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NEWS RELEASE · 10th July 2012
Terrace Daily News
Motion put before Nelson City Council, Monday 9 July 2012 by Councillor Candace Batycki, which passed;

WHEREAS the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project will result in increased crude oil tanker traffic and risk of accidental oil spills in northern coastal waters in British Columbia;

AND WHEREAS a crude oil spill will have devastating and long lasting effects on the Pacific North Coast area that is recognized for its unique and diverse ocean ecosystems, which provide critical marine habitat and marine resources that sustain the social, cultural, environmental and economic health of coastal communities, including First Nations communities;

AND WHEREAS the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project proposes to deliver tar sands oil for loading onto crude oil tankers and delivery overseas via northern coastal waters;

AND WHEREAS mining of tar sands oil contributes unacceptably to climate change and to degradation of the environment and is contrary to the principles of the BC Climate Action Charter that has been signed by 177 BC local governments, including the City of Nelson, as a commitment to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2012;

AND WHEREAS the Enbridge Pipeline Project would create very few permanent BC jobs or economic development, but would pose grave environmental and economic risks to the province;

AND WHEREAS the Union of BC Municipalities has adopted two motions opposing the Enbridge pipeline project;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Nelson opposes the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project and shall communicate this position to the Federal and Provincial cabinet ministers, who are responsible for decisions on this project, as well as the Prime Minister and the Premier, and the UBCM.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City endorses the Nelson-based Kootenay to Kitimat Caravan, which will leave Nelson on July 16 with the objective of carrying a citizen’s Proclamation of Support to communities in BC who are also in opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.
Get rid of the Conservatives??
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th July 2012
Then what shall we do?
Elect the Green Party? How about voting in the Liberals, or the NDP?

What difference would your party of preference make?

Tommy Douglas and his colleagues forged the concept of Universal healthcare, in Canada, and (miracle of miracles) facilitated the process making it the law of the land. Ever since then, ALL parties have stood by (some by encouragement; some just by numbly, naively scratching their politically hopefully- pensioned arses) as our precious, Canadian birthright has been raped and shrunk.

Humans, and their passions and efforts, make a difference......not parties.

Conservatives do not conserve.
Liberals are not free to vote for their constituencies, and must vote to maintain any kind of power the party may have.
The New Democratic Party is, likewise, not democratic at all. They're all whipped at vote time.
The Green Party is not green, but is a limp, Conservative appendage.

Politics is all about who gets what.....where, and how much. Money, money, money. Taxes!
If lucky, a guy can make a CAREER out of politics...and make it to that coveted pension. Whoop-dee-doo! A winner.......soon to be forgotten (not a Tommy Douglas).

In the meantime, Mother Earth and all her beautiful inhabitants (include the lowly human), pristeen wildernesses, and clean waters.....are turning sour. The environment is a loser. Do you think getting rid of the Conservatives is going to make a difference?

Parties differ in methodologies. Environmental and humanistic outcomes are remarkably similar.

We require statemen, not politicians.
Just say NO?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 13th July 2012
And what are we going to do except bitch and complain about it, We are too lazy and comfortable . To stop all this nonsense we may actually have to revolt to get rid of the conservatives. Is anybody up for that?
Just Say No
Comment by Dave Shannon on 10th July 2012
Thanks to the City of Nelson and Lloyd.

Don't be surprised if the project is approved to see imported Chinese workers building the pipeline. After all there will be a bid by Petro-China or Sinopec to construct it. With the likely low-ball bid, I doubt many North American builders could compete.

How many person-years of employment for locals does THAT guarantee?

Comment by Lloyd on 10th July 2012
This is an excerpt from the previous article.

Perhaps a larger issue at hand is the matter of Canadian energy security and economic sovereignty.

The picture now emerging is of Chinese and American companies owning the companies that harvest our bitumen, using Chinese and American labour to extract it, and building the pipelines to transport it back to their own countries to refine it (where the real jobs are), along with the profits from the whole operation. Moreover, we're only a trade deal away from it being illegal to stop exporting oil to China once we've started. We've already sacrificed much of our resource and economic sovereignty under NAFTA and the privately controlled American corporation, NERC, which we've empowered to regulate our public energy system. Now we're talking about recently retired American soldiers coming up here to build our oil infrastructure, which is more than a little unsettling.
Thank you
Comment by Lloyd on 10th July 2012
Thank you city of Nelson. Now for the rest of the cities/towns in the province to do the same.