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COMMENTARY · 10th July 2012
Merv Ritchie
A socially devastating event, one which occurs with historical regularity, is building momentum within our communities. This developing situation has presently reached critical mass.

In the near future we are likely to see; similar to previous incidents of the present day occurrence, educators referring to this time period in an accusatory manner. Adult citizens of this age might even be grouped into an identifiable stereotype for political study. “What caused the people of this time period to allow their governments or their society to conduct themselves in this manner?”

The debate as to ‘cause and effect’ might last 50 years or more. This event is happening now and will most certainly become a politically historical topic for future textbooks. We are all living in a moment of drama.

It is an easy issue to address and understand.

It is the matter of dissent; those having a different belief; a belief different than a popular understanding; a time when any dissent from the majority opinion, simply expressed as a different point of view or opposite to the norm, is considered offensive. Where vocal, written, poetic, even satirical presentations are deemed seditious; subject to prosecution and most certainly, are socially unacceptable.

This forbiddance of opposition and the acceptance of statutes against dissent by the general population occurs historically on a regular basis. Only a matter of decades separates these regular episodes of social upheaval worthy of a historical record.

Canada is presently in the final chapter, yet to be written. In the following few years writers from other parts of the globe, even Canadians, might write about the people of Canada with an entirely new perspective.

Canadians might be seen as the final Country to fall under this social and political calamity. And this may be considered as one of the most horrific tragedies, the most shocking example of a citizenry blindly being complicit. A country populated by communities of all the nationalities or the world, all cultures, ethnicities and religions, living in peace and harmony, falling under the pressure of forbidden dissent.

Political dogmas; principals of democratic, republic and social foundations are currently falling to principles of totalitarianism. These totalitarian philosophies, presently discussed as the foundations of; fascist, communist and dictatorial regimes, are being employed in Canada as we write.

After Canadian society falls; whether by a conflagration (a destructive military event) or a disposition of the people, society will rebuild. Shortly after the restoration of a dignified society, the new structure will conduct seminars and debates on what happened to the Country of Canada; the early years, the fall and the lessons to be learned.

Today we (those living in Canada today) need to ask ourselves; how do we want to be presented. What image of this time period do we wish to have perceived by future generations. How do we want our great grandchildren, those who will call our children grandma, to think of us? What stories do we envision our grandchildren telling?

Were we jailed standing up for what was right and true? Or were we one of the millions, like the residents of Germany in the late 1930’s and early 40’s who are today studied in sociology classes for their inability to act against their government? Being held liable for something they had no hand in orchestrating?

As the Supreme Court of Canada and Elections Canada hear arguments regarding the last election irregularities, those which would be condemned by Canada had they occurred elsewhere, the Canadian Government continues to function with impunity.

If ever there was a time to use the act of Parliament called “Prorogation”, the measure the Prime Minister used to suspend Parliament while he attempted to hang onto power, it is now. In December 2008 the Prime Minister of Canada used it to hide from a vote of non-confidence. It was a blatant abuse of democracy, even considered illegal. And at the end of 2009, he did it again to hold onto power completely inappropriately, against all principals of Parliamentary tradition.

The government later fell after it was proven, even admitted by the government itself, they broke Canadian election laws. They were found to be guilty of, essentially convicted by the majority of Parliamentarians, a charge of “Contempt” of Parliament. The most serious of charges ever held against a Canadian Government.

After the 2011 Canadian election was held it was determined the election laws were broken yet again. Voter suppression, mis-directed voters, stuffed ballot boxes, etc. etc. Canadians are being played as fools; as a people unable to comprehend the issues. A Conservative representative has even said, ‘If a person presents himself as a Canadian to vote, we should faithfully accept it.’ As if to say Canadians wouldn’t be deceitful. First, the Government itself admitted to election fraud after the previous election and further, even Isreali spys are found claiming to be Canadians, using Canadian passports to deceive.

If ever there was a time to close the doors of Parliament, suspend and retroactively terminate all measures passed in the Canadian House of Commons after the previous election, to “Prorogue Parliament” the time is now.

Canada is falling under a spell. The devastation will be compelling and dramatic.

The demise of society will be comparable to, or worse than the two great world wars of the last century.

Stories will be told, the history will be written, and Canadians will likely be despised. The last hope of humanity, a nation who demonstrated global peace and harmony was possible. A tolerant people for decades reduced to a totalitarian regime leaving nothing but cultural and environmental devastation in its wake.

Even God would be ashamed.
Only one person has more power than Harper
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 4th August 2012
The Governor General is the only person who can call an election, dissolve parliament or make demands of the PM. The last one didn't understand Canadian Democracy, Michelle Jean. She had a duty to stop Harper from doing what he did but bent to his bully pressure failing Canadians. Seems the new guy is just like the old. Spineless idjits.
I agree
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th July 2012
I agree with what you have written. It is just a matter of time . Europe is in shambles ,the USA is a mess ,China's economy is shrinking, and it doesn't matter how rosy a picture Harper tries to paint of our economy,we don't live in a bubble .If there is no one to buy what we have to offer our economy is going to tank shortly after every one elses. Our govt. is a disgrace,they have ruined our reputation as caring law abiding country. Harper is so desperate he even does business with countries who support the Assad regime in Syria. eg. Russia and China. Our govt speaks out of both sides of its mouth ,they condemn Syria for brutalizing their people but still want to sell our natural resources to China who helps prop up the Assad regime. The reason I chose my pen name was it has been obvious for a few years that what you have written has a very good chance of happening. One more thing before I sign off, every day there is one protest or another over the cuts that our govt. has proposed Scientists ,doctors teachers ,you name it ,isn't it time for the people to take back the govt? I have a question that hopefully someone can answer Can the opposition prorogue parliament?