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CONTRIBUTION · 6th July 2012
Alex Tsakumis
There is no greater evidence I have ever released that proves this. She should immediately resign–in disgrace. Why she’s chosen to so brazenly lie about her certain involvement in the scandalous, corrupt sale of BC Rail, is beyond me, but I am hoping that she will have to finally answer to the law at a judicial inquiry.

The evidence below screams for one!

What you are about to read, primarily, are official RCMP transcripts that were part of the evidence delivered to the Special Prosecutor. Charges were recommended against David Basi and Robert Virk, but against no one else.

You will read glaring, painfully obvious inconsistencies in Erik Bornmann‘s sworn statement, against the backdrop of wiretap evidence collected by the RCMP. For example, Bornmann claims that his Cabinet level information came from Basi–but predominantly Virk.

And yet, in the same evidence binder, I found wiretap transcripts that clearly detail a conversation (actually three such conversations) between Dave Basi and Erik Bornmann, when Erik Bornmann makes abundantly clear: He was responsible for making sure Christy Clark, while a sitting Deputy Premier, was in a specific Cabinet meeting to do OmniTRAX’s bidding for them.

These revelations are absolutely heart-stopping. Where the hell was the RCMP? And the Crown? Remember Janet Winteringham’s public statement that there was “no evidence” of any “elected officials” committing to “wrongdoing.”


Let’s begin our look. I’ll let you be the judge.

Here is what Basi and Virk were charged with. The below is from the sworn statement of Sgt. Kevin deBruyckere, Team Captain of the Basi-Virk investigation squad. He was and remains the brother-in-law of then Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party Kelly Reichert, who is on other wiretap evidence, offering Dave Basi a bribe–and Reichert was NEVER questioned on this matter. When I once asked the good Sgt. ‘why’, he calmly looked me in the eye, and said he “couldn’t remember anything like that.”

So, have a look at this:
A long read but worth it.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th July 2012
I don't find it confusing but all the detail may be required to avoid the charge of editing. If you read through it, it becomes obvious that all this information would have come out in the trial had it been allowed to continue. The reason that the BC taxpayer had to contribute $6 million for the court costs of Basi and Virk in order to settle (read "keep this buried") is clear.

Nothing short of a Judicial Inquiry will determine whether we got hosed twice - once on the sale of BC Rail and once to keep the truth from getting out to bury the BC LIberals.
Very Confusing...
Comment by So What on 6th July 2012
I don't understand.

There has been more than one editorial here saying the RCMP are lying, racist thugs.

Yet in this they are suddenly trustworthy.

Very interesting
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 6th July 2012
Its no wonder the govt keeps renewing the RCMP contracts ,they keep important information out of public view. Time for an inquiry and hopefully jail time for some of the people involved.