levels (especially in healthcare, politics and housing).

When Senator Patrick Brazeau drinks socially, he's just another drunken Indian. Shame on him.