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CONTRIBUTION · 1st July 2012
Globe and Mail Drew Hayden Tay
Native people apologize back!

Canada Day has always been a mixed bag for Canada’s native people. It makes us think of many things: patriotism, flags, sunburned cottagers, barbeques and exploding fireworks. That’s the good stuff.

For some, though, it’s a reminder that it was four years ago when Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized to the first nations, Inuit and Métis inhabitants of this country for the imposition and effects of the infamous residential-school system.

Since then, much has been said and written about that apology: Did it go far enough? Too little too late? What’s next? That is something I am afraid only educated, wealthy white men in positions of power can decide.

However, some in the native community feel that perhaps we are being a little lax in not issuing an apology of our own.

We are not without some culpability. In the centuries that have passed since that fateful day of contact, we ourselves have been negligent and irresponsible in not acknowledging our liability in many regretful incidents and events in the past.

So in the spirit of cooperation, I would like to offer up these apologies to the people of Canada on behalf of the NAFNIP (native/aboriginal/first nations/indigenous people):

The Reality:
Comment by Tsimshian Native on 4th July 2012
Blood tribe hereditary chiefs provided a name. For Stephen Harper. Question is why?

The Blood Tribe belongs to Harper now. When the elders did a ceremony with Stephen Harper. Those ancient words date back tens, of thousands years.

To understand, the creator of life, ancestors to blood tribe. Were witnessing the event. From the Supernatural realm. Not all people can accept the fact of indigenous beliefs that Creator and ancestors the spirit world do not exist. So they create a mentality its hoax or acting (sub human).

When King George signed the treaty 1763 Royal Proclamation. Recognized the Indian Lands in Upper Canada. He had ceremony with Indian Tribes, like Stephen Harper did with the blood tribe.

Reason the Indigenous people believe that Creator of life is (supernatural) that ancestors, native spirituality are all connected as one web of life.

The elders, chiefs who witnessed King George ceremony 1763 Royal Proclamation. When the Treaty was settled with British Crown. That if the Treaty is not up held. The people apart of the ceremony will perish, or turn mad.

King George who proceeded 1763 Royal Proclamation. He was recognized going crazy after the ceremony took place.

However: History repeating itself. Stephen Harper is clearly crazy. His actions continuing with development of on all natural resources in Canada. Were the pollution will be so bad, everyone will be crying because how foolish they voted him in.

So my advise, get out of the country.

I apologize too...
Comment by Janice Robinson on 3rd July 2012
For enjoying Drew Hayden-Taylor's apology in the Globe and Mail, on behalf of Canadian First Nations people.

I apologize for the smile on my face.
I got the nerve to be happy.

Thankyou Creator!
red face
Comment by Terry on 2nd July 2012
is it me or does anyone else feel that a white guy putting on war paint and a war bonnet is like a white guy wearing blackface . it creeps me out and seems just a little more than politically incorrect.
This article is not satire...
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 2nd July 2012
as many in the G&M comment section are suggesting. IMO it is the rantings of a bitter and racist writer and serves to promote further racism rather than bringing closure to harms done in the past.

These comment don't help much
Comment by Maggie on 2nd July 2012
What a useless diatribe. Note to Self: don't go to any plays written by this guy; the boycott is on!