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The regulars outside of Sliammon Voting Hall.
NEWS RELEASE · 11th July 2012
Kerry Coast
With incomplete voter eligibility guidelines, payments dangling over a "yes" vote and hard questions unanswered, the Final Agreement passed with 57 percent approval

Sliammon members who voted on their First Nation's Final Agreement yesterday, July 10, may or may not have been Sliammon members. Members who didn't show may have inadvertently cast a vote by ill-defined proxy.

"The Eligibility and Enrollment Committee did not even have an appeal process," said Brandon Peters. A university student from Sliammon, Peters opposes the present treaty process, and says he "never meant to get this involved."

"An Elder went to Tacoma and saw her niece voting on this treaty under aliases - they are members of another Band, and you can't have dual citizenship in Aboriginal country.

And they (the treaty group) have been telling us for some time now, even though it's not written anywhere, that every eligible voter who does not vote will be counted as a 'no,'" said Peters.

There was 57 percent voter approval for the Final Agreement that has cost their community almost two decades in negotiations under the British Columbia Treaty Commission. The First Nation owes at least $18 million of their $30 million Settlement Capital Transfer in loans undertaken to finance those negotiations.

Sliammon has secured Fee Simple Title to five percent of their traditional territory, with BC now in possession of underlying title to that, and the other 95 percent in full.

A month ago a group of exasperated citizens pulled their vehicles up snug against the polling station doors on the Reserve and prevented voting on that day, while votes in two other locations off-Reserve had already gone ahead.

Jackie Timothy, a Hereditary leader of the Sliammon, explained why people were moved to stop the vote. "All the issues in the treaty are concerns to the people. It was the Elders who were seeing something wrong here."

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Re: Taxes and Tsimshian.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th July 2012
According to the Indian Act, it is illegal to levy federal taxes on Tsimshian, and to take any money we may have, may earn, or be entitled to. Period.

The Kitsumkalum treaty family (I mean team) has scheduled many tax seminars (that is part of their federally-funded jobs), in efforts to show us the beauty of paying taxes to them so that we can be governed by them, instead of being at the mercy non-Native bureaucrats and governments like everybody else. What is the sense in that?!

We pay taxes every time we leave our reserves, just like every other Canadian! Why should we trip all over ourselves to pay taxes on reserve too?

They want to force the Nisga'a treaty template on us. I say no. I don't see the Nisga'a being any happier after they marched their treaty through our territory not so long ago....

Self government? Yeah right.

I want to maintain the freedom I have now. A treaty will not enhance my freedom, but will further chip away at it.

Why wah.
Kitsumkalum 10 % Land Cash Grab
Comment by Thunderbird on 13th July 2012

Before: I vote for Kitsumkalum Treaty Galzap

(Village). This is what I demand before I vote.


$ (Gold Ounces ) kitsumkalum per person

$ All Greese Trails towns, cities in Territory pay taxes to the Tsimshian Government with in 30,000 sq kilometers.

$ All aboriginal rights, to harvest, trade barter remain our right protected by section 35 Canadian Constitution of Canada & Section 85

$ All natural, renewable resources belong to Tsimshian People Children for future generations.

$ All Tsimshian People are recognized as sovereign protected by traditional ayook.

$ All Tsimshian Watersheds are protected by hereditary system of Waaps.

Agree with these terms - Province of BC – Federal Government of Canada

$ 30 million pounds of ( Gold Ounces) to for the
to Kitsumkalum Band Members (Galzap Village).

5 year term

removing our Indian Status

We will agree to the Treaty.

Thank you,
Holy crap!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 12th July 2012
They are all brainwashed and/or insane, and uncaring.

They ditched the Indian Act to put their children at the mercy of a bunch of b.s.ers who negotiated a deal that says:

- 95% of their traditional territory is gone forever.
- they can live and play on the additional 5%, but
it's not really theirs!

- they get 30 million dollars, but their treaty team
has already used/been paid 18 million dollars
during this phoney that leaves 12
million dollars. Hahaha. Cry till I laugh.

(They can reserve that 12 million dollars to pay the pensions of their treaty team/family). Sheesh.

Let the Tsimshian keep, and civilize the Indian Act. There is no way I will agree to the status quo, and willingly continue to put our resources and future in harm's way!

(Last winter I asked a band employee, who is TAHLTAN, how I can get my drive-way all my neighbours. I was willing to pay. He glared down at me, from his snowplow......"You can get the f*&# off this reserve, and don't fu&#ing come back.....that's what YOU can do!") He supports the treaty process.

We ain't going nowhere, buddy. We are the Tsimshian.
RCMP pic has no relevance
Comment by Dave on 11th July 2012
The cops in the picture make no sense and are not relevant. This website makes less sense everytime I come here. Are you trying to imply the Police had something to do with this as well? It makes no sense.

Ed Note: This picture was taken at the scene while the vote was taking place. The RCMP secured the site to ensure no violence or trouble occurred. It is completely relevent as it is of the action on the day of this vote. Also note the picture on the relevent story posted a dozen stories down, same building with treaty office sign.

Thanks you.